Honors Algebra II Feb 5-9

Monday, Feb 5 – Finish finding zeros of polynomial functions  HW:  Quiz Review

Tuesday Feb 6 – QUIZ over Factoring, Solving by Factoring and Finding Zeros of Polynomial Functions   After quiz:  Characteristics of Polynomial Function Graphs  Notes:  Analyzing Graphs Part I Notes   Key:  Analyzing Graphs Part I Notes KEY

HW:  Analyzing Graphs Part I WS in Packet – just do #1-9

Wednesday, Feb 7 – I was out – you did Polynomials Classwork assignment

Thursday, Feb 8 – Most of you will be on STEM field trip   HW:  NONE

Friday, Feb 9 – More Graphing Polynomial Functions and assigned Birthday Polynomial Project HW: More Analyzing Graphs WS in packet

Monday, Feb 12 – Lesson:  Polynomial Inequalities  HW:  Polynomial Inqeualities WS in packet

Tuesday, Feb 13 – Review for Unit 2 Test

Wednesday, Feb 14 – Unit 2 Test

Thursday, Feb 15 – Birthday Polynomial Project Due