AP Stat Exam Tips

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AP Stat Exam Tips: http://apstatsmonkey.com/StatsMonkey/APExam_Tips/APExam_Tips.html

There are good tips on here for answering FRQs and some topic-specific things to watch out for!!  It’s worth the read!!    The only thing that is NOT correct on the tips page is there is NO penalty for getting multiple choice question wrong.  They used to do that, but don’t any more.  Answer ALL the multiple choice questions, even if you have to guess on a few!!!

AP Statistics April 24 – 28

Monday, April 24 – Ch. 10 and 11 Test HW:  Extra Credit Opportunity #3 – see yellow sheet for problems!!

Tuesday, April 25 – Inference on Regression (12.1) – Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests on Slope  HW:  Worksheet #1 and 2  just do the 95 % confidence intervals

Wednesday, April 26 – Inference on Regression (12.1)  Hypothesis Tests on Slope  HW:  Barron’s Topic 15 (8th ed) or Topic 13 (9th ed)

Thursday, April 27 – Inference on Regression (12.1) Helicopter Activity Poster and worksheet on Inference on Regression   HW:  Finish WS and turn in tomorrow!

Friday, April 28 – Practice all inference and Kahoot review   HW:  Barron’s – work through a practice test – there are 5 in the back of your book.  I have been taking test and quiz questions from there all semester!!

For the next two weeks we will do practice AP Exams – we will alternate between Multiple Choice and Free Response sections of the exam.  You will do a TOTAL of 3 practice exams.   If you miss class due to an AP exam, you are still responsible for 3 full practice exams.  They will count for a grade!

Acc Geometry Algebra II April 24 – 28

Monday, April 24 – Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities  HW:  p. 463-464, #28 – 54 even

Tuesday, April 25 – Review Unit 6B  Rational Exponents and Radicals  HW:  p. 470, #1-2, 4, 7-16 and 18-23;  p. 471, #1, 3, 5, 6;  p. 472, #2, 4, 17-19, 22, 24  and if you didn’t do well on last Friday’s quiz, go back and do p. 23, #1-51 odd

Wednesday, April 26 – Unit 6B Test – Rational Exponents and Radicals  HW:  USA Test Prep

Thursday, April 27 – EOC Review – Transformations   HW:  USA Test Prep

Friday, April 28 – Triangle Congruence and Similarity  HW:  USA Test Prep


Accelerated Geom/Algebra II April 17 – 21

Monday, April 17 – Unit 6A Rational Functions Test

Tuesday, April 18 – 1st Period:  EOC Review HW:  USA Test Prep  3rd Period:  Start Unit 6B Radicals and Rational Exponents  HW:  Back page of handout #1-20 and 29-34

Wednesday, April 19 – 1st Period:  Start Unit 6B Radicals and Rational Exponents  HW:  Back page of handout #1-20 and 29-34  3rd Period:  EOC Review  HW:  USA Test Prep

Thursday, April 20 –  Properties of Radicals and Rational Exponents  HW:  p. 23, ##2-52 even

Friday, April 21 – QUIZ on Radicals and Rational Exponents – after quiz, Graphing Square Root and Cube Root Functions  HW:  Second page of graphing handout


Accelerated Geom/Algebra II April 10-14

Monday, Apr 10 – Graphing Rational Functions    HW:  Finish last pages of handout

Tuesday, Apr 11 – Solving Rational Equations   HW:  p. 441, #19-27 and 38 – 43 ALL

Wednesday, Apr 12 – More Solving Rational Equations – Assignment at the end of the period on graphing and solving rational equations  HW:   Test Review – start working on this!

Thursday, Apr 13 – Solving Rational Inequalities  HW:   Worksheet #1-8

Friday, Apr 14 – Review Rational Functions  HW:  Finish Review Sheet  and USA Test Prep by Sunday at midnight!

Answer Key: unit6areviewkey   ***  The asymptotes don’t show up on the key.  I used yellow highlighter!

Monday, Apr 17  – Unit 6A Test – Rational Functions