AP Statistics Feb 12 – 16

Monday, Feb 12 – Finish Helicopter experiment and Review/Free Response Practice for Ch. 4 Test
HW: Ch. 4 AP Practice Test, pp. 274-276, #1-14 and study Barron’s Topics 5 and 6 MC and FRQ questions I assigned!
Answer Key to FRQs: ch4answerkey
YOU WILL TURN IN Review and Ch. 4 Practice AP Test before the test

Tuesday, Feb 13 – Chapter 4 Test HW: Work on Olympics Project

Wednesday, Feb 14 – Start Ch. 5 Simulations (5.1) Activity “1 in 6 wins” HW: See Homework Guide Day 1
Chapter 5 Homework Guide: Chapter-5-Homework-Guide-Spring

Thursday, Feb 15 – Probability Rules, Venn Diagrams and Two Way Tables HW: See Homework Guide Day 2

Friday, Feb 16 – Probability Tree Diagram and Health Survey in Computer Lab

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