Honors Algebra 2 January 14 – 18

Monday, Jan 14 – Solving Quadratics by Square Root Method and Factoring   HW: Solving by Square Root Method WS – Quadratics by Factoring Method WS – #1-14  Solving Quadratics – Factoring WS

Answer key to HW:  Solving Quadratics – Factoring WS KEY

Tuesday, Jan 15 – Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square Notes: 1.7 Solving by Completing the Square Notes Jan 15 and 9th graders take the SMI – we will all go to the computer lab together!  HW: Deltamath.com assignment – Solving Quadratics

Wednesday, Jan 16 – Solving Quadratics by Quadratic Formula –  HW:  Quadratic Formula and Mixed Review of all methods for Solving Quadratics (WS #9)

Thursday, Jan 17 –  Review Unit 1: Quadratics Revisited HW: Practice Test

Friday, Jan 18 – More Unit 1 Review

Tuesday, Jan 22 – Unit 1: Quadratics Revisited Test

Honors Algebra 2 Jan 7-11

Welcome to Honors Algebra 2!  I look forward to working with you this semester.  Please make sure you have your notebook and graphing calculator with you every day in class!   The Pre-Requisite assignment will be due on Friday, January 11th.

Monday, January 7th – Introductions/Syllabus – Exponents Review  Notes: Notes 1.1 Simplifying Exponents Jan 7   HW:  1.1 WS#1 ReviewSimplifyExponents and work on Pre-Requisite packet

Syllabus:  Syllabus 18-19 A. Jones Honors Algebra 2

Unit 1 Plan:  Unit 1 calendar SPRING 2019 Student copy

Tuesday, January 8th – Unit 1 Quadratics Revisited – Review properties of radicals – simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide  Notes:  1.2 Simplifying Radicals Notes Jan 8   HW:  1.2 Simplifying Radicals WS  and Pre-Requisite packet

Wednesday, January 9th – Complex Numbers – First part of handout  HW:  Intro to Complex Numbers WS  Parts I, V, VI only

Thursday, January 10th – Multiply and Divide Complex Numbers  HW:  Complex Numbers: WS #4 – FRONT SIDE ONLY!!

Quiz tomorrow – Exponents, Radicals and Complex Numbers

Friday, January 11th – Pre-Requisite Packet due and QUIZ on Exponents, Radicals and Complex Numbers   HW:  Factoring Review

Honors Algebra II May 14 – 18

Monday, May 14 – Finish up Abs Value Equations and Inequalities

HW:  Review for quiz – Answer key here: Abs Value and Piecewise Answer key

Tuesday, May 15 – QUIZ after lunch

HW:  Make corrections to project from Mrs. Jones’s feedback and add absolute value and piecewise

Wednesday, May 16 – BRING LAPTOP – Complete project and email final draft to Mrs. Jones by midnight

Thursday, May 17 – Presentations and Pizza  HW:  Start reviewing for final exam

Friday, May 18 – Review for final exam

Monday, May 21 – Review for final exam

Wednesday, May 23 – FINAL EXAM – Have a great summer!

Honors Algebra II May 7 – 11

Monday, May 7 – Piecewise Functions

Tuesday and Wednesday – May 8 and 9 – BRING YOUR LAPTOP.  You will be working on a project in class that is due on Wednesday by midnight.  Email project to Mrs. Jones at amygjones@gmail.com

Thursday, May 10 – Absolute Value Functions

Friday, May 11 – Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Honors Algebra II April 30 – May 4

Monday, April 30 – QUIZ – Arithmetic Sequences and Series, Geometric Sequences and Series

After quiz – general sequences and series  HW:  General Sequences and Series WS

Tuesday, May 1 –  Recursive Rules  HW;  Recursive Rule WS

Wednesday, May 2 – Review for Unit Test   HW:  Review for Test

Thursday, May 3 – Review for Test   ANSWER KEY TO REVIEW:  sequences and series review-KEY

Friday, May 4 – UNIT TEST


Honors Algebra II April 23 – 27

Monday 4/23- More Logs Review – finish extra review for HW – you will turn this in!

Tuesday, 4/24 – Logs and Inverses Unit Test – NO HW

Wednesday, 4/25 – Start Sequences and Series Unit Arithmetic Sequences and Series

HW:  see unit plan

Unit 7 Sequences and Series Unit Plan Spring 2018

Thursday, 4/26 – Geometric Sequences and Series  HW:  Geometric Sequences WS (see unit plan)

Friday, 4/27 – Infinite Geometric Series and Review  HW:  Infinite Geometric Series WS (See unit plan)

QUIZ on Monday!

Answer Keys to Unit worksheets: sequences and series answer keys

Monday, April 23

I’m sorry I have to be out today for a family emergency.

1st period – Turn in Extra Credit.  Class work: Ch 11 Chi Square practice packet.  HW: Chi-Square Worksheet.  I will collect BOTH of these tonorrow

3rd period – Test moved to Tuesday!  You will work on Cumulative Logs Practice pages in your unit packet. Also, sub may have another worksheet for you to do.  Make sure those are complete and you are ready for test on Tuesday!

4th period – Bring your textbook to class!  Class work – page 23 #1-53 all problems.  I will spot grade so make sure you complete assignment and turn in by end of period.

Hopefull I’ll be back on Tuesday!   Have a great day!

Honors Algebra II April 9-20

ANSWER KEY TO LOG UNIT PACKET:  Logarithms-and-Inverses-Homework-Packet

Monday, April 9 – Begin Unit 6 – Function Operations, Inverses and Compositions  HW:  Function Operations and Inverses WS

Tuesday, April 10 – More Function Composition and Inverses  HW:  More Function Compositions WS

Wednesday, April 11 – SKILLS CHECK – Introduction to Logarithms HW:  Intro to Logs WS  (#1-44)

Thursday, April 12 – Graphing Logs HW:  Intro to Logs WS  Part I, II, III and graphs #2 and 4

Friday, April 13 – QUIZ and Properties of Logs HW:  Properties of Logs WS

Monday, April 16 – Solving Log Equations  HW:  Log Equations WS #7-14 and More Solving Log Equations WS #1-9

Tuesday, April 17 – Solving Log Inequalities

Wednesday, April 18 – QUIZ on Solving Log Equations and Inequalities  After quiz, Log Applications  HW:  More Log Practice:  Solve, Condense, Expand – don’t do #13

Thursday, April 19 – More Log Applications and Review  HW:  Logarithms and Inverses Study Guide (not in packet – this is extra!)

Friday, April 20 – Unit Review for Test on Monday – STATIONS

HW:  Logarithmic Word Problems and Inverses and Logs Practice Test – skip #8

Honors Algebra 2 March 26 – 30

Monday, March 26 – Exponential Growth and Decay, Exponential Function Graphs – HW:  Charactersitics and Graphs of Exponential Functions  #1-18 (there are lots of #18s)

Tuesday, March 27 –  Compound Interest, Exponential Growth and Decay  NO HW

Wednesday, March 38 – The Number “e” and Continuous Growth  HW:  The Number e Worksheet #1-32

Thursday, March 29 Solving Exponential Equations and Inequalities  HW:  Quiz Review (last pages of packet #1-27)

ANSWER KEY TO ENTIRE PACKET:  Exponential-Unit-Homework-Packet-Answer-Key

Friday, March 30 –  Exponential Functions QUIZ