Optional Work for July 2, 2020

Hi! I cannot believe it is JULY!!! Time is flying by! I hope you were able to get outside and play. It’s so nice to see the sun!!

Here is today’s quote:

I love this! I think it is important to explore. It’s a great way to see new things. I have put an outdoor scavenger hunt below. Maybe you can go out one day looking for these items? Let me know what you find!



Here is your optional work for today:

The challenge of eating puffer fish | Wall Street International ...

What do you think about that fish??!!! Kind of crazy! Right?

  1. Log in to ReadWorks.

  2. Read “Who Wants a Spiny Snack?”

  3. Answer the questions.

  4. Don’t forget to write complete sentences.


Opinion Writing

We worked on opinion writing in class. We  learned to follow a checklist to make sure we had everything we needed in our paragraphs. Use the checklist to write an opinion paragraph. Here is your topic:

What is the BEST thing to do during the summer? You can only pick one. 

You must follow our checklist:

  • State your opinion

  • Transition and Reason #1 (Make sure your reason is STRONG.)

  • Transition and Reason #2(Make sure your reason is STRONG.)

  • Transition and Reason #3(Make sure your reason is STRONG.)

  • Restate your opinion- Don’t Forget! This is your last chance to share how you feel. Make sure there is some POWER when you restate your opinion.

  • Check for capitals and periods.

Today I would like you to practice addition with regrouping into the thousands. You are going to use the algorithm. Take a look at my example:

Here are 4 problems for you to solve:

  1. 4523 + 1789 = n

  2. 3376 + 2984 = n

  3. 5783 + 1399= n

  4. 1267 + 2867= n

ROUND GOOGLY EYES CLIPART - Google Search | Cartoon eyes, Cartoon ...


See how quickly you can solve these!!! Good Luck!!!



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