Optional Work for Thursday, June 25, 2020

Good Morning! I hope your Tuesday was FANTASTIC!!!

Here is the quote for today:

I like this quote. It can mean many different things. First it can mean that you can do back bends easily or touch your toes easily. It means that you can bend your body into crazy ways. Second it can mean that you are easy going when things can get crazy. You guys were SUPER FLEXIBLE when ALL OF A SUDDEN we had to leave school and switch to digital learning.  So… make sure you continue to BE FLEXIBLE when things get crazy.


  1. Log into READWORKS.org

  2. Read the article called “When Will We Have Flying Cars?”

  3. Answer the questions. Make sure that you answer in full sentences. Don’t forget to use capitals and periods.

  4. What did you think of the story? I thought it matched perfectly with Tuesday’s work about engineering!

Correct these sentences. There might be mistakes with the capitals, periods, commas, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation marks, etc…

  1. this is the best day of my life

  2. let’s go outside said Dave

  3. where can I buy the best ice cream asked Valeria

  4. yesterday molly took allie the dog for a walk

  5. why does Mrs. McClellan keep giving us multiplication facts to practice yelled the class

We learned a TON about equivalent fractions this year. Equivalent means “equal”.  Take a look at this quick video if you can’t remember what we learned.


1. Log in to IXL.

2. Click on Math.

3. Do X1- equivalent fractions.

I bet you were hoping that I forgot to put multiplication fact practice on the Blog today. Well guess what??? I didn’t forget!! How could I forget something that is SO IMPORTANT????  If you can go into 4th grade with your facts memorized, many parts of the math will be MUCH EASIER!!!

More importantly than anything…I miss you so much and I hope you have the BEST DAY!!!!