My Very Last Post for Optional Work

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS MY LAST POST FOR THIS YEAR!!!! It’s so strange!! I’m very excited for you to move on to 4th grade! I will miss you so much but hopefully I will see you when we get back to school.

Here is our last quote for the year:

Quotes Gif - Retro Future

What do you think of that? I think it’s super important to figure out how you can SMILE every single day!! Virtual learning is going to start again and you are going to have a new teacher, new friends and new work. Make sure that you bring your SMILE to every single one of your virtual lessons. Your smile might just make someone feel better about their new class and their new way of learning. I will miss ALL of your smiles so VERY MUCH!!!!


Log in to ReadWorks and read The Harbor Of Rio De Janeiro. Rio is in Brazil!!! Answer the questions after reading the information.

Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

I need your help. I would like to let my new students know about what 3rd grade was like in our class. Could you write a letter to a student and tell them all about your time in 3rd grade? You could talk about when we were together in the trailer and when we switched to virtual learning.

I plan on reading these to my new students on the first day of school.

I know I’m OBSESSED with multiplication practice, BUUUUUT…. it’s only going to help you. I am going to post 5 different practice tests. That will give you some extra practice for the next few weeks.  I am also going to post 5 different division pages to practice. Here they are:

Here are the division pages:

Don’t forget to use your knowledge of multiplication facts to solve the division equations.

More importantly than anything else…I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH AND I KNOW YOU WILL ROCK 4th GRADE!!!!!!

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No Blog Post Today


I will not be posting work today. One of the girls has a dental issue and I need to take care of it. I will post the last day of work tomorrow.


Mrs. McClellan

Optional Work for July 13, 2020

Hi!!! How are you??? We have a lot to talk about today…

  1. This will be my last week of posting optional work. Next week is my last week of summer break so I am going to spend it getting ready for the new school year.

  2. It is time for your parents to go on ParentVUE to make their choice about next year. They can choose Face to Face or Digital Learning.

  3. If they choose Digital Learning it is important for your parents to sign the Remote Learning Agreement.

  4. If your parents choose Face to Face then I will hopefully see you in the hallways on August 17th!

Here is the quote for today:

This means to BE POSITIVE even when things get tough! Your GOOD VIBES might help someone feel better about something that is going on in their life.  So GOOD VIBES ONLY!!!


Here is a story I planned on reading to you when we studied conservation.  Listen carefully and then answer the questions. This book should make you think about how we should all treat the Earth.

Answer these questions:

1. Where do all of the animals in the story live?
2. Why was the man in the story going to cut down the Kapok tree?
3. How did the animals try to convince the man not to cut down the Kapok tree? What
reasons did they give him to save the tree?
4. If the Kapok tree did get cut down, what would happen to the animals in the story?
5. What can the man do now that he knows how important the tree is to the animals? How
can he make a difference?
6. If you could be any animal from the story, what would you be? How does that animal
depend on the Kapok tree?
7. The animals in the book use the tree in many ways. What are some ways that people use

Today I would like you to write a letter to the man explaining why he should leave the tree alone. You need to make sure that you use evidence from the story. Here is your checklist:

  1. Start with Dear Men,

  2. Your first sentence should be you stating your opinion.

  3. Your next 5-6 sentences should be the reasons why the men should not cut the tree down. Make sure that your words are STRONG! You need to CONVINCE THE MEN TO LEAVE THE TREE ALONE.

  4. Your last sentence should be you restating your opinion. Say your opinion one more time. Make sure it is STRONG!!!

SOOOOOOO….this isn’t multiplication BUUUUUUT it is DIVISION!!!  Hooray!!!!  Remember to use your knowledge of multiplication to answer these division problems:

Let’s take a look at subtraction with regrouping.  This time we are going to solve a problem with 4-digits. You solve these the same way you would solve the 3-digit problems we have done before.

Check to see which place needs help. Look at the ones, the tens, and the hundreds.

Try solving these 4 problems:

  1.     4,876 – 2, 987 = n

  2.     5, 342 – 4, 854= n

  3.     3, 047 – 1, 999 = n

  4.     7, 237 – 5, 779 = n

More Importantly than anything else… I MISS YOU AND WILL MISS YOU EVEN MORE WHEN YOU ARE IN 4th GRADE!!!!!

