Optional Work for Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hello!!! How are you doing? What have you been up to? I just got back from the beach. It was so much fun! The first night we were there we watched a man catch a small sting ray. YIKES!!!!  This is a picture of what it looked like:

treating a stingray and jellyfish sting

The man who caught it had to be very careful. The stingray’s tail was whipping back and forth and the man didn’t want to get stung.  The man gently pulled the hook from the fishing pole out of its mouth and guided it back into the ocean.  It was amazing to see!

What exciting things have you been doing?

Here is your quote for today:

“Be so good, they can’t ignore it!” What a GREAT QUOTE!!! I bet your family notices when you are being SO GOOD. I bet it makes them so happy! When you are SO GOOD, you make your parents’ lives less stressful!


Here is your work for today:

1. Log in to RazKids. 

2. Find a nonfiction book to read.  Don’t forget- nonfiction is a book with real information.

3. Take a test. 

My trip to the beach made me think about another one of my FAVORITE books. (I think I must have a million favorite books because I could share one a day with you for years!!)

We have talked about “theme” and how that is the lesson/moral the author is trying to teach you. It’s the message the author is trying to send to you while you are reading the book. Listen to this book called “Swimmy” and then answer the questions:


  1. How would you describe Swimmy? What character traits would you use?
  2. What was the theme of the story? What was the author trying to teach you?
  3. Did you like the story? Why or why not?

I follow a Facebook page called “View From My Window”. Thousands of people around the world post a picture of what they see when they look out their window. They also describe it. I am amazed what people have seen when looking out their windows. One woman lives in South Africa and is always showing pictures of the elephants and giraffes that live on land near her house. It is AMAZING!   I would like you to do the same. I want you to look out your window and write 3-4 sentences describing what you see. If you can, take a picture and send it to me with your writing.

Here’s mine:

I took this picture while I was sitting in the kitchen working on this blog post. This is how I would describe it:

The old wood on the deck is filled with splinters that keep getting in Emma’s feet. I wonder if she will ever remember to wear shoes when she is out there. In the corner, there is a black post which is actually a basketball goal. Jeff helped clean out an old church and brought this home. Emma has dreams of being a superstar basketball player and has been working hard to take a lot of shots. I also notice the green weeds above the pool. Those are filled with poison ivy. Maddie walked up there and ended up with poison ivy all over her legs. ITCHY!!! 

I could write and write describing what is out there. If I took the picture away could you make a movie in your head of what I am describing? Now it is your turn. Just look out your window and describe what you see.

FOR REAL??!!! Mrs. McClellan!!!! Seriously???!!! Multiplication Facts Again!!!!

I am laughing while typing this. Yes. There are 100 more multiplication facts for you to study. Raise your hand if you are getting FASTER AND FASTER!!! I wish I could see all the hands that are raised!

See how quickly you can solve these:

This all you have for math today!!!



Optional Work for Thursday, June 11, 2020


How are you doing today? Thanks for doing the work! It’s going to help you stay on track for 4th grade plus I love receiving the texts and emails with all of your work!

Here is your quote for today:

Isn’t this the truth!!!! Good things happen to us every single day. I can list so many good things that have happened to me this week! My favorite “good” thing was when the plumber was finally able to fix our water heater!! We didn’t have hot water for 6 days, but the plumber finally solved the mystery!! What GOOD things have happened to you lately?


Today I would like you to listen to this story and answer some questions about it. I love this story so very much.

WARNING– The beginning might make you sad…




  1. What are some ways Brian felt invisible? 

  2. How do you think Brian feels if he thinks he is invisible to others?

  3. Was it a fair way to choose the players for the kickball team? How would you make the teams?

  4. What did Brian do to make himself visible instead of invisible to Justin?

  5. . How could you help someone who might feel invisible?

Oh my goodness!!! Did you love that story??? It is so important to be kind and to make sure that everyone feels “visible” instead of “invisible.”

