Optional Work for July 7th, 2020

Click on the meme!!! Super fun!!!

GOOD MORNING!!! How are you doing?

Did you have a great weekend? What did you do? Will you let your parents know that they don’t need to make a choice between digital/distance learning or in-person learning? The survey isn’t online yet.

Here is your work for today:

1. Log into RazKids.

2. Find a book on your level that you would like to read.

3. Take the test. Make sure you take your time.

4. I will check your results tomorrow.


Take a look at the image of the puppy eating. I would like you to come up with fictional/imaginative narrative about this puppy.  Make sure that you include:

  1. A strong beginning. Make sure that your beginning is AMAZING. It is so important to make sure your reader is EXCITED to read your story.

  2. Write your story in an order that makes sense.

  3. Add details into your story that make it easy for your reader to picture what is going on.

  4. Add dialogue. Dialogue can make a story even more clear.

  5. Write a strong ending. Your reader should not be confused. Make sure your ending leaves the reader happy.

Please text or email your stories to me. I can’t wait to read them!!!

The other day you worked on adding 4 digit numbers. Here are 5 more that I would like you to do. This will be great practice for 4th grade.

  • 7129 + 2361 = n

  • 2782 + 4328 = n

  • 5349 + 1687 = n

  • 2568 + 1542 = n

  • 3776 + 2654 = n

Here’s a video if you forget how to solve these problems. The first problem that he does is the one you need to watch.


Well, that’s all the work I have for you today.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! I forgot to give you MULTIPLICATION PRACTICE!!! Were you secretly hoping I would forget???

See how quickly you can solve these problems.

Okay. I am REALLY finished this time.

Most Importantly… I miss you and cannot believe that you are really going to be in 4th grade next year and NOT in my class!!! How can that be??