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Optional Work for July 9, 2020


How are you today? I have a funny story to tell you. We have a small wooden area at the back of our house. It’s kind of like a deck. I asked Jeff to paint it and I picked out the color. Well… I picked the wrong color. I didn’t think about how it would look on the wood. It actually LOOKS LIKE SNOW!!!! It looks SO SILLY!!! I will try to take a picture so you can see it. Now I have to pick out a new color… Wish me luck!!!

Here’s your positive quote for today:

Inspirational GIFs | Tenor

We all know that we can get better at something.  I keep thinking about all the ways I can improve the way I do things. Maybe I need to start with how to choose the right paint color… HAHA!!! What can you work on?

Here is your work for today:

Today you are going to read a 4th grade level story. You need to TAKE YOUR TIME while you read it. free happy face clip art | Smiley Face Clip Art | Smile Day Site ...

  1. Log into

  2. Read The Magic Glasses.

  3. Answer all of the questions. Make sure you answer the last 3 questions using full sentences.

For this activity you are going to work with adverbs. Adverbs are words that describe verbs. Adverbs can make your writing much clearer.

Here’s a video to watch if you have forgotten what adverbs are.

Play 4 rounds of this matching game.

Now it’s your turn to write. I would like you to write a personal narrative or a fictional narrative BUT you must add some adverbs to your writing to make it even better!

Here’s list of  adverbs you could use:

First Grade Wow: adverbs

Take your time while you are writing.  There is no need to rush.

Use the algorithm to solve these problems:

  1. 4599 + 2338= n

  2. 2398 + 5667= n

  3. 7899 + 2569 = n

  4. 1999 + 3856 = n

  5. 9756 + 2389 = n*** This is a SUPER hard problem!!!

Okay. Okay. I get it. You’re TIRED of practicing your multiplication facts. Sooooooooo… I will give you a day off from practicing. HOORAY!!!! BUUUUUUUUUUUUT… Could you please answer these multiplication problems for me?

  1. 50 x 6 = n

  2. 30 x 7 =n

  3. 50 x 5= n

  4. 40 x 4= n

  5. 90 x 7 =n

Most importantly… I miss you so much and I hope you do something super fun like my friend the Brazilian Porcupine at the Cincinnati Zoo!!!


Optional Work for July 7th, 2020

Click on the meme!!! Super fun!!!

GOOD MORNING!!! How are you doing?

Did you have a great weekend? What did you do? Will you let your parents know that they don’t need to make a choice between digital/distance learning or in-person learning? The survey isn’t online yet.

Here is your work for today:

1. Log into RazKids.

2. Find a book on your level that you would like to read.

3. Take the test. Make sure you take your time.

4. I will check your results tomorrow.


Take a look at the image of the puppy eating. I would like you to come up with fictional/imaginative narrative about this puppy.  Make sure that you include:

  1. A strong beginning. Make sure that your beginning is AMAZING. It is so important to make sure your reader is EXCITED to read your story.

  2. Write your story in an order that makes sense.

  3. Add details into your story that make it easy for your reader to picture what is going on.

  4. Add dialogue. Dialogue can make a story even more clear.

  5. Write a strong ending. Your reader should not be confused. Make sure your ending leaves the reader happy.

Please text or email your stories to me. I can’t wait to read them!!!

The other day you worked on adding 4 digit numbers. Here are 5 more that I would like you to do. This will be great practice for 4th grade.

  • 7129 + 2361 = n

  • 2782 + 4328 = n

  • 5349 + 1687 = n

  • 2568 + 1542 = n

  • 3776 + 2654 = n

Here’s a video if you forget how to solve these problems. The first problem that he does is the one you need to watch.

Well, that’s all the work I have for you today.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! I forgot to give you MULTIPLICATION PRACTICE!!! Were you secretly hoping I would forget???

See how quickly you can solve these problems.

Okay. I am REALLY finished this time.

Most Importantly… I miss you and cannot believe that you are really going to be in 4th grade next year and NOT in my class!!! How can that be??





Optional Work for July 2, 2020

Hi! I cannot believe it is JULY!!! Time is flying by! I hope you were able to get outside and play. It’s so nice to see the sun!!

Here is today’s quote:

I love this! I think it is important to explore. It’s a great way to see new things. I have put an outdoor scavenger hunt below. Maybe you can go out one day looking for these items? Let me know what you find!



Here is your optional work for today:

The challenge of eating puffer fish | Wall Street International ...

What do you think about that fish??!!! Kind of crazy! Right?