Now it is time for you to write. Maybe you want to start a new story? If so, I found this list of ideas just in case you needed help figuring out what to write about next:

    1. Something scary that happened.

    2. A time when you were mad, sad, happy, or excited.

    3. A time when you went on an amazing trip.

    4. A great time that you had with your family.

    5. A time you went to the MOST DELICIOUS restaurant.

    6. A birthday party you went to one you had for your birthday.

    7. When you were kind to someone.


Hooray for MULTIPLICATION PRACTICE!!!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!!! I am trying to get you excited about practicing multiplication today. Is it working???!!!

Let’s review PERIMETER. Perimeter is when you calculate the total of all of the sides of a polygon. Take a look at this video:


Now figure out the perimeter for these 6 problems.


One more thing… I am going to the beach so I will not be posting work for you to do on Tuesday. I will post work again on Thursday.









Optional Work for Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! It was so nice and sunny! The girls spent a lot of time outside swimming in the pool, but I just couldn’t get in. It was SOOOO COLD!!!!

Here’s the quote for today:

How great is this quote?? Today YOU can do something to bring  joy/sunshine to someone who might be struggling.


Thank you for working so hard on Fixing My Sister’s Bike.  Don’t forget to answer all of the questions when you read a story or essay on ReadWorks. Sometimes there are 3 questions at the end that need you to type in the answer.

1. Log in to ReadWorks.com

2. Read:Finding Grandpa’s House

3. Answer all of the questions. Make sure you check ALL of the answer choices before making your choice.


We learned about maps this year. We learned about the Equator, the Prime Meridian, Lines of Latitude and Lines of Longitude. These are all parts of a map. Here is a video that we watched earlier this year so you can review the concepts:



Last week you worked on the middle of your personal or fictional narrative. Now it’s time to write the ending. Take a look at these different ways to end a story. We talked about these earlier this year:


  1. Surprise Ending

    The story takes you where you didn’t

    expect it to go. Sometimes this ending is

    called a twist ending because the story

    takes an exciting turn. 

  2. Lesson or Moral Ending

    The main character in the story grows,

    changes, or learns something at the end

    of the story.

  3. Warm/Fuzzy Capturing Emotion Ending

    The story ends leaving you feeling

    emotional or good inside. A good writer

    tugs at the heart strings to make the

    reader feel something.

  4. Funny Thought / Humor Ending

    The story ends with a funny thought or

    something that makes the reader laugh.

    This helps to make the ending more

    memorable to the reader.

  5. Cliffhanger Ending

    The story ends by leaving the reader

    hanging or wanting more. Writers use this

    strategy to tease readers or excite them

    into reading more (the next chapter or

    the next book in a series).


Before writing your ending, think about how you want to make your reader feel. I can’t wait to read  your endings!

I would you like to review “a”, “an” and “the”. Take a look at the video:



  1. Log in to IXL.

  2. Go to Language Arts

  3. Do NN1 – Use the correct article – a, an, the



I know it’s crazy but it’s going to be worth it!!! I am only giving you 50 problems to do today. Time yourself to see how quickly you can finish them.

Solve these problems:

  • 76 x 7 = n

  • 45 x 9 = n

  • 39 x 9 = n

CHALLENGE: 124 x 5 = n   You can break apart the 124 and multiply each part by 5.


Most Importantly… I miss you more than anything!!!!




Optional Work for Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Here is your quote for today:

This quote made me LAUGH!!! But… I agree…It is important to remind yourself that you are SUPER SMART!!! So…make sure you do exactly what the quote says!!!

Here’s your work for today:



I LOVE this story. It matches up with many of our habits. I also like how the kids in the story conducted an experiment.

  1. Log in to ReadWorks.org

  2. Read the article called : Fixing My Sister’s Bike

  3. Answer the questions.

  4. I will check your answers tomorrow.

After reading this story, it made me think about how you guys like riding your bikes.  Here is a quick video on bike safety that I was planning on showing you while we were in school:



Please be SO CAREFUL when you are riding your bikes and don’t forget to wear a helmet!!


Yesterday you worked on the middle of your story. You worked on writing details that would make a movie in the reader’s head. Today I want you to continue adding STRONG details to your story.

Click on the link to see an example of a narrative. Take time to read it to see some ideas of what makes a narrative great!



How did this writing make you feel? Were the details strong enough so it made a movie in your head?

