Optional Work for June 30, 2020

Hi!!!  I hope you are doing well!!! Here is today’s quote:

How funny is this?!!! Donut Worry! Be Happy!! I love how they used the word “donut” instead of “do not”. I think they used it because they know how almost everyone LOVES donuts!!! Spend your day being happy!!!

Here is your work for today:







Today you are going to combine your reading with your writing.

This is a story about a man from Turkey that discovered something really important about his friends… Maybe they weren’t his friends after all?  Listen to the story and then do the activity.


  1. Write a summary about the story. The summary should be 5-10 sentences explaining what happened in the story.  It should include what happened in the beginning, the important events in the middle and the ending.

  2. What is the author trying to teach us?

  3. Should your friends like you because of your clothes? Explain your thinking.

SOOOOOOOO…. I thought I would take it easy today and just give you a few multiplication problems. Isn’t that GREAT NEWS!!!

Here are the problems. See if you can figure out the secret code.

It’s time to start practicing division. The great thing is that you can use the multiplication facts to solve the division facts. If you know that 4x 4 = 16 then you can solve 16 divided by 4.  They are related facts. Remember fact families? Here’s a quick video to help you:




  1. Now log in to IXL.

  2. Do K1

  3. Make sure you get to 90% or you can work for 20 minutes.

More importantly than all of the multiplication facts in the world… I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I just found this video. It made me think about how we can find friends in all sorts of places.