Optional Work for July 13, 2020

Hi!!! How are you??? We have a lot to talk about today…

  1. This will be my last week of posting optional work. Next week is my last week of summer break so I am going to spend it getting ready for the new school year.

  2. It is time for your parents to go on ParentVUE to make their choice about next year. They can choose Face to Face or Digital Learning.

  3. If they choose Digital Learning it is important for your parents to sign the Remote Learning Agreement.

  4. If your parents choose Face to Face then I will hopefully see you in the hallways on August 17th!

Here is the quote for today:

This means to BE POSITIVE even when things get tough! Your GOOD VIBES might help someone feel better about something that is going on in their life.  So GOOD VIBES ONLY!!!


Here is a story I planned on reading to you when we studied conservation.  Listen carefully and then answer the questions. This book should make you think about how we should all treat the Earth.



Answer these questions:

1. Where do all of the animals in the story live?
2. Why was the man in the story going to cut down the Kapok tree?
3. How did the animals try to convince the man not to cut down the Kapok tree? What
reasons did they give him to save the tree?
4. If the Kapok tree did get cut down, what would happen to the animals in the story?
5. What can the man do now that he knows how important the tree is to the animals? How
can he make a difference?
6. If you could be any animal from the story, what would you be? How does that animal
depend on the Kapok tree?
7. The animals in the book use the tree in many ways. What are some ways that people use

Today I would like you to write a letter to the man explaining why he should leave the tree alone. You need to make sure that you use evidence from the story. Here is your checklist:

  1. Start with Dear Men,

  2. Your first sentence should be you stating your opinion.

  3. Your next 5-6 sentences should be the reasons why the men should not cut the tree down. Make sure that your words are STRONG! You need to CONVINCE THE MEN TO LEAVE THE TREE ALONE.

  4. Your last sentence should be you restating your opinion. Say your opinion one more time. Make sure it is STRONG!!!

SOOOOOOO….this isn’t multiplication BUUUUUUT it is DIVISION!!!  Hooray!!!!  Remember to use your knowledge of multiplication to answer these division problems:

Let’s take a look at subtraction with regrouping.  This time we are going to solve a problem with 4-digits. You solve these the same way you would solve the 3-digit problems we have done before.

Check to see which place needs help. Look at the ones, the tens, and the hundreds.

Try solving these 4 problems:

  1.     4,876 – 2, 987 = n

  2.     5, 342 – 4, 854= n

  3.     3, 047 – 1, 999 = n

  4.     7, 237 – 5, 779 = n

More Importantly than anything else… I MISS YOU AND WILL MISS YOU EVEN MORE WHEN YOU ARE IN 4th GRADE!!!!!

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