Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Welcome! July 31 – Aug 4

Welcome Students!!  I look forward to working with you this semester.  Here is some info for the first week.  Make sure you have the pre-requisite assignment completed by the first day of school and get your TI-84 graphing calculator by the end of the week!

Monday,  July 31:  Introductions/Pre-Requisite Assignment   HW:  Get syllabus signed and make sure Pre-Requisite packet is complete
Tuesday, August 1:  Go over questions on Pre-Req Assignment
Start first unit:  Circles Vocabulary and Central Angles/Arcs
Homework:  Practice WS on Circles Vocab and Arcs
Standards are listed on the Unit Calendar
Wednesday, August 2: Finish going over pre-requisite packet
Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals
Power point: inscribed-angles
HW:  Inscribed Angles WS
Thursday, August 3:  Pre-Requisite Assignment Quiz – will take problems directly from the assignment.  After quiz-  Secant and Tangent Angles   Notes:  August 3 Notes
 HW:  do last page of packet from class
Friday, August 4:  Practice over Circles and Angle Relationships in Circles