  1. Log in to ReadWorks.

  2. Read “Who Wants a Spiny Snack?”

  3. Answer the questions.

  4. Don’t forget to write complete sentences.


Opinion Writing

We worked on opinion writing in class. We  learned to follow a checklist to make sure we had everything we needed in our paragraphs. Use the checklist to write an opinion paragraph. Here is your topic:

What is the BEST thing to do during the summer? You can only pick one. 

You must follow our checklist:

  • State your opinion

  • Transition and Reason #1 (Make sure your reason is STRONG.)

  • Transition and Reason #2(Make sure your reason is STRONG.)

  • Transition and Reason #3(Make sure your reason is STRONG.)

  • Restate your opinion- Don’t Forget! This is your last chance to share how you feel. Make sure there is some POWER when you restate your opinion.

  • Check for capitals and periods.

Today I would like you to practice addition with regrouping into the thousands. You are going to use the algorithm. Take a look at my example:

Here are 4 problems for you to solve:

  1. 4523 + 1789 = n

  2. 3376 + 2984 = n

  3. 5783 + 1399= n

  4. 1267 + 2867= n

ROUND GOOGLY EYES CLIPART - Google Search | Cartoon eyes, Cartoon ...


See how quickly you can solve these!!! Good Luck!!!



101 Sincere "I Miss You" Memes to Share with People You Love and ...

Optional Work for June 30, 2020

Hi!!!  I hope you are doing well!!! Here is today’s quote:

How funny is this?!!! Donut Worry! Be Happy!! I love how they used the word “donut” instead of “do not”. I think they used it because they know how almost everyone LOVES donuts!!! Spend your day being happy!!!

Here is your work for today:







Today you are going to combine your reading with your writing.

This is a story about a man from Turkey that discovered something really important about his friends… Maybe they weren’t his friends after all?  Listen to the story and then do the activity.

  1. Write a summary about the story. The summary should be 5-10 sentences explaining what happened in the story.  It should include what happened in the beginning, the important events in the middle and the ending.

  2. What is the author trying to teach us?

  3. Should your friends like you because of your clothes? Explain your thinking.

SOOOOOOOO…. I thought I would take it easy today and just give you a few multiplication problems. Isn’t that GREAT NEWS!!!

Here are the problems. See if you can figure out the secret code.

It’s time to start practicing division. The great thing is that you can use the multiplication facts to solve the division facts. If you know that 4x 4 = 16 then you can solve 16 divided by 4.  They are related facts. Remember fact families? Here’s a quick video to help you:



  1. Now log in to IXL.

  2. Do K1

  3. Make sure you get to 90% or you can work for 20 minutes.

More importantly than all of the multiplication facts in the world… I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I just found this video. It made me think about how we can find friends in all sorts of places.









Here is an important letter from the county. It talks about your options for next year. Please let me know if you need help with ParentVue.  There are Portuguese and Spanish versions at the bottom of this post.


Good afternoon EV Families!

Please see the message below released earlier today from the Cobb County School District regarding the 2020-21 School Year.  This message is also available on our website at or on the CCSD website at


After months of planning and understanding how student and staff needs have changed as a result of COVID-19 closures, Superintendent Chris Ragsdale announced that Cobb Schools will open for face-to-face instruction with parents being able to choose a traditional classroom or a remote learning classroom.

This format represents the best solution which balances our two most important priorities: the health and safety of our students and staff and student learning.

In preparation for our “face-to-face plus choice” model, we will be asking you to choose the classroom environment which is best for you and your family. If your student is new to the District for the upcoming school year, they must first be registered as a CCSD student, which can be completed here. Once the school approves your registration, your ParentVUE account will automatically be activated.  If you already have a student enrolled in the District but do not have an active ParentVUE account, you will need to contact your student’s school for activation.

You will be able to submit your choice beginning on July 2nd but no later than July 10 through ParentVue. Both face-to-face and remote learning options will be available for all students, in all grades K-12. If you choose remote learning, you will be asked to certify that you have access to a device, the internet, and are committed to the remote learning environment for the semester. If you choose face-to-face learning, you will also be asked if you intend for your student(s) to ride the bus. 

We also will continue to work tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our staff and our students.

  • Social Distancing will be enforced whenever possible.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in multiple locations throughout schools.
  • Masks are encouraged on buses and in school buildings.
  • Daily and rigorous cleaning protocols will be followed.
  • Nutritious meals will continue to be served daily.

We will continue to be in regular discussion with state and public health officials as their guidance is updated. We look forward to your input and appreciate your support as we support learning for every student in Cobb County during these unpredictable times.



