Report Cards

I have attached reading evaluation scores to the report cards.  Please refer to the SRI (RI), DRA, Fluency guide I gave each family at conference week.  That note explains the reading levels (I.E. Lexile level, CWPM, etc.)

What a beautiful year.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Thursday, Happy Summer!!

Mrs. Asher



Award’s Day for FOURTH grade is next Tuesday, May 22 @ 8:45 A.M. (in the cafeteria)  THIS IS BY INVITATION ONLY (Invitations went home yesterday and again today)

If you are  cleaning out rooms, cars, etc. and come across any of our school books or library books, please bring them into school.  Remember, teachers will be here until next Friday.

Great Field Day today.  Thank you Mrs. Callahan and staff for a well-planned, well- coordinated, well- managed day.  Thank you to my class for having fun…nice, simple fun.  YOUR BEHAVIOR WAS EXCEPTIONAL!!

Chocolate and Field Day

Field Day = FOR FOURTH GRADE…MAY 15th 9:00 AM.  Parents, please meet us outside…Field Day end time: 11:30.

Chocolate/candy= NEEDED FOR CASH-IN

Ask your child about “Blackout”

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your child’s supplies.  We seem not to have the basic of needs–PENCILS/crayons…

Curriculum these last few weeks


Describe in depth- character, setting, event (thoughts, words, actions)


Refer to details and examples in a text


(Review/ hard skill/concept)

Compare and contrast 1st and  2nd hand accounts


Dear Frey Parents,

Tired of driving from store to store to purchase school supplies for your child?  Great news! We are offering the SchoolKidz Supply Kit program at our school this year.  Kits include the exact colors, quantities, and brands  teachers are requesting in a personalized box ready for your child’s first day of school.


Simply place your order by MAY 25, 2018 to have all your child’s necessary supplies.  Orders can e placed online at:

To order, enter our school’s account number: 84338 

This is an optional program that is offered as a convenient alternative to the usual back to school supply shopping.

QUESTIONS?? Contact Katie at


“Under the Sea” 6-8 PM…If you haven’t been by the school today it is a MUST.  PTSA has worked so hard to make the school look magical–and they DID.”

Spelling- ONLY 10 words NEXT week.  Test Friday the 4th.

English- MENTOR SENTENCE quiz moved to Tuesday of next week





ELAGSE4RL =By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature with more text complexity, proficiency, with scaffolding at the high end of the range.

ELAGSE4RI10= By the end of the year, read and comprehend informational texts including history/social studies/technical texts.

The current book, The Hope Chest, is aligned with the above standards.

ENGLISH- Ask your child about our NEW “Mentor Sentences.”  Remember, journals/notebooks can come home DAILY, they just need to come back to school the very next day!

FILED TRIP= WEDNESDAY for Jordan and Asher. 9;15-11:30.  Space is limited so chaperones are not  necessary.  The filed trip is to the  Cobb Youth Museum in Marietta, where the students will dress up and deliver short speeches (scripts/pre-written) about the Revolutionary War.  Dress casually, take any meds necessary before school, (or notify me if I need to know anything unusual). Lunch will still be served/eaten at Frey; no sack lunch necessary.

DANCE- THIS Friday 6-8 PM.  “Under the Sea” theme.


Writing- please finish constructed response.  We have been working on this “folder” project for a few days.  We have done most of it in class.  It is due tomorrow.  Ask your child for their “Bears Folder.”

Please also check to ensure your child has “Post-It” notes.



One more day of testing!  Tomorrow, Tuesday= Math Section II

4th Quarter Reading goals:

Read “The Hope Chest”by Karen Schwabach

Some of the skills we will be covering are: determining  theme, summarizing the text, first hand and second hand account differences…among a variety of other reading and writing skills.

I also plan to implement more research.


Adding “Mentor Sentences”


Manilla folders

A large manila folder went home yesterday with your child.  Please fill out the registration form and return it to me by Friday, April 13th.

ELA testing this week for the GA Milestone. Math testing begins next week.  Don’t forget about the USA test prep site.  Your child has their password and account information in their binder.