ELAGSE4RL =By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature with more text complexity, proficiency, with scaffolding at the high end of the range.

ELAGSE4RI10= By the end of the year, read and comprehend informational texts including history/social studies/technical texts.

The current book, The Hope Chest, is aligned with the above standards.

ENGLISH- Ask your child about our NEW “Mentor Sentences.”  Remember, journals/notebooks can come home DAILY, they just need to come back to school the very next day!

FILED TRIP= WEDNESDAY for Jordan and Asher. 9;15-11:30.  Space is limited so chaperones are not  necessary.  The filed trip is to the  Cobb Youth Museum in Marietta, where the students will dress up and deliver short speeches (scripts/pre-written) about the Revolutionary War.  Dress casually, take any meds necessary before school, (or notify me if I need to know anything unusual). Lunch will still be served/eaten at Frey; no sack lunch necessary.

DANCE- THIS Friday 6-8 PM.  “Under the Sea” theme.


Writing- please finish constructed response.  We have been working on this “folder” project for a few days.  We have done most of it in class.  It is due tomorrow.  Ask your child for their “Bears Folder.”

Please also check to ensure your child has “Post-It” notes.



One more day of testing!  Tomorrow, Tuesday= Math Section II

4th Quarter Reading goals:

Read “The Hope Chest”by Karen Schwabach

Some of the skills we will be covering are: determining  theme, summarizing the text, first hand and second hand account differences…among a variety of other reading and writing skills.

I also plan to implement more research.


Adding “Mentor Sentences”


Manilla folders

A large manila folder went home yesterday with your child.  Please fill out the registration form and return it to me by Friday, April 13th.

ELA testing this week for the GA Milestone. Math testing begins next week.  Don’t forget about the USA test prep site.  Your child has their password and account information in their binder.


Milestone Testing

Please send your child in with several #2 PRE SHARPENED pencils (if possible) for testing.  We begin on Tuesday morning.

I would love to have (my homeroom) several parents send in snacks for the whole class for each day of testing.  PRE-CUT please (should there be a need).  These are some long days ahead, but we are up for the task!  I can’t wait to see how well we are going to do!

NO HOMEWORK throughout the next two weeks of testing.

We welcome our new student today (non-speaking English).  I will post her name once I have the official forms!




Study for your POSP (Parts of Speech) quiz tomorrow.  THIS IS IN YOUR CHILD’S “BLUE” JOURNAL  Sentence #4 will be for extra credit.

Also, reading homework tonight is to finish ” Sioux Indians” Both classes had a chance to start it in class.

Today we finished research on how a camel’s hump (s) help it to survive.  THEN we wrote an extended response using PACK (for a grade).  Much better effort…

Thursday is  our Fairy tale, Folk tale, Tall tale, Myth, Legend quiz.  Although we are not done with the unit, the kids do have a study guide.  Please PUSH thorough answers.  We went over a lot of it in class today.

Yes, you hear correctly, Friday is bring in your own soda day…you know, just a can…(or juice if  you prefer).


INFO coming home tonight

Please, please, please take a peek at the paired passage called Kelsey and Bekah.  I wrote notes on question #4.  We discussed how to answer a question at LENGTH using the PACK method.  This is important as to how to answer this type of question applies to the GA Milestone.


Also, tonight for homework, please come up with a TOPIC ONLY for their personal narrative writing piece.  (A story that will make me laugh, cry, or think)


A time you learned a lesson

An embarrassing moment

Best present

A time you got into trouble

A time you were very scared

  • See your child’s agenda book for the week’s schedule

Homework/ Information

Reading- Both classes, “James Gets in the Game” due Friday (assigned Tuesday)


Even if you are not purchasing a package, you will still be in the class picture.  Students who bring money will keep it with them until we take the actual picture.  Teachers do not collect money.



Are all collected.  If you have not yet sent in money for the trip, please do so before spring break.  Preferably, sooner rather than later.



Please keep your report cards for your files.  Return the large white envelope (please sign on the pink highlighted portion).  The smaller white envelope is for you to self-address and place TWO stamps  on it and return it back to school.  The stamped envelopes are to send home your child’s final report card.  If you can, please return this before spring break.


We have been reviewing concepts/skills necessary for the GA Milestone, which, by the  way, begins one day after we are back from spring break…April 10-18th.

In reading we have been doing  a unit on Traditional Literature.  (tall tales, folktales, fairytales, fables, myths, legends)  We are about half way through this unit.  Don’t forget, your child is allowed and SHOULD bring journals home to show you what we have been doing in class.  They also have a goal sheet (in their page protector) that has test scores/reading levels, etc.  Please, all journals and  chapter books should be back at school each and every day.


We have been consistently using the USA TestPrep site to practice for the Milestone.  Please, please take a look at your child’s progress.  Most students have memorized their usernames and passwords.


We just finished our play/drama on “Divided Loyalties.”  I must say–FANTASTIC JOB!  What a fun way to add expression into fluency!!




Reading- HW

James Gets in the Game due Friday

Picture Day is also Friday

X-tra credit sent home today for Reading (this is not due until April 27th)

Report Cards go home tomorrow (Wednesday) Any grades taken this week will be added to the fourth and final quarter.

We continue to practice for the GA Milestones.  Please ask to see your child’s USA Test Prep account and work with them.  The ELA portion (not writing) has a very similar structure to the test.