Accelerated Geom/Alg II Feb 5-9

Monday, Feb 5  – Triangle and Circle Proofs Notes: Coordinate Proofs Circles and Triangles Notes
HW #6:  Triangle Proofs WS

Tuesday, Feb 6  – Quadrilateral Proofs – Proving Properties of Quadrilaterals  HW #7: Finish handout

Wednesday, Feb 7 – Review Unit 2 Geometric and Algebraic Connections – unit2review

HW #8: Finish review – Answer key to review:  Unit 2 Answer key

Thursday, Feb 8 – Unit 2 Test: Geometric and Algebraic Connections

You will be provided with a copy of the Geometry formula sheet that is allowed on the EOC. It has distance formula, partition formula and equation of a circle – as well as area formulas.

Friday, Feb 9 –  Begin Probability Unit 3 – Set Theory and Venn Diagrams HW #1: Finish workbook pages p. 137-138


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