See if you can add more to your PERSONAL/FICTIONAL narrative today so the reader will enjoy every bit of your story.


Say it isn’t so!!! Mrs. McClellan is asking me to do MORE multiplication??!! How could she??!!!

Well…. I need to make sure that you have memorized your facts so when your 4th grade teacher asks you what 5 x 4 is, you know right away that it is 20, AND you don’t need to use your fingers or even spend more than a few seconds solving it.

Soooooooooo… Here is your fact sheet for today. See how fast you can solve these 100 problems! See if you can beat your time from last time.  Let me know how quickly you solved them!

Yesterday you worked on solving 2 digit times 1 digit multiplication. How did it go? Were you able to solve the problems?

Here’s a new example just in case you need to see the steps again:

Now try 4 of these on your own:

  • 49 x 8 = n

  • 55 x 5 = n

  • 93 x 3 = n

  • 99 x 9 = n

MOST IMPORTANTLY I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! I hope you do something fun today just like these animals at the Cincinnati Zoo!!!




Optional Work for Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

HELLO!!!! Did you have a great weekend? I hope so!!!!

Here’s our quote for today:

What kind of memory can you make today? Maybe you can plan something nice to do with your family? Maybe you can help prepare a meal together or clean up together? We are spending a lot of time with our families so there is plenty of time to make memories!!

Don’t forget! This work is OPTIONAL.

Today you are going to review MAIN IDEA and CAUSE and EFFECT.

Main Idea is what the story or paragraph is MOSTLY ABOUT.

Cause and Effect is when one event causes another event to happen. Stories are filled with cause and effect!

Main Idea and Cause and Effect are concepts we learn to help understand what we are reading.

  1. Log in to IXL.

  2. Go to Language Arts.

  3. Do  A1 Main Idea

  4. Do D3 Cause/Effect

Here are 2 short videos that we have seen before just in case you need help remembering what main idea and cause and effect are:




Last week I asked you to write an introduction to your story. I asked you to make sure that you had a GREAT HOOK.  You introduction is so important. It’s what will help your reader “stick around” to read the rest of the story.

Next I want you to write the middle of your story.  The middle must have details. The details MUST MAKE A MOVIE IN THE READER’S HEAD or the reader will YAWN and want to put your story DOWN.

Take a look at these 2 examples and decide which one is better….

Can you see the difference? Which one is more exciting? Which one make the reader want to read more? The second one is MUCH BETTER than the first one!!

Now I would like you to write the middle of your story. Make sure that it is filled with details that make the reader LOVE your story!!!

Guess what??!!  You need to practice your multiplication facts again!!!  I know it can get a little boring BUT it’s so important to have them MEMORIZED before 4th grade starts! See how quickly you can do these:

We learned how to use the distributive property to multiply. Today we are going to review how to do it. You need to break apart the numbers in order to solve the problem. Take a look at my examples:


Now solve these on your own:

  • 56 x 3 = n

  • 27 x 6 = n

  • 39 x 5 = n

  • 64 x 5 = n




OPTIONAL WORK for Thursday, May 28, 2020


I hope you had a great day yesterday! I’m so happy to see that you are choosing to do your work. It will help so much when you start 4th grade!

Here’s your quote for today:

This means that you need to take some time and think about all of the things that make you GREAT!!! I can think of so many! You are all kind, hardworking, creative, smart, helpful…The list could go on FOREVER!!

REMEMBER: THIS WORK IS OPTIONAL. That means that you do not have to do it. I am putting work on the blog so you can practice and get ready for 4th grade.

We talked about THEME a couple of weeks ago. The theme of a story is what the author is trying to teach you.  It can be called the moral of the story. Listen to this story and see if you can figure out the theme:


Get a piece of paper and answer these questions:

  • Why did Milton, Rupert, and Lydia argue so much?
  • Who told the frogs to stop arguing? Why did the toad want them to stop?
  • What did the frogs do when the storm came and water flooded the land?
  • How did the frogs feel when they huddled together? Why did they feel that way?
  • What was the theme of this story? What is the author trying to teach us?

This is ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE BOOKS. I love what the author is trying to teach us.

