Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Aug 28 – Sept 1

Monday, August 28 – More Coordinate Proofs – Proving Properties of Quadrilaterals

Tuesday, Aug 29 – Review Unit 2:  Geometric and Algebraic Connections  unit2review  HW:  Finish review for your test tomorrow!

Answer key to review: Unit 2 Answer Key Fall 2017

You will be provided with a copy of the Geometry formula sheet that is allowed on the EOC.  It has distance formula, partition formula and equation of a circle – as well as area formulas.

Wednesday, Aug 30 UNIT 2 TEST   After test: PSAT practice problems

Thursday, Aug 31 – Begin Probability Unit 3 – Set Theory and Venn Diagrams  HW #1: Finish workbook pages p. 137-138

Friday, Sept 1  – Theoretical and Experimental Probability (6-3)

Power point: Theoretical and Experimental Probability

HW #2: p. 187-188, #14-24 even, 25-31 all, 33, 34

Tuesday, Sept 5 –  Independent and Dependent Probability  (7-1)  Power point: Probability Independent and Dependent Events.pptx  Fill out the notes sheet that goes with it – get this from the folder in class   HW #3:  p. 199-201  #10-31 all

AP Statistics Aug 28 – Sept 1

Monday 8/28


Students will identify the population and sample in a sample survey, identify voluntary response samples and convenience samples, explain how these bad sampling methods can lead to bias, and describe how to use Table D to select a simple random sample (SRS). Students will distinguish a simple random sample from a stratified random sample or cluster sample, and give advantages and disadvantages of each sampling method. Students will explain how under coverage, nonresponse, and question wording can lead to bias in a sample survey.

Power point from class: Sec 4.1 August 28

HW: TPS, Sec 4.1 p. 226, #3-36 mult of 3 and #37-42 all




Tuesday 8/29


Students will distinguish between an observational study and an experiment and students will explain how a lurking variable in an observational study can lead to confounding.

Students will identify the experimental units or subjects, explanatory variables (factors), treatments, and response variables in an experiment. Blocking and Matched Pairs Design

Power point from class: Sec 4.2 Aug 29


HW: TPS, Sec 4.2 p, 253, #45-90 mult of 3, #91-98




Wednesday 8/30 QUIZ/ Cookie Experiment/Early Release HW: Barron’s Topic 5, MC #1-15 and FRQ #6 and 7
Thursday 8/31 Blocking Experiment HW: Barron’s  Topic 6, MC #1-16
Friday 9/1 Students will determine the scope of inference for a statistical study. Students will evaluate whether a statistical study has been carried out in an ethical manner. HW: Barron’s – Topic 6 FRQ #1, 3, 8

Study Barron’s Questions that I assigned– they will be very similar to the questions on your test!

Tuesday 9/5 Free Response Practice/Review


HW: Ch. 4 AP Practice Test, pp. 274-276, #1-14
Wednesday 9/6 Chapter 4 Test


AP Statistics Aug 21 – 25

For those of you who are not going to be in class tomorrow due to the solar eclipse, make sure you look at the notes that I upload to the blog (we will finish the packet from Friday so you already have a copy of this, you just need to fill in notes!) and do the Barron’s problems on the yellow assignment sheet.  Everyone WILL take the Barron’s quiz on Tuesday!!

Monday, August 21 – Construct and interpret residual plots to assess if a linear model is appropriate.
Use the standard deviation of the residuals to assess how well the line fits the data.
Use r-squared to assess how well the line fits the data.

NOTES FROM TODAY’S CLASS: aug21notes  Fill in the rest of handout from Friday

HW: Barron’s Topic 3 (9th edition) MC #6, 14-15, 17, 23, 26 and FRQ #3, 6, 7

Tuesday, August 22  – BARRON’s QUIZ – Topics 3 and 4

Identify the equation of a least-squares regression line from computer output.
Recognize how the slope, y intercept, standard deviation of the residuals, and r-squared are influenced by extreme observations.

NOTES from today’s class:  aug22notes

HW: p. 191, #37-41 odd, 45, 47, 49, 52-58 even, 62, 64 and 71–78 all

Wednesday. August 23 – Free Response Practice and review Chapter 3 HW: Ch. 3 AP Practice Test on pp. 200-203

Thursday, August 24 Chapter 3: Examining Relationships Test

p. 50, #78, p. 74, #112, p. 230, #44

Friday, August 25 – Start Chapter4 – Sampling and Experimental Design – Helicopter Experiment

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Aug 21 – 25

Monday, Aug 21 – Solar Eclipse Activities

Tuesday, Aug 22 – Slopes of Lines: Parallel and Perpendicular  Power point:  4 Parallel and Perpendicular with notes

HW #3:  Worksheet on Parallel and Perpendicular Slopes and p. 160, #1-6, p. 150, #50-51 and p. 124, #14, 16 to review for QUIZ
Wedmesday, Aug 23– QUIZ on Circles, Systems of Equations and Slopes
After QUIZ: Perimeter and Area of Polygons on Coordinate Plane    HW#4:   Perimeter and Area on Coordinate Plane fall 2016
Thursday, Aug 24 – Partitioning a Segment HW #5: Partitioning Segment WS.docx
Friday,  Aug 25 – Triangle and Circle Proofs  Notes:  August252017notes
HW #6: Coordinate Proofs WS
Monday, Aug 28  – Quadrilaterals    HW #7:  Finish last 3 problems on handout  Coordinate Plane Proofs Quadrilaterals.doc
Tuesday, Aug 29 – Review Unit 2  Geometric and Algebraic Connections

