Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Nov 27 – Dec 1

This week will be in full review mode for the Geometry EOC.  Each day we will focus on a particular unit.  Most of the practice problems are out of review books so I don’t have electronic copies.  If you are absent, check with me the next day or send me an email and I can try to email you the pages.  They will be pictures of the pages and you will need to print them out.

You will also be doing some USA Test Prep assignments.

Monday, Nov 27 – Right Triangle Trig – HW:  Finish EOC Sample Items

Tuesday, Nov 28 -Similarity, Congruence and Transformations  HW:  EOC Packet

Wednesday, Nov 29 – Constructions and Mixed Review  HW:  EOC Packet

Thursday, Nov 30 – Circles   HW:  EOC Review Packet

Friday, Dec 1 – Probability and Coordinate Geometry   HW:  Complete USA Test Prep

GEOMETRY EOC is Monday, Dec 4 and Tuesday, Dec 5

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