Character Traits

We are continuing to analyze the characters in the books that we are reading. One of the ways we do this is by taking a look at their character traits. We have learned that in order for a character to possess that character trait, there must be evidence from the book to support it. Here is a list of character traits for you to use at home. It is important to discuss the character in each book your child reads. This helps them better understand what they are reading.


Multiplication Facts and PIZZA!!

Did you know that if everyone in our class passes all 11 tests, we can have a pizza party???!!! I have mentioned that several times on the Monday newsletter/homework sheet. ┬áPlease continue to encourage your child to study his/her facts every night. They receive new flashcards every week. Please don’t throw away the old ones. Keep all of them in one bag. Every week we take one mini-test on the facts for the week and one mini-test on ALL of the facts we have studies so far. It is extremely important to memorize the facts. Thanks for wanting to help!

Art Show

The ART show is on Thursday afternoon. Come take a look at your child’s framed art. They are magnificent! The PTA and Leader in Me meeting are also that night, starting at 6:00. Eastvalley hopes to see you there!


Welcome Back Everyone!!!

I am so excited to start school! I cannot wait to meet everyone!!

Here are a few important dates to remember:

Wednesday, July 29- Classes will be posted.

Wednesday, July 29 6-7:30 – KONA ICE night at Eastvalley – Come out and meet our new principal! Don’t forget to bring money if you would like to purchase a Kona Ice.

Thursday, July 30 8-10:00 – Sneak a Peak- Pop by to see your new classroom and to meet you new teacher. You can also stop by the cafeteria to sign up for ASP, pay for lunch, get a carpool number etc…

Monday, August 3- FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!

Rectilinear Figures

We are currently studying area and perimeter of rectilinear figures. They are tricky concepts. I will send home practice pages in the next couple of weeks. Here is a video explaining one way to figure out the area. Don’t forget! The area of a shape is the Length X Width and the perimeter is when you find the total of all of the sides by adding their lengths together. Have fun!!