Honors Alg II Jan 29 – Feb 2

Monday, Jan 29 – Finish Binomial Expansion and Start Dividing Polynomials

Notes: Binomial Theorem Notes Jan 29

HW:  Binomial Theorem problems (#16, 17, 18) and Dividing Polynomials WS in packet (#1, 2, 3)

Tuesday, Jan 30 – Finish Dividing Polynomials  HW:  Review for Quiz – start at #7  (Sorry about #11 – it’s a big one!)  Key:  unit 2 quiz review

Wednesday, Jan 31 – QUIZ and Factoring Polynomials  HW: Factoring WS in packet  (#1-10)

Thursday, Feb 1 –  Solving by Factoring  HW:  #11-26 on Factoring and Solving by Factoring WS in packet  Answer key:  Answer Key to HW Feb 1   Be prepared for a skills check tomorrow!!

Friday, Feb 2 – Skills check on last night’s HW then  Zeros of Polynomial Functions  Zeros of Polynomial Functions Notes HW:  Zeros of Polynomial Functions in WS in packet  Just #1-12    Answer Key:  ANSWERS TO Feb 2 HW Finding Zeros

AP Statistics Jan 29 – Feb 2

Monday, Jan 29 – Chapter 3 Describing Relationships – Scatterplots and Correlation
HW: Ch. 3 Exercises p. 158-163, #4, #10-12, 15, 17, 21, #27-32

Tuesday, Jan 30 – Pick your Winter Olympics Event by Monday!! Ch. 3 Least Squares Regression Line
HW: Barron’s Topic 3 – Mult choice and Free Response – see Ch. 3 calendar

Wednesday, Jan 31 – Construct and interpret residual plots to assess if a linear model is appropriate.
Use the standard deviation of the residuals to assess how well the line fits the data.
Use r-squared to assess how well the line fits the data.
HW: Barron’s Topic 3 (9th edition) MC #6, 14-15, 17, 23, 26 and FRQ #3, 6, 7

Thursday, Feb 1 – BARRON’s QUIZ – Topic 3
Identify the equation of a least-squares regression line from computer output.
Recognize how the slope, y intercept, standard deviation of the residuals, and r-squared are influenced by extreme observations.
HW: p. 191, #37-41 odd, 45, 47, 49, 52-58 even, 62, 64 and 71–78 all   Answer key:  AP Stat HW key Feb 1, 2018

Friday, Feb 2 – Free Response Practice and review Chapter 2 and 3   Answer key: Ch 2 and 3 Test Review Key

HW: Ch. 3 AP Practice Test on pp. 200-203

Monday, Feb 5 – Ch. 2 and 3 Test  (You need to choose your Winter Olympics Event to analyze by today!)  Extra Credit due tomorrow

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Jan 29 – Feb 2

Monday, Jan 29  – Unit 2 – Equations of Circles in the Coordinate Plane Notes:  Unit 2 Equations of Circles    HW #1: Handout – #8-58 evens

Tuesday, Jan 30 – Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations HW #2: Worksheet

Wednesday, Jan 31 – Slopes of Lines: Parallel and Perpendicular  Power point: 4 Parallel and Perpendicular with notes
HW #3: Worksheet on Parallel and Perpendicular Slopes and p. 160, #1-6, p. 150, #50-51 and p. 124, #14, 16 to review for QUIZ

Thursday, Feb 1 –  QUIZ on Circles, Systems of Equations and Slopes   After QUIZ: Perimeter and Area of Polygons on Coordinate Plane  HW#4: Perimeter and Area on Coordinate Plane fall 2016

Friday, Feb 2 – Partitioning a Segment HW #5: Partition HW

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Jan 22-26

Monday, Jan 22 – Tangent and Pythagorean Theorem Notes: Tangent to Circle notes and example HW: Review Sheet for quiz tomorrow!!