HW #8:  Finish review & workbook p. 117, #1-9  **You will turn in p. 117 and the review packet with your HW sheet before the test

Wednesday, Aug 30 – Unit 2 Test: Geometric and Algebraic Connections

AP Statistics Aug 14-18

Monday, Aug 14QUIZ on Barron’s Topics 1 and 2 After quiz: Assessing Normality – Finish up the Chapter 2 Notes

HW:  TPS Chapter 2 Exercises:  #42 – 75 multiples of 3  (skip #57 and 60)

Tuesday, Aug 15 – FRQ practice and Review Chapter 2   Key to in-class review:

HW: p.138-139, Chapter 2 AP Practice Test , #1-13

Wednesday, Aug 16 –  Chapter 2 TEST

Thursday, Aug 17 – Chapter 3 Describing Relationships – Scatterplots and Correlation

Ch. 3 Calendar (with standards listed): AP Statistics Homework Guide Chapter 3 Fall 2017

HW:  Ch. 3 Exercises p. 158-163, #4, #10-12, 15, 17, 21, #27-32

Friday, Aug 18 –  Ch. 3 Least Squares Regression Line

HW: Barron’s Topic 3 – Mult choice and Free Response – see Ch. 3 calendar

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Aug 14 – 18

***Information about the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st.  I would like for our class to be able to go outside and view the eclipse.  In order for us to do this, I need EVERY student to return the permission form and have the required glasses by Friday, August 18th.  Please note that 4th period will last from 1:30 to 4:15 that day!!

Solar Eclipse Viewing Safety Guidelines

Solar Eclipse Permission Form

Delayed Release – Solar Eclipse

Monday, Aug 14 – Volume of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres  HW:  Sec 12-5 and 12-6 WS

Tuesday, Aug 15 – Review for unit 1 Test  Answer Key: IMG_0484     IMG_0485IMG_0486IMG_0487IMG_0488IMG_0489Wednesday, Aug 16 – Unit 1 Test – Circles and Volume

Thursday, Aug 17  –  Unit 2 – Equations of Circles in the Coordinate Plane   Notes: Unit 2 Equations of Circles

HW #1:  Handout

Unit  2 Calendar: AGAA Unit 2 Plan (Geometric and Algebraic Connections) 1 PAGE.docx

Friday, Aug 18  –  Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations  HW #2:  Worksheet


AP Statistics August 7-11

Monday, Aug 7  – Chapter 1 Review –   Station Review in class

HW:  Chapter 1 AP Practice Test on pages 78-81, #1-15 and Barron’s pages from class – see green chapter calendar for specific pages and problems

Answer Key to Stations:  Ch 1 Station Review Key

Answer Key to Ch. 1 AP Practice Test is in your textbook!!!  See me in the morning if you need explanation

Tuesday, Aug 8 Chapter 1 Test  HW:  Free Response Question 2013 #6  and PROJECT assignment  One Variable Statistics Project

Wednesday, Aug 9  – Describing Data in a Distribution (2.1) Percentiles, Standardized Scores and Transforming Data Sets

Chapter 2 Calendar: Chapter-2-Homework-Guide-Fall-2017   (Standards listed daily on homework guide)

Power point: Sec-2.1-Notes-Density-Curves-correct version

HW:  TPS Chapter 2, Exercises #2-14 evens, 17-18, 20, 22, 31

Thursday, Aug 10 – Density Curves (2.2) Density Curves, 68-95-99.7 Rule, Standard Normal Dist., Normal Distribution Calculations    Key to Classwork: normal dist answer key

HW:  TPS Chapter 2 Exercises: p. 109 #33-38 all AND Barron’s Topic  pp. 77-86, #2, 12, 13, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29

Friday, Aug 11 – Normal Distribution (2.2) Normal Distribution Calculations – Did worksheet in class and turned it in!

HW:  Barron’s Topic Two pages 89-92, FRQ #1-4, 9

BARRON’S QUIZ on Monday, Aug 14!

Accelerated Geometry/Alg II Aug 7-11

Monday, Aug 7 – Arc Length and Area of Sector  Notes:  August 7 Notes    HW:  WS on Arc Length and Area of Sector and review for quiz

Tuesday, Aug 8 – QUIZ over Angles and Arc Relationships in Circles

After quiz:  Constructions Involving Circles  HW:  More Practice with Arc Length and Sector Area

Wednesday, Aug 10 – Segment Length and Chord Properties  Notes: Segment Lengths and Chord Properties    HW:  Segment Lengths in Circles WS

Thursday, Aug 11 – Tangent and Pythagorean Theorem  Notes: Tangent to Circle notes and examples   HW:  Review Sheet for quiz tomorrow!!

Friday, Aug 12 – QUIZ over Arc Length, Area of Sector and Segment Relationships in Circles    After Quiz:   Volume of Spheres, Prisms and Pyramids