Optional Work- Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hi! How are you? Guess what today is? It’s my birthday!!! I went to Tifton, Georgia to see Jeff’s family. We all celebrated together. The girls rode 4-wheelers and swam in the pond and I loved watching them from inside the house because it was 95 degrees outside. SO HOT!!!!!

What did you do this weekend?

Here is your quote for today:

This is so true! Think about all of the toys and games that you have. Each one of those things started as an idea! Think about all of the STEM work we did in our class this year. Each project started with an idea! You guys had great ideas this year!!!!

Our quote of the day was how everything starts with an idea. Here’s one of my favorite STEM read- alouds. Take a look:



Answer these questions. Make sure you write complete sentences.

  • Why do you think Rosie hid all the machines and inventions she created?

  • Why was Rosie shy about talking about her inventions?

  • What was your favorite invention of Rosie’s?

  • Have you ever had an idea for something you wanted to invent?

Today I would like you to write about something you would like to invent. This is what you need in your writing:

  1. An introduction sentence that says what your invention is. Make sure that sentence(s) is ZIPPY! You want your reader (me) to continue reading.

  2. 4-8 sentences explaining how this invention works. Make sure that your sentences make a movie in the reader’s head. Make sure that the reader can picture your invention and exactly how it works.

  3. A conclusion sentence- One final sentence that helps end your writing.

I cannot wait to read about your inventions. BE CREATIVE!!!

Last week you worked on finding the perimeter of a shape.  You find the perimeter by adding up all of the sides.

  • Number your paper from 7-15.

  • Find the perimeter by adding up all of the sides.

I bet you thought that I forgot about MULTIPLICATION!!!!  I haven’t. HAHA!!! Here’s your practice for today:

More importantly than anything else… I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I hope you have a great day just like…