Honors Algebra II Feb 26 – March 2

Monday, Feb 26 – Review Radicals and Rational Exponent Operations  HW:  Handout/Review for Quiz  Simplifying and Operations with Radicals WS    ANSWER KEY: radicals quiz review key

Tuesday, Feb 27 – QUIZ over Radicals and Rational Exponent Operations  After quiz, Graphing Cube Root and Square Root Functions  HW:  Handout on Graphing

Wednesday, Feb 28 – Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities  HW:  Handout on Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities  Radical Equations and Inequalities WS

Thursday, March 1 – Review Unit 3A Radicals Practice Test   HW: Finish Review – you will turn this in before test on Friday!   Key:   Friday, March 2 – Unit  3A Test – Go to A lunch!! 

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