Homophone worksheet due tomorrow.  Students should have also brought home English journals (which has a help/reference page) if needed to complete the homework.

Spelling words are written in agenda books on Mondays (test Friday).

Parents, please fill out the Parent Survey located on the Frey Home Page.


The following spelling list may NOT pertain to your child:  We have several spelling lists/packets going on in both rooms.  All lists have progressively gotten harder.  This particular group started this new packet this week and I modeled each section with them so it took us a bit longer than usual.  I promise, however, we have studied the words in class together…and there are only 10 words…

  1. phot0copy
  2. photograph
  3. photon
  4. photosynthesis
  5. telephoto
  6. incapable
  7. ineligible
  8. imbalance
  9. illiterate
  10. illogical




All groups will have a spelling test on Friday.  WE will  really clear up any misunderstandings in class today and again on Thursday.  We have had public speakers, guidance, and Feast Day changes…sooo, we will be sure to hit spelling extra hard.

Ask your child about the video clip we watched for text stuctue…problem/solution


4th grade Feast Day is this Thursday at Frey.  Our lunch time is 12:05-12:35 and we sit in the “Annex” at Tables 1 and 2.

Everyone is welcome, we just ask that you PREPAY on your child’s lunch account before Tuesday the 15th.

Progress Reports go home on Thursday the 17th



Reading- homework (The Giant Squid- Non Fiction) due Thursday…passed out Tuesday.

English- Plural Noun quiz (they have study guide today) next Wednesday, the 9th


Did you know both classes have Guidance every two weeks?  Did you know a lot of the health curriculum is taught through those lessons taught by Mr. Wilson?

Did you know both classes go to the library (with Mrs. Asher) and have an additional individual day they can go to check out books?  Ask your child what day their library day is…To help keep them on track, you could also write their library day down in their agenda books.

4th Grade Feast Day is November 17th.  Everyone is invited to come.  For those additional family members who may be joining you for the feast, please put money on your child’s school lunch account to ensure a quick moving line.