Tuesday, Jan 23  – QUIZ over Arc Length, Area of Sector and Segment Relationships in Circles After Quiz: Volume of Spheres, Prisms and Pyramids  HW:  Volume WS

Wednesday, Jan 24 – Volume of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres HW: Volume WS

Thursday, Jan 25 – Review for Unit 1 Test   Answer Key:  unit1reviewkey

Friday, Jan 26 – Unit 1 Test – Circles and Volume

STEM Honors Alg 2 Jan 22-26

Monday, Jan 22 – Review Unit 1 – Quadratics Revisited  HW:  Complete Practice Test (skip #23-26) and check answers on key and Deltamath.com (set up account – Teacher code 217559)

Key: quadratics-revisited-practice-test-key

Tuesday, Jan 23 –   More Unit 1 Review and Work on Blood Splatter project and Science Fair Interview

HW:  Deltamath.com assignments – Teacher code 217559  All assignments must be complete by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning

Wednesday, Jan 24 –  Unit 1 Test

Thursday, Jan 25 – Unit 2:  Introduction to Polynomials

Notes:  Unit 2 Introduction to Polynomials Notes Jan 25

HW:  Intro to Polynomials WS (in packet)

Key to HW:  Intro to Polynomials WS KEY

Expect daily HW skills checks!

Friday, Jan 26 – Binomial Expansion – watch Pascal’s Triangle video  Pascals’ Triangle Video   NO HW – We will do more with Binomial Expansion on Monday




AP Statistics Chapter 2 Jan 22 – 26

Monday, Jan 22  – Describing Data in a Distribution (2.1) Percentiles, Standardized Scores and Transforming Data Sets

Power point: Sec-2.1-Notes-Density-Curves-correct version

HW:  TPS Chapter 2, Exercises #2-14 evens, 17-18, 20, 22, 31

Tuesday, Jan 23 – Density Curves (2.2) Density Curves, 68-95-99.7 Rule, Standard Normal Dist., Normal Distribution Calculations    Key to Classwork: normal dist answer key

HW:  TPS Chapter 2 Exercises: p. 109 #33-38 all AND Barron’s Topic 2,  pp. 77-86, #2, 12, 13, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29

Wednesday, Jan 24 – Assessing Normality and Normal Distribution Calculations – Did worksheet in class, if you didn’t finish make sure it is complete by tomorrow!

HW:  TPS Chapter 2 Exercises:  #42 – 75 multiples of 3  (skip #57 and 60)

Thursday, Jan 25 – FRQ practice and Review Chapter 2   Key to in-class review:

HW: p.138-139, Chapter 2 AP Practice Test , #1-13

Friday, Jan 26 –  Chapter 2 Quiz

Tuesday, January 16 All classes!!!

I’m going to post for Tuesday and then see what happens with the predicted weather before posting the rest of the week.

AP Statistics:  Chapter 1 Test – You will turn in review packet from Friday and Chapter 1 AP Practice Test from textbook.  Answer key to packet in on last week’s blog post.  HW:  AP FRQ Question

If we have school on Wednesday, then we will start Chapter 2

Honors Algebra II:  We will have a quiz over the four methods of solving quadratic equations – square root, factoring, completing the square and quadratic formula – check your answers to the Mixed Methods worksheet from Friday on last week’s blog post.   After the quiz, we will cover solving quadratic inequalities.

Notes, HW (#4-44 multiples of 4 on worksheet) and answer key:  quadratic-inequalities-ws-with-key

If we have school on Wednesday, we will review the unit and test on Thursday.

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II:  Constructions Involving Circles and Segment Length and Chord Properties  (combining days 6 and 7 on schedule)

Notes: Segment Lengths and Chord Properties   HW:  Worksheet

If we have school on Wednesday, then we will do Tangents and Pythagorean Theorem


STEM Honors Algebra 2 Jan 8-12

Monday, Jan 8 – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, Jan 9 – Complex Numbers Quiz  After Quiz:  PSAT REVIEW DAY  and Solving Quadratics by Square Root Method  HW:  did not get to this today —- Square Root Method WS (in packet)

Wednesday, Jan 10 – Solving Quadratics by Square Root Method and Factoring   HW:  Solving by Square Root Method WS – #2-20 evens  and Quadratics by Factoring Method WS – #1-13 odds

Keys:  solving-quadratics-square-root-method-key     solving-quadratics—factoring-ws-key

Thursday, Jan 11 – Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square  HW:  Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square WS (in packet)  Key:  Completing the Square Practice KEY-x0euu6

Friday, Jan 12 – Solving Quadratics by Quadratic Formula – MOVED QUIZ TO TUESDAY!!!

HW:  Solving Quadratics: Mixed Methods Worksheet (in packet)   #13 should be = 13

Answer key to Mixed Methods WS:  mixed methods review ws key

Tuesday, Jan 16 – QUIZ on the 4 Solving Methods  After quiz:  Solving Quadratic Inequalities  HW:  Solving Quadratic Inequalities WS (in packet)

Wednesday, Jan 17 – Review Unit 1:  Quadratics Revisited  HW:  Practice Test

Thursday, Jan 18 – Unit 1: Quadratics Revisited Test

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Welcome! Jan 4 – 16

Welcome Students!!  I look forward to working with you this semester.  Here is some info for the first week.  Make sure you have the pre-requisite assignment completed by Monday, January 8.  I will take questions on the assignment the first two days of class.  Get your supplies and TI-84 graphing calculator over the weekend!

