Study for your POSP (Parts of Speech) quiz tomorrow.  THIS IS IN YOUR CHILD’S “BLUE” JOURNAL  Sentence #4 will be for extra credit.

Also, reading homework tonight is to finish ” Sioux Indians” Both classes had a chance to start it in class.

Today we finished research on how a camel’s hump (s) help it to survive.  THEN we wrote an extended response using PACK (for a grade).  Much better effort…

Thursday is  our Fairy tale, Folk tale, Tall tale, Myth, Legend quiz.  Although we are not done with the unit, the kids do have a study guide.  Please PUSH thorough answers.  We went over a lot of it in class today.

Yes, you hear correctly, Friday is bring in your own soda day…you know, just a can…(or juice if  you prefer).


INFO coming home tonight

Please, please, please take a peek at the paired passage called Kelsey and Bekah.  I wrote notes on question #4.  We discussed how to answer a question at LENGTH using the PACK method.  This is important as to how to answer this type of question applies to the GA Milestone.


Also, tonight for homework, please come up with a TOPIC ONLY for their personal narrative writing piece.  (A story that will make me laugh, cry, or think)


A time you learned a lesson

An embarrassing moment

Best present

A time you got into trouble

A time you were very scared

  • See your child’s agenda book for the week’s schedule

Homework/ Information

Reading- Both classes, “James Gets in the Game” due Friday (assigned Tuesday)


Even if you are not purchasing a package, you will still be in the class picture.  Students who bring money will keep it with them until we take the actual picture.  Teachers do not collect money.



Are all collected.  If you have not yet sent in money for the trip, please do so before spring break.  Preferably, sooner rather than later.



Please keep your report cards for your files.  Return the large white envelope (please sign on the pink highlighted portion).  The smaller white envelope is for you to self-address and place TWO stamps  on it and return it back to school.  The stamped envelopes are to send home your child’s final report card.  If you can, please return this before spring break.


We have been reviewing concepts/skills necessary for the GA Milestone, which, by the  way, begins one day after we are back from spring break…April 10-18th.

In reading we have been doing  a unit on Traditional Literature.  (tall tales, folktales, fairytales, fables, myths, legends)  We are about half way through this unit.  Don’t forget, your child is allowed and SHOULD bring journals home to show you what we have been doing in class.  They also have a goal sheet (in their page protector) that has test scores/reading levels, etc.  Please, all journals and  chapter books should be back at school each and every day.


We have been consistently using the USA TestPrep site to practice for the Milestone.  Please, please take a look at your child’s progress.  Most students have memorized their usernames and passwords.


We just finished our play/drama on “Divided Loyalties.”  I must say–FANTASTIC JOB!  What a fun way to add expression into fluency!!




Reading- HW

James Gets in the Game due Friday

Picture Day is also Friday

X-tra credit sent home today for Reading (this is not due until April 27th)

Report Cards go home tomorrow (Wednesday) Any grades taken this week will be added to the fourth and final quarter.

We continue to practice for the GA Milestones.  Please ask to see your child’s USA Test Prep account and work with them.  The ELA portion (not writing) has a very similar structure to the test.

STEM campaign

Dear Parents,

I wanted to take a minute to write to you to in hopes that you all will support our Frey STEMtastic campaign.

Our school raises money for necessary school items such as I-Pads.  100% of students benefit, so it would be great if 100% of my homeroom could donate for this worthwhile cause.  We still have yet to meet  our goal of $40,000.00, but with your donation, small or large, we can quickly meet that goal.

On behalf of my sweet class, I will gladly donate $42.00, (21 students), in hopes that you will match or exceed that small amount.  Every donation matters.

We only do this campaign once a year.  We do not use outside companies, it is tax deductible, (501-3c), and 100% go directly to STEM instruction and resources at Frey. BONUS: If our class  has 100%, we win a pizza party from the Foundation!  Let us all AIM HIGH and send in donations by Friday, March 16th.

Donate Online

Thank you in advance!

Dina Asher

Papers coming home today…

Please take a peek at the graded papers I sent home today.(Lady Liberty, etc.)  I made comments on them. (great time to have your child add that to their goal sheet- in binder).  I also sent home a writing sample with a rubric attached (GA Milestone correlated).  If I can tell that an adult went over AND GRADED the work sample together with your child, I will award extra credit points in Language Arts/Writing Craft.  Also, the parent needs to sign the rubric at the top.

WEDNESDAY is an early release day.  (12:20 dismissal)





A pink piece of paper is coming home today from Mr. Cathey regarding our STEMtastic campaign.  Please make sure you ask your child for it.  (should be in their binder)

No spelling next week.

Happy weekend…3 more weeks until spring break!

We will be busy, down-to-work, preparing for the GA Milestone (which, BTW, is right after spring break)!

Great job practicing our play today- both classes-“Divided Loyalties”




Georgia Milestone Assessment Information Click Here
Georgia Milestones represents a significant change and importantly – an opportunity for our state. This opportunity allows us to recalibrate, as a state, and refocus on teaching and learning as a primary emphasis with assessment and accountability serving a supporting role.
Features include:
– inclusion of constructed-response items in ELA and mathematics, in addition to selected-response items
– inclusion of a writing component (in response to text) at every grade level and course within the ELA assessment;
– inclusion of norm-referenced items in every grade and content area to complement the criterion-referenced information and to provide a national comparison; and transition to online administration over time, with online administration considered the primary mode of administration and paper-pencil back-up until transition is completed.
Blended: Criterion-Referenced and Norm-Referenced Georgia Milestones will provide:
– criterion-referenced performance information in the form of four performance levels, depicting students’ mastery of state standards
– norm-referenced performance information in the form of national percentiles, depicting how students’ achievement compares to peers nationally
Selected-Response [aka, multiple-choice]
– all content areas
– evidence-based selected response in ELA
• Constructed-Response
– ELA and mathematics
• Extended-Response
– ELA and mathematics
• Technology Enhanced


Hello Frey Families,

When you received the bright flyers last Friday about the Foundation STEM Campaign you might have been wondering what and who the Frey Foundation is…

The answer is simple…You ARE the Frey Foundation!

For four years now our community has been answering the call for our students by responding generously to this two-week, straight donation, fundraising campaign.  We want to continue to focus our efforts on STEM resources and experiences for our students.  We also choose not to employ any fundraising companies that include selling items, interupting instruction, or giving away huge percentages of what we raise.  100% of your tax-deductable donations go directly to funding STEM at Frey.

I have decided to give everyone a reprieve from the daily phone messages and pepper in some emails in the hopes that you will read them and realize what great opportunities and advantages we create for our students by giving to our own non-profit Foundation.

Students and teachers have received countless benefits from your contributions over the past four years ranging from amazing experiences in our STEM lab to having access to extra technologies such as iPads and laptops purchased by the foundation.  Our students receive regular engineering challenges throughout the year and online resources for mathematics also provided by…Yep, you guessed it! The Frey Foundation!

Today I challenge you to ask your student about things like examining owl pellets for skeletons in 4th grade or baby chicks in 2nd grade that are actually currently growing in a state-of-the-art incubator and will hatch on our campus in a matter of days. Thats just a bit of the first letter S.  

Click on the link below and donate today! Also feel free to help your student receive individual prizes by sharing the link with loved ones and businesses that may also feel compelled to donate in their name!


Thanks for all that you do for your student and for the students of Frey Elementary School!


Jason Cathey