STEM Honors Alg 2 Jan 22-26

Monday, Jan 22 – Review Unit 1 – Quadratics Revisited  HW:  Complete Practice Test (skip #23-26) and check answers on key and (set up account – Teacher code 217559)

Key: quadratics-revisited-practice-test-key

Tuesday, Jan 23 –   More Unit 1 Review and Work on Blood Splatter project and Science Fair Interview

HW: assignments – Teacher code 217559  All assignments must be complete by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning

Wednesday, Jan 24 –  Unit 1 Test

Thursday, Jan 25 – Unit 2:  Introduction to Polynomials

Notes:  Unit 2 Introduction to Polynomials Notes Jan 25

HW:  Intro to Polynomials WS (in packet)

Key to HW:  Intro to Polynomials WS KEY

Expect daily HW skills checks!

Friday, Jan 26 – Binomial Expansion – watch Pascal’s Triangle video  Pascals’ Triangle Video   NO HW – We will do more with Binomial Expansion on Monday




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