Thursday, Jan 4:  Introductions/Pre-Requisite Assignment   HW:  Get syllabus signed and make sure Pre-Requisite packet is complete
Friday, Jan 5:  Go over questions on Pre-Req Assignment
Start first unit:  Circles Vocabulary and Central Angles/Arcs
HW:  Practice WS on Circles Vocab and Arcs
Monday, Jan 8:  NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, Jan 9:  Turn in Pre-Requisite Packet / Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals
PSAT Review   Power point: inscribed-angles
HW:  Practice WS of Inscribed Angles
Wednesday, Jan 10:   Secant and Tangent Angles   Notes:  Secant and Tangent Angle Notes    HW:  Do last page of packet from class
Thursday, Jan 11:  Practice and Quiz over Circles and Angle Relationships in Circles
Friday, Jan 12:  Arc Length and Area of Sector  Notes:  Arc Length and Sector Area Notes   HW:  WS on Arc Length and Area of Sector

Tuesday, Jan 16: Constructions Involving Circles  HW:  Review of Angle Relationships  8-Inscribed Angles Practice WS

AP Statistics Welcome!! January 4-12

Welcome to AP Statistics!  It’s going to be a great semester.  The most important tools you will need for this class are your graphing calculator (TI-84) and the Barron’s AP Statistics Book 9th Edition.


Please make sure you have these by Monday, Jan 8.  Also, I have attached a link to the pre-requisite assignment that needs to be completed by Monday, Jan. 8.  See you on January 4th!

Spring Syllabus:  AP STAT SYLLABUS – Spring 2018

Pre-Requisite Assignment: AP Stat PreReq Assignment

Please click on the following link for the Chapter 1 Calendar.  It contains our schedule, homework assignments and dates for assessments.

Plans for Chapter 1: ap-stat-chapter-1-plan-spring-2017

Thursday, January 4th  – Syllabus/Intro/Pre-Requisite Packet  HW:  Get your syllabus signed, supplies (calculator and Barron’s book) and finish pages 1-8 in Pre-Requisite packet

Friday, January 5th  – Collected signed syllabus page.  We went over pages 4 – 8 of Pre-Requisite packet.  Did M&Ms Activities. HW:  Complete pages 9-12 of Pre-Req packet and the Activity 3 of M&M packet.    BRING YOUR CALCULATOR TO CLASS EVERY DAY!!!


Monday, January 8th – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, January 9th –    Power Point on Outliers and Standard Deviation Day 3 Notes Sec 1.3

Link to online textbook: https://reg.macmillanhighered.com/Account/Unauthenticated?TargetURL=http://www.highschool.bfwpub.com/launchpad/tps4e/3716352

HW:  Complete the President’s Data sheet.  This will be your first graded assignment!!

Wednesday, January 10th–  Matching Displays to Variables HW:  Start on page 7, #7-8, 40, 42, 46, 52, 69-74

Thursday, January 11th – QUIZ over Chapter 1,  After quiz – Two-Way Tables and Distributions  Notes: Jan 11 and 12 Notes

Here’s a good website with more examples if you need them: http://www.stattrek.com/statistics/two-way-table.aspx?tutorial=ap

HW:  Textbook, p. 24, #20, 22, 27-32   AND Barron’s p. 50, #1-3, 9 and 54, #1 and 2  (See me if you don’t have a Barron’s book yet!!!)

Friday, January 12  – Bring your textbook to class!   Finish Two Way Tables and do Chapter 1 Review   HW:  Chapter 1 AP Practice Test on pages 78-81, #1-15   AND Barron’s pp.77-89, #1, 3-11, 14-22, 25, 28, 30-34

Answer Key to review packet: ch1review

Answer Key to Ch. 1 AP Practice Test is in your textbook!!!  See me in the morning if you need explanation.  You will turn in review packet and Ch. 1 AP Practice test before you take the test.  You will NOT turn in Barron’s problems but you need to do them as many of the multiple choice questions are very similar to the Barron’s problems!

Tuesday, January 16th  – Chapter 1 Test  HW:  Free Response Question 2013 #6