Distance Learning Info and Assignments

As you know our school district is currently closed and students are to participate in distance learning opportunities for their classes. Our Physical Conditioning/Advanced Aerobics class is no different and could greatly benefit you and your student over the coming weeks with this threat of infection. We would like you to engage in regular exercise or physical activity over the coming weeks as they are absent from school. I have included an activity log where we would like your student to record their physical activity to demonstrate they have been participating and remaining active. They can print this and do it by hand or complete it digitally and email it to me when we return to a regular schedule at matthew.jones1@cobbk12.org . We understand going to a gym is probably not the best option as we want them to stay away from crowded areas during this time, but there are many ways to be active at home whether you have exercise equipment or not. Be creative, be active, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Assignment Link: Physical Conditioning Activity Log

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