Optional Work for July 9, 2020


How are you today? I have a funny story to tell you. We have a small wooden area at the back of our house. It’s kind of like a deck. I asked Jeff to paint it and I picked out the color. Well… I picked the wrong color. I didn’t think about how it would look on the wood. It actually LOOKS LIKE SNOW!!!! It looks SO SILLY!!! I will try to take a picture so you can see it. Now I have to pick out a new color… Wish me luck!!!

Here’s your positive quote for today:

Inspirational GIFs | Tenor

We all know that we can get better at something.  I keep thinking about all the ways I can improve the way I do things. Maybe I need to start with how to choose the right paint color… HAHA!!! What can you work on?

Here is your work for today:

Today you are going to read a 4th grade level story. You need to TAKE YOUR TIME while you read it. free happy face clip art | Smiley Face Clip Art | Smile Day Site ...

  1. Log into Readworks.org

  2. Read The Magic Glasses.

  3. Answer all of the questions. Make sure you answer the last 3 questions using full sentences.

For this activity you are going to work with adverbs. Adverbs are words that describe verbs. Adverbs can make your writing much clearer.

Here’s a video to watch if you have forgotten what adverbs are.


Play 4 rounds of this matching game.


Now it’s your turn to write. I would like you to write a personal narrative or a fictional narrative BUT you must add some adverbs to your writing to make it even better!

Here’s list of  adverbs you could use:

First Grade Wow: adverbs

Take your time while you are writing.  There is no need to rush.

Use the algorithm to solve these problems:

  1. 4599 + 2338= n

  2. 2398 + 5667= n

  3. 7899 + 2569 = n

  4. 1999 + 3856 = n

  5. 9756 + 2389 = n*** This is a SUPER hard problem!!!

Okay. Okay. I get it. You’re TIRED of practicing your multiplication facts. Sooooooooo… I will give you a day off from practicing. HOORAY!!!! BUUUUUUUUUUUUT… Could you please answer these multiplication problems for me?

  1. 50 x 6 = n

  2. 30 x 7 =n

  3. 50 x 5= n

  4. 40 x 4= n

  5. 90 x 7 =n

Most importantly… I miss you so much and I hope you do something super fun like my friend the Brazilian Porcupine at the Cincinnati Zoo!!!