Yesterday you wrote your ideas down about your PERSONAL/FICTIONAL Narrative.  Today I want you to write your introduction-the first part of your story.  Here are some ideas on ways to HOOK your reader. Your introduction is SO important. If it is not good, your reader will want to put your story down and find something else to read.

Here are the hook ideas:

Click on them to make them larger.

I hope I get to read your introductions!

Today I want you to practice solving triple digit subtraction problems with regrouping. Here’s my example:

Get a piece of paper and solve these problems.

  • 403 – 299 =
  • 876 – 187
  • 924 – 366
  • 727 – 139

It’s time to practice your multiplication AGAIN. You know I just want you to be ready for 4th grade. Right? I want your 4th grade teachers to be IMPRESSED with how you know your facts!

Most Importantly… I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ll send a ZOOM code to you this afternoon so we can ZOOM at 5:00!!







Optional Work for Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Good Morning!!!!

Here is our quote for today:

Each one of you was BORN TO SHINE!!!!  You were born to do GREAT THINGS! Think about how you did in class this year.  You did GREAT things!!! You became a better reader. You learned so many different ways to do math. You became SUPER writers! You were BORN TO SHINE!!!!

All of the work I am posting on my blog is OPTIONAL.  That means that you do not have to do it. I am putting it here so you can continue to practice. It is really IMPORTANT for you to do something. If you do not want to do this work, you could read every day and practice your math facts. 

Here is your OPTIONAL WORK  for READING:

  1. Log in to ReadWorks.

  2. Read The Treasure Hunt

  3. Answer the questions.

  4. I will check them tomorrow.



When you start 4th Grade, you will start working on PERSONAL or FICTIONAL NARRATIVES.

Personal Narratives are stories that really happened. 

Fictional Narratives are stories that are fiction (pretend) BUT could REALLY HAPPEN. 

Today, I want you to decide which type of narrative you are going to do.

  1. Decide if you are going to do a PERSONAL or FICTIONAL narrative.

  2. Decide who your characters are going to be.

  3. Make a list of the settings that will be part of your story.

Organizing your sentences when you are writing is REALLY important. It helps the reader understand your writing.

  1. Go to IXL.


  3. Do O1 – You will need to put the sentences in order.


Here is your OPTIONAL work for Math.

In 4th grade you will learn how to add and subtract MULTI-DIGIT numbers using the ALGORITHM. It’s really important for you to be an EXPERT on adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers before moving to multi-digit. Here’s my example:

Get a piece of paper and solve these:

  1. 435 + 567

  2. 789 + 359

  3. 238 + 654

  4. 199 + 278

  5. 339 + 138

You can text email your answers to me if you would like me to check them.

It is SO IMPORTANT for you to master your multiplication facts before 4th grade starts. Each time I post I will put one of these worksheets for you to practice. You can send your answers to me if you would like me to check them.

MOST IMPORTANTLY…I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I hope you have a great day and spend some time outside just like this girl…




Hey EV Families!

Please read the end of the year reminders below as we close out the school year:

Field Trip Refund Checks

We have made the requests for refunds for our field trips, specifically our 5th grade trip.  As soon as we receive the reimbursement, we will be printing and mailing checks to our families receiving field trip refunds.  We will put these in the mail no later than next week.

Report Cards

Report cards will be available in digital format via ParentVue this year on Friday, May 22nd. Please contact kendall.foster@cobbk12.org if you need access to ParentVue.

In a recent decision made by Cobb Schools with the guidance of local and state leaders, report card grades for all K-5 courses will be reported as pass/fail with students receiving a “P” for Pass.  Instead of receiving grades of 2, 3+, A, B, etc., students will receive a grade of “P” for the 4th quarter.

Online Enrollment and ParentVue Access

All enrollment for new students next year will be completed online this year instead of being mailed to homes in previous years.  Please click on the link at https://parentportal.cobbk12.org/OnlineReg/Login/PreLogin.aspx

for enrollment.  Many have sent in hard copy changes to the registration card.  We will keep those on file, however we are asking all parents that need to make any changes to also complete those online as well to ensure we have the correct information next year.