Aqui está uma carta importante do condado. Fala sobre suas opções para o ano que vem. Por favor, me avise se precisar de ajuda com a ParentVue.

Boa tarde Famílias EV!

Veja a mensagem abaixo divulgada hoje cedo do Distrito Escolar do Condado de Cobb sobre o Ano Letivo 2020-21. Esta mensagem também está disponível em nosso site em ou no site do CCSD em

Após meses de planejamento e compreensão de como as necessidades dos alunos e funcionários mudaram como resultado do fechamento do COVID-19, o superintendente Chris Ragsdale anunciou que a Cobb Schools abrirá para instrução presencial com os pais podendo escolher uma sala de aula tradicional ou uma sala de aula remota.

Esse formato representa a melhor solução que equilibra nossas duas prioridades mais importantes: a saúde e a segurança de nossos alunos e funcionários e aprendizagem de alunos.

Em preparação para o nosso modelo “cara a cara mais escolha”, pediremos que você escolha o ambiente de sala de aula que é o melhor para você e sua família. Se o seu aluno é novo no Distrito para o próximo ano letivo, ele deve primeiro ser matriculado como aluno do CCSD, que pode ser concluído aqui. Uma vez que a escola aprove sua matrícula, sua conta ParentVUE será ativada automaticamente. Se você já tem um aluno matriculado no Distrito, mas não tem uma conta parentvUE ativa, você precisará entrar em contato com a escola do seu aluno para ativação.

Você poderá enviar sua escolha a partir de 2 de julho, mas não mais do que 10 de julho através do ParentVue. Ambas as opções presenciais e remotas de aprendizagem estarão disponíveis para todos os alunos, em todas as séries K-12. Se você escolher o aprendizado remoto, você será solicitado a certificar que você tem acesso a um dispositivo, a internet, e está comprometido com o ambiente de aprendizagem remota para o semestre. Se você escolher o aprendizado presencial, você também será perguntado se pretende que seus alunos andem de ônibus.

Também continuaremos trabalhando incansavelmente para garantir um ambiente seguro e saudável para nossa equipe e nossos alunos.

O distanciamento social será aplicado sempre que possível.
O desinfetante para as mãos será fornecido em vários locais ao longo das escolas.
Máscaras são incentivadas em ônibus e em prédios escolares.
Serão seguidos protocolos diários e rigorosos de limpeza.
As refeições nutritivas continuarão a ser servidas diariamente.
Continuaremos a estar em discussão regular com as autoridades estaduais e de saúde pública à medida que sua orientação for atualizada. Estamos ansiosos por sua contribuição e agradecemos seu apoio, pois apoiamos o aprendizado para todos os alunos do Condado de Cobb durante esses tempos imprevisíveis.



Aquí hay una carta importante del condado. Habla de sus opciones para el próximo año. Por favor, hágamelo saber si necesita ayuda con ParentVue.

¡Buenas tardes EV Familias!

Por favor, vea el siguiente mensaje publicado temprano hoy desde el Distrito Escolar del Condado de Cobb con respecto al Año Escolar 2020-21.  Este mensaje también está disponible en nuestro sitio web en o en el sitio web de CCSD en

Después de meses de planificación y comprensión de cómo las necesidades de los estudiantes y el personal han cambiado como resultado de los cierres de COVID-19, el Superintendente Chris Ragsdale anunció que las Escuelas Cobb se abrirán para la instrucción cara a cara con los padres pudiendo elegir un salón de clases tradicional o un aula de aprendizaje remoto.

Este formato representa la mejor solución que equilibra nuestras dos prioridades más importantes: la salud y la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y personal y el aprendizaje de los estudiantes.

En preparación para nuestro modelo de “cara a cara más elección”, le pediremos que elija el ambiente del aula que sea mejor para usted y su familia. Si su estudiante es nuevo en el Distrito para el próximo año escolar, primero debe estar registrado como estudiante de CCSD, que se puede completar aquí. Una vez que la escuela apruebe su registro, su cuenta ParentVUE se activará automáticamente.  Si ya tiene un estudiante inscrito en el Distrito pero no tiene una cuenta activa de ParentVUE, tendrá que ponerse en contacto con la escuela de su estudiante para la activación.

Podrás enviar tu elección a partir del 2 de julio, pero a más tardar el 10 de julio a través de ParentVue. Tanto las opciones de aprendizaje presencial como remoto estarán disponibles para todos los estudiantes, en todos los grados K-12. Si elige el aprendizaje remoto, se le pedirá que certifique que tiene acceso a un dispositivo, Internet y está comprometido con el entorno de aprendizaje remoto para el semestre. Si elige el aprendizaje cara a cara, también se le preguntará si tiene la intención de que su(s) estudiante(s) viajen en autobús.

