Honors Alg II Jan 29 – Feb 2

Monday, Jan 29 – Finish Binomial Expansion and Start Dividing Polynomials

Notes: Binomial Theorem Notes Jan 29

HW:  Binomial Theorem problems (#16, 17, 18) and Dividing Polynomials WS in packet (#1, 2, 3)

Tuesday, Jan 30 – Finish Dividing Polynomials  HW:  Review for Quiz – start at #7  (Sorry about #11 – it’s a big one!)  Key:  unit 2 quiz review

Wednesday, Jan 31 – QUIZ and Factoring Polynomials  HW: Factoring WS in packet  (#1-10)

Thursday, Feb 1 –  Solving by Factoring  HW:  #11-26 on Factoring and Solving by Factoring WS in packet  Answer key:  Answer Key to HW Feb 1   Be prepared for a skills check tomorrow!!

Friday, Feb 2 – Skills check on last night’s HW then  Zeros of Polynomial Functions  Zeros of Polynomial Functions Notes HW:  Zeros of Polynomial Functions in WS in packet  Just #1-12    Answer Key:  ANSWERS TO Feb 2 HW Finding Zeros

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