Social Studies Fair Due Monday January 8th

All items, including the research paper, will be due following the Holiday Break.  Due to snow days we lost 4 days in the computer lab.  Everyone should be very close to finishing.  Use the formal report checklist in the social studies fair packet to ensure you have all the required components in your formal report.  Use the back of the last page to ensure you have included all components for the trifold board display.  Use google to view completed displays and visit to see previous winners.  The formal report, trifold display and log book will all count as summative grades to begin the 3rd nine week period. Please ask your child about the social studies fair!  Below is a link to the judge’s score sheet.  Please use it to evaluate your or your child’s work.  Have a great holiday break!

Judges’ Scoring Sheet-xzmlxb

Savannah Field Trip

There will be an informational session November 9th at 6 p.m. for all parents to attend regarding the Savannah field trip in April.  It will be held in the learning commons right before the concerts.  Please feel free to stop by for any questions or resources.

Founding of Georgia Skit

We have been studying the founding of Georgia all week long!  It will continue into next week.  Currently, students are working within a group creating a skit and role playing important historical figures involved in Georgia’s time as a British colony.

Unit 2 tests have been graded and everyone did well!  It is my understanding that my synergy is only showing one grade right now.  I am working to resolve the issue.

Social Studies Fair

Information regarding the social studies fair was given out today.  I have uploaded it to the “resources” section of this blog.  It is a 10 page, 2 sided document.  The dates should be used as a worst case scenario, final deadline to complete the scheduled task.  It is an immersive undertaking and the best results often come when the student works ahead of deadlines.

If you have not done so already please make sure your child has the resources they will need to complete the project.  They may need to go to the public library for non-internet sources of information as resources and references are required to come from a variety of informational sources.  They may need other sources as well, such as people for interviews or to complete a survey or questionnaire that they have created in order to collect and analyze data.  They will need a tri-fold display board (triptych) to display their title, purpose, hypothesis, materials, graphs, charts, pictures, results, conclusions and procedures.  It needs to look amazing so they will need other items such as ink, color printer, colored paper, construction paper, glue, border, stencils or anything else that adds to the overall appearance of the display.  They will need a small notebook to use as a log and a report cover for their research paper as well.

Please ask your child about the topic that they chose to research for their project.  There are always some projects that push against social norms and require more guidance than others.  Some topics may need to be closely monitored due to disturbing imagery associated with them.  As children tell me about their topics I may require your approval for them to continue along the process.  If they come home asking you for a note of approval please give it to them or suggest another topic to them.

If your child is working with a partner I have asked them to get a note from you giving your approval.  Please understand that partners’ grades will affect one another.  The partner should live nearby and you should be willing to work that child and their parents throughout the project.

A letter requiring your signature was sent home today in the social studies fair packet.  My contact information is in that letter.  Please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone.  Thanks for your ongoing support in continuing the development of your child or children!

More information, including the rubric and examples of winning projects, can be found at

TicTacToe and Open House

Thanks to all the parents and students who came out for open house last night!  It was a pleasure to meet new people and revisit familiar faces.  I am really impressed with your children and the community as a whole.  Many students were out on a field trip today.  I have added the TicTacToe assessment to the “resources” section of this blog.  Students should have at least one task completed by Monday morning.  The project in its entirety is due at the end of class Tuesday.  Pages 1, 2, 25, and 26 should be completed in the standard’s journal as well.  Thanks for all you do and have wonderful weekends!