También continuaremos trabajando incansablemente para garantizar un ambiente seguro y saludable para nuestro personal y nuestros estudiantes.

La distancia social se hará cumplir siempre que sea posible.
El desinfectante de manos se proporcionará en múltiples lugares en todas las escuelas.
Se fomentan las máscaras en los autobuses y en los edificios escolares.
Se seguirán los protocolos de limpieza diarios y rigurosos.
Las comidas nutritivas se seguirán sirviendo todos los días.

Seguiremos manteniendo conversaciones periódicas con los funcionarios estatales y de salud pública a medida que se actualice su orientación. Esperamos sus comentarios y agradecemos su apoyo mientras apoyamos el aprendizaje para cada estudiante en el Condado de Cobb durante estos momentos impredecibles.



Optional Work for Thursday, June 25, 2020

Good Morning! I hope your Tuesday was FANTASTIC!!!

Here is the quote for today:

I like this quote. It can mean many different things. First it can mean that you can do back bends easily or touch your toes easily. It means that you can bend your body into crazy ways. Second it can mean that you are easy going when things can get crazy. You guys were SUPER FLEXIBLE when ALL OF A SUDDEN we had to leave school and switch to digital learning.  So… make sure you continue to BE FLEXIBLE when things get crazy.


  1. Log into

  2. Read the article called “When Will We Have Flying Cars?”

  3. Answer the questions. Make sure that you answer in full sentences. Don’t forget to use capitals and periods.

  4. What did you think of the story? I thought it matched perfectly with Tuesday’s work about engineering!

Correct these sentences. There might be mistakes with the capitals, periods, commas, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation marks, etc…

  1. this is the best day of my life

  2. let’s go outside said Dave

  3. where can I buy the best ice cream asked Valeria

  4. yesterday molly took allie the dog for a walk

  5. why does Mrs. McClellan keep giving us multiplication facts to practice yelled the class

We learned a TON about equivalent fractions this year. Equivalent means “equal”.  Take a look at this quick video if you can’t remember what we learned.

1. Log in to IXL.

2. Click on Math.

3. Do X1- equivalent fractions.

I bet you were hoping that I forgot to put multiplication fact practice on the Blog today. Well guess what??? I didn’t forget!! How could I forget something that is SO IMPORTANT????  If you can go into 4th grade with your facts memorized, many parts of the math will be MUCH EASIER!!!

More importantly than anything…I miss you so much and I hope you have the BEST DAY!!!!



Optional Work- Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hi! How are you? Guess what today is? It’s my birthday!!! I went to Tifton, Georgia to see Jeff’s family. We all celebrated together. The girls rode 4-wheelers and swam in the pond and I loved watching them from inside the house because it was 95 degrees outside. SO HOT!!!!!

What did you do this weekend?

Here is your quote for today:

This is so true! Think about all of the toys and games that you have. Each one of those things started as an idea! Think about all of the STEM work we did in our class this year. Each project started with an idea! You guys had great ideas this year!!!!

Our quote of the day was how everything starts with an idea. Here’s one of my favorite STEM read- alouds. Take a look:

Answer these questions. Make sure you write complete sentences.

  • Why do you think Rosie hid all the machines and inventions she created?

  • Why was Rosie shy about talking about her inventions?

  • What was your favorite invention of Rosie’s?

  • Have you ever had an idea for something you wanted to invent?

Today I would like you to write about something you would like to invent. This is what you need in your writing:

  1. An introduction sentence that says what your invention is. Make sure that sentence(s) is ZIPPY! You want your reader (me) to continue reading.

  2. 4-8 sentences explaining how this invention works. Make sure that your sentences make a movie in the reader’s head. Make sure that the reader can picture your invention and exactly how it works.

  3. A conclusion sentence- One final sentence that helps end your writing.

I cannot wait to read about your inventions. BE CREATIVE!!!

Last week you worked on finding the perimeter of a shape.  You find the perimeter by adding up all of the sides.

  • Number your paper from 7-15.

  • Find the perimeter by adding up all of the sides.

I bet you thought that I forgot about MULTIPLICATION!!!!  I haven’t. HAHA!!! Here’s your practice for today:

More importantly than anything else… I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I hope you have a great day just like…