Reading HW- Finish “Loyalists” worksheet on the backside by adding “main idea tabs.”  THIS IS DUE TOMORROW- TUESDAY, FEB. 30TH.

Spelling- test Friday (P= 7…R=15)

ELAGSE4SL2= paraphrasing portion of a text

4.RL.1= Refer to details and  examples in a text (finding and citing text evidence)

4.RI.3= Explain historical events (events that led to Revolutionary War, famous people & battles, Loyalists vs Patriots)

This week we are working on the above mentioned. We are also using “PACK” to help set up our constructed and extended responses (preparing for GA MILESTONE)written answers.

Thank you for all the darling/sweet cards for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Great start to the week.  Very touching from great kids!!!!


This week we are practicing how to do a “constructed and extended” response for the Georgia Milestone.  Please keep in mind that HANDWRITING will come into play…There will be only a certain amount of space in which they can write their entire answer.  Anything outside the “box” will not be accepted.

So, how do you work on handwriting at home?  10 minutes at a time, 3 times a week, and as time goes on, gradually make the lines (paper) smaller.

Crazy Socks Day is tomorrow- Friday ($1.00 donation to Relay for Life)



Spelling- last week’s test will now be this week (P=6/R=12)

English- Parts of Speech quiz (PoSP) Thursday…the “study” guide is in their “blue” journal and SHOULD COME HOME…

Reading/Writing= busy learning  how to do a constructed response for the Georgia Milestone using the PACK way of setting up a paragraph.  (more on that later this week)

January 26th is Crazy Socks Day ($ proceeds go to Relay for Life…$1.00 donation please)




Reading- “Everyday” Due 1/23

Spelling- test Friday (even if a snow day or two) Unit /Lesson #12 (All students, except “Princeton” should have the words written down in their agenda books)

This week we are working on constructed responses; how to answer a question after reading a passage in a full,  complete format.  PACK (please see your child’s journal/notebook if you are unsure of this strategy)  *REMEMBER…all books/notebooks/journals can  go home, however, they must be returned to school  the very next day (we use them every single day).

Did you know your child has an assigned day that they can go to the learning commons (library) to check out books?

If your child DID an extra credit power point on animal defense (sorry…with testing/evals we are just coming back full circle) please have it ready to go tomorrow.


Reading- King of the Jungle is due tomorrow

No school Monday= Martin Luther King Jr. holiday


Reading- RI=Reading Inventory (done on computer= measures comp./vocab)

Reading= 1 minute time fluency test (measures fluency=words per minute)

Reading- EOG Field Question Testing (done on computer for the State to evaluate test questions for the EOG/Milestones)

…and more…