Accelerated Geom/Algebra II March 19 – 23

Monday, March 19 – Factoring Polynomials  HW#4:  p. 331, #20-31 and 33 – 38

Tuesday, March 20  – QUIZ then Solving Polynomial Equations by Factoring (11-1) If you missed class today, go through the power point in this link:

HW #5:  Do problems on the Factoring and Solving by Factoring WS – skip #3

Wednesday, March 21 – Fundamental Theorem of Algebra   HW #6:  p. 349, #14-19 all, #24-34 even

Accelerated Geom/Algebra II March 12 – 16

Monday, March 12 – Unit Test – Unit 4:  Quadratics Revisited HW:  USA Test Prep – EOC Review

Tuesday, March 13 – Start Unit 5 – Polynomials   HW #1:  pp.302-303, #20-40 even, #45 and #54-58 all

Wednesday, March 14 – Pi Day!!!  (Early Release)  Multiplying Polynomials and Pascal’s Triangle NO HW

Thursday, March 15 – Binomial Expansion  HW: p. 310-311, #18-26 even, 27-54 mult of 3

Friday, March 16 – Polynomial Division: Long and Synthetic   HW #3: Division Handout

Monday, March 19 –  Factoring Polynomials HW#4:  p. 331, #20-31 and 33 – 38



Accelerated Geom/Algebra II March 5 – 9

Monday, March 5 – Solving Quadratics by Factoring   Notes:  March 5 Notes       HW: Practice WS #1-33 odd and #34-45 all
Tuesday, March 6 – Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square Notes: Completing the Square Notes HW: p. 108-109, #23-31 and #51, 52, 55-57, 59 all
Wednesday, March 7 – QUIZ over Solving Quadratics by Square Root, Factoring and Completing the Square Methods    After Quiz: Solving by Quadratic Formula   HW:  Quadratic Formula WS, #1-27 odds

Thursday, March 8 – Quadratic Inequalities HW:  Solving Inequalities WS
Friday, March 9 – Review Quadratics Revisited Quadratics Revisited Practice Test   HW: Finish Review sheet – I sent the answer key to all of you through Remind!

Monday, March 12  – Unit 4 Quadratics Revisited Test HW: USA Test Prep

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Feb 26 – March 2

Monday, Feb 26 – Review Unit 3 Review #1 and 2    Answer key for homework review packet: unit-3-review-09082016190400

Tuesday, Feb 27 – Unit 3 Probability Test    HW:  Set up USA Test Prep Account

Wednesday, Feb 28 – Start Algebra II – Quadratics Revisited Unit 4 Complex Numbers – Adding, Subtracting and Absolute Value HW #1: p. 16 (workbook), ##1-16 and p. 17, #1-14

Thursday, March 1 – More with Complex Numbers – Multiplying and Dividing HW #2: p. 16-17# 40-50 even, #56 – 82 even and #86-102 even  MAKE SURE YOU DO ALL OF THESE TO PREPARE FOR QUIZ!!

Friday, March 2 – Complex Numbers Quiz – After quiz: Solving Quadratics by Square Root Method HW #3: p, 108, #20, 22 and p. 109, #39, #41-47

Monday, March 5 – Thursday, March 2 – Solving Quadratics by Factoring HW#4: Finish the back side of the worksheet from class.

Tuesday, March 6 – Solving by Completing the Square Notes: Completing the Square notes HW #5: p. 108, #23-31 ALL and p. 109, #51, 52, 55-57, 59


Accelerated Geometry/Alg II Feb 12 – 16

Monday, Feb 12 – Theoretical and Experimental Probability (6-3) Power point: Theoretical and Experimental Probability   HW #2: WS on the last page of handout

Tuesday,  Feb 13 – Independent and Dependent Probability (7-1) Power point: Independent and Dependent Probability   Fill out the notes sheet that goes with it – get this from the folder in class

Independent and Dependent Probability CW Key

HW #3: p. 190, #18-19, 21-25 and p. 199-201 #10-31 all

Wednesday, Feb 14  – QUIZ and Two Way Tables  Notes: Feb 14 Notes on Two Way Tables  (7-2) HW #4: p.206-209, #7-15 odd
Thursday,  Feb 15 –  Compound Events (7-3) HW #5: p.215-217, #12-23 all, 25-27, 29, 36-38

Friday, Feb 16 –  Health Survey in Computer Lab and Delta Math Assignment on Probability


Accelerated Geom/Alg II Feb 5-9

Monday, Feb 5  – Triangle and Circle Proofs Notes: Coordinate Proofs Circles and Triangles Notes
HW #6:  Triangle Proofs WS

Tuesday, Feb 6  – Quadrilateral Proofs – Proving Properties of Quadrilaterals  HW #7: Finish handout

Wednesday, Feb 7 – Review Unit 2 Geometric and Algebraic Connections – unit2review

HW #8: Finish review – Answer key to review:  Unit 2 Answer key

Thursday, Feb 8 – Unit 2 Test: Geometric and Algebraic Connections

You will be provided with a copy of the Geometry formula sheet that is allowed on the EOC. It has distance formula, partition formula and equation of a circle – as well as area formulas.

