Reading- “Everyday” Due 1/23

Spelling- test Friday (even if a snow day or two) Unit /Lesson #12 (All students, except “Princeton” should have the words written down in their agenda books)

This week we are working on constructed responses; how to answer a question after reading a passage in a full,  complete format.  PACK (please see your child’s journal/notebook if you are unsure of this strategy)  *REMEMBER…all books/notebooks/journals can  go home, however, they must be returned to school  the very next day (we use them every single day).

Did you know your child has an assigned day that they can go to the learning commons (library) to check out books?

If your child DID an extra credit power point on animal defense (sorry…with testing/evals we are just coming back full circle) please have it ready to go tomorrow.


Reading- King of the Jungle is due tomorrow

No school Monday= Martin Luther King Jr. holiday


Reading- RI=Reading Inventory (done on computer= measures comp./vocab)

Reading= 1 minute time fluency test (measures fluency=words per minute)

Reading- EOG Field Question Testing (done on computer for the State to evaluate test questions for the EOG/Milestones)

…and more…

Holiday Party

IS…Tuesday, 10:30-11:30 AM…everyone is welcome!

Both classes should have completed (today) their animal defense research project.  IF NOT, 2 options: finish at home tonight and return it tomorrow…OR, if needed, complete during morning work time frame. (keep in mind this depends on what time your child arrives to school)

Power Points are for extra credit…(habitat, diet, defense, fun facts)



ELAGSE 4R15- Describe overall text structure of events, ideas, concepts, or information

(sequence, compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution)  I sent home reading journals on Monday for you to view what we have been studying.  I even offered extra credit.  Don’t forget to ask for the journals (home) but remember to send them back to school the very next day.  We use these journals daily!


ELAGSE4W7- conduct short research project (using 2 sources)

We are continuing with our animal defense mechanism research…then on to a power point…and maybe “Sway.”

SLIME– My homeroom made slime as a treat for great behavior/ work. A HUGE thank you shout out to Oliver’s mom who practiced, made, delivered, bought, taught…and more!

No homework next week.

Monday= regular, full school day

Tuesday and Wednesday= 1/2 day, early release, 12:20 dismissal

Homework and information

TONIGHT: Find your ANIMAL!!  (enough information to write about diet, habitat, and defense mechanism) MUST be an unusual animal or sea creature.  We talked about this in class today and saw video clips of animal with unique defense mechanisms.  I bet they can tell you all about the Hairy Frog or the Sea Cucumber!  (You may choose an animal but also appropriate are: 3 banded armadillo, millipede, springbok gazelle, or the mimic octopus) We begin our research project tomorrow. ANIMAL DEFENSE MECHANISMS

ELAGSE4W9: Draw inferences from texts to support analysis, reflection, research.

ELAGSE4SL2: Paraphrase portions of a text or information…present in diverse media formats


No spelling  this week

No reading homework this week



Early Release Day Today


Spelling test will be given on Monday, Dec. 11th for Jordan’s class (we did not change classes today)

Reading homework will  also be collected from Jordan’s class on Monday

All opinion papers should have been turned in Thursday.


Be safe!


We completed our opinion piece rough drafts (Hoverboards) in class today.  IF YOUR CHILD DID NOT, they must finish them at home tonight and bring them back to class tomorrow.  We will be “editing” them in class tomorrow.

CHOCOLATE/CANDY- more is needed for class cash in this week.

Spelling test and reading homework is due on Friday the 8th


Reading- TEXT STRUCTURES (this week…)

ELAGSE4R15- Describe overall structure (compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution, sequence, description)of events, ideas, concepts, or information.

Writing- OPINION PIECE (this week and last week…) FORMAL writing

LAGSE4W1- to write a piece on a topic (Hoverboards) supporting a point of view with reasons.

*Introduce a topic clearly

*Provide reasons

*Link opinion with transitional or linking words

*Provide conclusion


Prepositional phrases




Reading- both classes, “Animals” Opinion/ Point of View…due Friday the 8th

Spelling-  both classes, test, Week 11, Friday the 8th


*Asher’s class: NEEDED…3-4 more parents to plan and execute holiday party…which is scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th…10:30-11:30