You will need ParenVue for both online registration and report card viewing.  The enrolling parent may submit a digital copy of their driver’s license ID to receive the Activation Key and User Agreement forms.  Please contact kendall.foster@cobbk12.org for access.


At this time, we do not have a definitive date on the shipment arrival of our yearbooks.  Once we have further information, we will keep you informed, however we are not expecting delivery until late June or early July.

Food Distribution at ECMS

Monday Food Distribution at ECMS will continue throughout the summer from 11:00-1:00.  Students must be present in the car to receive meals set for the week.  For next week, Food Distribution will be on Tuesday, May 26th in observance of Memorial Day on Monday.

Student Belongings

If you were not able to pick up your child’s classroom belongings last week, we are offering  pickup time next week, Tuesday-Thursday (May 26-28) from 8:00-3:00 PM.  Any items not claimed by Monday, June 1st will be disposed of.



¡Hola, familias EV!

Por favor, lea los recordatorios de fin de año a continuación mientras cerramos el año escolar:

Cheques de reembolso de viaje de campo

Hemos hecho las solicitudes de reembolsos para nuestras excursiones, específicamente nuestro viaje de 5o grado. Tan pronto como recibamos el reembolso, estaremos imprimiendo y enviando cheques a nuestras familias recibiendo reembolsos de viaje de campo. Los pondremos en el correo a más tardar la semana que viene.

Tarjetas de informe

Las tarjetas de informe estarán disponibles en formato digital a través de ParentVue este año el viernes 22 de mayo. Póngase en contacto con kendall.foster@cobbk12.org si necesita acceder a ParentVue.

En una decisión reciente tomada por las Escuelas Cobb con la guía de líderes locales y estatales, las calificaciones de la tarjeta de informe para todos los cursos de K-5 se notificarán como pase/fallo con los estudiantes que reciben una “P” para Pass. En lugar de recibir calificaciones de 2, 3+, A, B, etc., los estudiantes recibirán una calificación de “P” para el cuarto trimestre.

Inscripción en línea y acceso a ParentVue

Toda la inscripción para los nuevos estudiantes el próximo año se completará en línea este año en lugar de ser enviada por correo a los hogares en años anteriores. Por favor, haga clic en el enlace en https://parentportal.cobbk12.org/OnlineReg/Login/PreLogin.aspx
Registro en línea – Distrito Escolar del Condado de Cobb
Si tiene un estudiante actual inscrito en el Distrito Escolar del Condado de Cobb, tendrá que iniciar sesión en ParentVUE para registrar a un nuevo estudiante. Las familias actuales de CCSD que no tienen una cuenta de ParentVUE tendrán que comunicarse con la escuela donde el estudiante actual está inscrito para obtener acceso a ParentVUE, antes de completar el registro en línea para un nuevo estudiante.
para la inscripción. Muchos han enviado cambios en copia impresa a la tarjeta de registro. Mantendremos los en el archivo, sin embargo, estamos pidiendo a todos los padres que necesitan hacer cualquier cambio para completarlos también en línea para asegurarnos de que tenemos la información correcta el próximo año.

Necesitará ParenVue tanto para el registro en línea como para la visualización de tarjetas de informe. El padre que se inscribe puede enviar una copia digital de su ID de licencia de conducir para recibir la clave de activación y los formularios del acuerdo de usuario. Póngase en contacto con kendall.foster@cobbk12.org para obtener acceso.


En este momento, no tenemos una fecha definitiva en la llegada del envío de nuestros anuarios. Una vez que tengamos más información, le mantendremos informado, sin embargo, no esperamos la entrega hasta finales de junio o principios de julio.

Distribución de alimentos en ECMS

El lunes Distribución de Alimentos en ECMS continuará durante todo el verano de 11:00 a 1:00. Los estudiantes deben estar presentes en el coche para recibir las comidas establecidas para la semana. Para la próxima semana, la distribución de alimentos será el martes 26 de mayo en cumplimiento del Día de los Caídos el lunes.

Pertenencias estudiantiles

Si usted no pudo recoger las pertenencias de su hijo en el salón de clases la semana pasada, estamos ofreciendo la hora de recogida la próxima semana, de martes a jueves (26-28 de mayo) de 8:00-3:00 PM. Cualquier artículo no reclamado antes del lunes 1 de junio será eliminado.



