AP Statistics July 31 – August 4

Welcome to AP Statistics!  It’s going to be a great semester.  The most important tools you will need for this class are your graphing calculator (TI-84) and the Barron’s AP Statistics Book 9th Edition.


Please make sure you have these by the end of the first week of class.  Also, I have attached a link to the pre-requisite assignment that needs to be completed by Wednesday, August 2nd.  See you on July 31st!

Fall Syllabus:  AP STAT SYLLABUS – Fall 2017-1vsenqn

Pre-Requisite Assignment: AP Stat PreReq Assignment

Please click on the following link for the Chapter 1 Calendar.  It contains our schedule, homework assignments and dates for assessments.

Plans for Chapter 1:  AP-Stat-Unit-1-Plan-Fall-2017-2hu3sbe   (standards listed here)

Monday, July 31  – Syllabus/Intro/Pre-Requisite Packet  HW:  Get your syllabus signed, supplies (calculator and Barron’s book) and finish pages 1-8 in Pre-Requisite packet

Tuesday, August 1st  – Collected signed syllabus page.  We went over pages 4 – 8 of Pre-Requisite packet.  Did M&Ms Activities. HW:  Complete pages 9-12 of Pre-Req packet and the Activity 3 of M&M packet.    BRING YOUR CALCULATOR TO CLASS EVERY DAY!!!


Wednesday, August 2nd –  Power Point on Outliers and Standard Deviation TPS4e_Ch1_1.3-28sf5zi

Link to online textbook: https://reg.macmillanhighered.com/Account/Unauthenticated?TargetURL=http://www.highschool.bfwpub.com/launchpad/tps4e/3716352

President Data Assignment: Presidents’ Ages Data Analysis Assignment

HW:  Complete the Presidents’ Ages sheet.  This will be your first graded assignment!!

Thursday, August 3rd –  HW:  Start on page 7, #7-8, 40, 42, 46, 52, 69-74

Friday, August 4th – QUIZ over Chapter 1,  After quiz – Two-Way Tables and Distributions

Here’s a good website with more examples if you need them:http://www.stattrek.com/statistics/two-way-table.aspx?tutorial=ap

HW:  Textbook, p. 24, #20, 22, 27-32   AND Barron’s p. 50, #1-3, 9 and p. 54, #1 and 2

See me if you don’t have a Barron’s book yet!!!



Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Welcome! July 31 – Aug 4

Welcome Students!!  I look forward to working with you this semester.  Here is some info for the first week.  Make sure you have the pre-requisite assignment completed by the first day of school and get your TI-84 graphing calculator by the end of the week!

Monday,  July 31:  Introductions/Pre-Requisite Assignment   HW:  Get syllabus signed and make sure Pre-Requisite packet is complete
Tuesday, August 1:  Go over questions on Pre-Req Assignment
Start first unit:  Circles Vocabulary and Central Angles/Arcs
Homework:  Practice WS on Circles Vocab and Arcs
Standards are listed on the Unit Calendar
Wednesday, August 2: Finish going over pre-requisite packet
Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals
Power point: inscribed-angles
HW:  Inscribed Angles WS
Thursday, August 3:  Pre-Requisite Assignment Quiz – will take problems directly from the assignment.  After quiz-  Secant and Tangent Angles   Notes:  August 3 Notes
 HW:  do last page of packet from class
Friday, August 4:  Practice over Circles and Angle Relationships in Circles