Open House 8/23

Physical Conditioning will meet in the main gym for open house on Thursday, August 23
The primary focus of Phys Cond is to enhance our athletes athletic experience via state of the art weight training and SAQ training techniques.
We strive to develop fast, explosive and dynamic athletes through our training and emphasize these concepts daily.

Weight Training Program:
Core lifts include Bench, Squat and Power Clean followed by associated auxiliary lifts. We utilize a 6 week workout cycle based on each athletes own max on the core lifts. The 6 week cycle progresses thru increasing weights & reducing the number of reps. At the conclusion of the 6 week cycle, each athlete maxes out again on the core lift in order to establish a new max for the next 6 week cycle.

Quick Feet Day
Acceleration Day
Power/Explosion Day
Agility/Change of Direction Day
Competition Day

60% Dress out & complete each day’s assignment
15% Written Final Exam
25% Student Growth Measure (SGM); each student must meet their end of semester SGM as established from their base assessment in the following:
Power Clean
40 yard dash
Broad Jump
Pro Agility