Ei, Famílias EV!

Leia abaixo os lembretes do final do ano quando fecharmos o ano letivo:

Cheques de reembolso da viagem de campo

Fizemos os pedidos de reembolso para nossas excursões de campo, especificamente nossa viagem da 5ª série. Assim que recebermos o reembolso, iremos imprimir e enviar cheques para nossas famílias que recebem reembolsos de viagem de campo. Colocaremos isso no correio no mais tarde da semana que vem.


Os boletins estarão disponíveis em formato digital via ParentVue este ano na sexta-feira, 22 de maio. Entre em contato com kendall.foster@cobbk12.org se você precisar acessar o ParentVue.

Em uma decisão recente tomada pela Cobb Schools com a orientação de líderes locais e estaduais, as notas do boletim de todos os cursos K-5 serão relatadas como aprovação/reprovação com os alunos recebendo um “P” para o Pass. Em vez de receber notas de 2, 3+, A, B, etc., os alunos receberão uma nota “P” para o 4º trimestre.

Inscrição on-line e acesso parentvue

Todas as matrículas para novos alunos no próximo ano serão concluídas on-line este ano, em vez de serem enviadas para casas em anos anteriores. Clique no link https://parentportal.cobbk12.org/OnlineReg/Login/PreLogin.aspx
Inscrição Online – Cobb County School District
Se você tem um aluno atual matriculado no Cobb County School District, você precisará fazer login no ParentVUE para registrar um novo aluno. As famílias atuais do CCSD que não possuem uma conta do ParentVUE precisarão entrar em contato com a escola onde o aluno atual está matriculado para ter acesso ao ParentVUE, antes de concluir o Registro Online para um novo aluno.
para matrícula. Muitos enviaram alterações de cópia impressa no cartão de registro. Vamos mantê-los no arquivo, no entanto, estamos pedindo a todos os pais que precisam fazer quaisquer alterações para também completá-los on-line também para garantir que temos as informações corretas no próximo ano.

Você precisará do ParenVue para registro on-line e visualização de boletins. O pai inscrito pode enviar uma cópia digital do Documento de Habilitação para receber os formulários de Chave de Ativação e Contrato de Usuário. Entre em contato com kendall.foster@cobbk12.org para ter acesso.


Neste momento, não temos uma data definitiva sobre a chegada do envio de nossos anuários. Uma vez que tenhamos mais informações, vamos mantê-lo informado, no entanto, não estamos esperando entrega até o final de junho ou início de julho.

Distribuição de Alimentos na ECMS

Segunda-feira Distribuição de Alimentos na ECMS continuará durante todo o verão das 11:00-1:00. Os alunos devem estar presentes no carro para receber as refeições programadas para a semana. Para a próxima semana, a distribuição de alimentos será na terça-feira, 26 de maio, em cumprimento ao Memorial Day na segunda-feira.

Pertences estudantis

Se você não foi capaz de pegar os pertences da sala de aula do seu filho na semana passada, estamos oferecendo horário de coleta na próxima semana, de terça a quinta-feira (26 a 28 de maio) das 8:00 às 15:00. Todos os itens não reclamados até segunda-feira, 1º de junho serão descartados.

Friday Fun!!/Virtual Field Trip

Did you enjoy field day??!!! I hope you sent your pictures to coach! 

We will have our ZOOM meetings on Monday and Wednesday next week. 

I will only be posting FUN ACTIVITIES on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. You can do them if you would like but they are OPTIONAL. 


Here’s a virtual field trip to the Seattle Aquarium. Take a look!


You can use these videos to help you learn how to draw different sea animals. Enjoy!!!





Text or email your drawings to me.

See you on ZOOM on Monday!!!


Welcome to FIELD DAY!!!!

Here’s what you need to do first: Go to Coach’s Blog and take a look at the Torch Run Video:


Next, take a look at all of the activities:

Here are some videos of Emma demonstrating how to do her favorite field day games:








Text your pictures to me and I will send them to Coach W.!!