Friday, Feb 9 –  Begin Probability Unit 3 – Set Theory and Venn Diagrams HW #1: Finish workbook pages p. 137-138


Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Jan 29 – Feb 2

Monday, Jan 29  – Unit 2 – Equations of Circles in the Coordinate Plane Notes:  Unit 2 Equations of Circles    HW #1: Handout – #8-58 evens

Tuesday, Jan 30 – Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations HW #2: Worksheet

Wednesday, Jan 31 – Slopes of Lines: Parallel and Perpendicular  Power point: 4 Parallel and Perpendicular with notes
HW #3: Worksheet on Parallel and Perpendicular Slopes and p. 160, #1-6, p. 150, #50-51 and p. 124, #14, 16 to review for QUIZ

Thursday, Feb 1 –  QUIZ on Circles, Systems of Equations and Slopes   After QUIZ: Perimeter and Area of Polygons on Coordinate Plane  HW#4: Perimeter and Area on Coordinate Plane fall 2016

Friday, Feb 2 – Partitioning a Segment HW #5: Partition HW

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Jan 22-26

Monday, Jan 22 – Tangent and Pythagorean Theorem Notes: Tangent to Circle notes and example HW: Review Sheet for quiz tomorrow!!

Tuesday, Jan 23  – QUIZ over Arc Length, Area of Sector and Segment Relationships in Circles After Quiz: Volume of Spheres, Prisms and Pyramids  HW:  Volume WS

Wednesday, Jan 24 – Volume of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres HW: Volume WS

Thursday, Jan 25 – Review for Unit 1 Test   Answer Key:  unit1reviewkey

Friday, Jan 26 – Unit 1 Test – Circles and Volume

Tuesday, January 16 All classes!!!

I’m going to post for Tuesday and then see what happens with the predicted weather before posting the rest of the week.

AP Statistics:  Chapter 1 Test – You will turn in review packet from Friday and Chapter 1 AP Practice Test from textbook.  Answer key to packet in on last week’s blog post.  HW:  AP FRQ Question

If we have school on Wednesday, then we will start Chapter 2

Honors Algebra II:  We will have a quiz over the four methods of solving quadratic equations – square root, factoring, completing the square and quadratic formula – check your answers to the Mixed Methods worksheet from Friday on last week’s blog post.   After the quiz, we will cover solving quadratic inequalities.

Notes, HW (#4-44 multiples of 4 on worksheet) and answer key:  quadratic-inequalities-ws-with-key

If we have school on Wednesday, we will review the unit and test on Thursday.

Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II:  Constructions Involving Circles and Segment Length and Chord Properties  (combining days 6 and 7 on schedule)

Notes: Segment Lengths and Chord Properties   HW:  Worksheet

If we have school on Wednesday, then we will do Tangents and Pythagorean Theorem


Accelerated Geometry/Algebra II Welcome! Jan 4 – 16

Welcome Students!!  I look forward to working with you this semester.  Here is some info for the first week.  Make sure you have the pre-requisite assignment completed by Monday, January 8.  I will take questions on the assignment the first two days of class.  Get your supplies and TI-84 graphing calculator over the weekend!

Thursday, Jan 4:  Introductions/Pre-Requisite Assignment   HW:  Get syllabus signed and make sure Pre-Requisite packet is complete
Friday, Jan 5:  Go over questions on Pre-Req Assignment
Start first unit:  Circles Vocabulary and Central Angles/Arcs
HW:  Practice WS on Circles Vocab and Arcs
Monday, Jan 8:  NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, Jan 9:  Turn in Pre-Requisite Packet / Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals
PSAT Review   Power point: inscribed-angles
HW:  Practice WS of Inscribed Angles
Wednesday, Jan 10:   Secant and Tangent Angles   Notes:  Secant and Tangent Angle Notes    HW:  Do last page of packet from class
Thursday, Jan 11:  Practice and Quiz over Circles and Angle Relationships in Circles
Friday, Jan 12:  Arc Length and Area of Sector  Notes:  Arc Length and Sector Area Notes   HW:  WS on Arc Length and Area of Sector

Tuesday, Jan 16: Constructions Involving Circles  HW:  Review of Angle Relationships  8-Inscribed Angles Practice WS