Dec 3 – 7, 2018

Time if flying…only 3 weeks left of this quarter…the half way mark…wow! Here is a recap of our week:

-In writing, we finalized some of our wonderful chapter books to get ready to share with administration. 🙂

-In math, we worked on using fact families to help us understand missing addends. Students should be able to explain how to solve a missing addend problem by counting up (addition) or counting back (subtraction). For instance, 5 + ___ = 13. We can count up from 5 (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) to get 8. OR we can count back from 13 (12, 11, 10, 9, 8) to get 8. Five, eight, and thirteen are a fact family. Please practice and work with students on this skill – it can be very tricky. This skill is necessary to understand the math that we will do the next 3 weeks.
Here are some videos (6 videos):

Don’t forget the math games on the blog as well.

-In phonics, we learned about the FLOSS rule. When a one syllable word has a short vowel and ends with f, l, s, or z – we double the f, l, s, or z. Here are some videos (8 videos): 

-In reading, we spent time analyzing character, setting, problem, and solution.

-In Science, we started talking about light and shadows.

-This week in the library, we learned about Thomas Jefferson and the nickel.

-We also had a guidance lesson with Mrs. Doneghy this week.


Grinch day photos:

Other cute photos from the week:

Thank you to:
-Brooke Bachstein for filling in so that I could step away for an amazing Holiday luncheon for teachers on Monday!

-Our mystery reader, Lana Kravtsova!

-Mrs. Vanessa Burgis, (ASP staff that has been here for many many years – who is retiring) for reading to us!

-Everyone who was able to join us for the Grinch movie – it was so fun!



Upcoming Dates in December:

-Dec 20th & 21st – Early Release Days (different lunch times)

-Dec 20th – PJ Day!

-Dec 21st – Holiday party 8:00 – 9:30 – all invited

-Dec 24 – Jan 4 – Holiday Break

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Nov 26 – 30, 2018

I hope that everyone had a wonderful break! We had a great first week back. This is what we did:

-In writing, we focused more on capitalization, did a shared research and writing paper, used describing words, and practiced extending our writing with twin/partner sentences.

-In math, we learned about fact families. Please have them tell you about fact families and practice as needed. They really need to master this skill to understand missing addends, which we will do next week. They should be able to tell you that there are 4 equations with a fact family – 2 addition and 2 subtraction. They should also be able to tell you that in addition, the whole (large) number is at the end. In subtraction, the whole number (large number) is at the beginning. They know that “add means put together” and that you can put the addends together in any order. They know that you must start with the largest number so that you can take away the smaller numbers. Students can play the games listed on the blog in the most recent post.

Please view videos here (7 videos):

-In Phonics, we talked about “Magic e” (AKA Silent e, Bossy e, Mama e, etc) They know that the e sits quietly at the end of the words and jumps over the consonant to give the power to the vowel.
Here are the links to the Magic e – they love them (10 videos):

-In Reading, we are wrapping up our unit on story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution, etc.

-In Science, we finished our studies on sounds. Students know that sounds is made of vibrations that travel in sound waves. They know that pitch and volume are different. Pitch is high and low. Volume is loud and soft.


Thank you so much to our mystery reader today – Abigail’s Grandmother. 🙂

Other cute pictures from the week:
Lunch dates – from getting their clips to pink.

All stripes – and singing! 🙂


Upcoming Dates in December:

-Nov 26 – Dec 7 – Hollydale Elementary Toy Drive (new unwrapped toys, games, art/craft supplies, etc)

-Dec 3 – 7 – LAST WEEK OF FAST CLASSES – PLEASE SEND IN A NEW TRANSPORTATION NOTE IF YOUR CHILD ATTENDS FAST CLASSES. Please state the start date of the new transportation plan.

-Dec 6th – Different lunch time

-Dec 20th & 21st – Early Release Days (different lunch times)

-Dec 20th – PJ Day for 1st grade!

-Dec 21st – Holiday party 8:00 – 9:30 – all are invited

-Dec 24 – Jan 4 – Holiday Break – Enjoy! 🙂

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Nov 12 – 16, 2018

Hello everyone! Happy almost Thanksgiving!!! Here is a recap of our week:

-In writing, we talked more about using capitalization and punctuation. We also talked about using partner sentences to extend our facts. For example. “Dogs have tails.” A partner sentence would tell more. “They wag their tails when they are excited or happy.” “Some tails are long and some tails are short.”

-In math, we learned about the meaning of the equal sign. “Equal means the same.” To solve problems with equations on both sides of the equal sign, we first find the equal sign. Then, we figure out what each side equals. Then, we decide if those numbers are the same. Example: 5+2= 6+1 (True) or 8+1=5+3 (False)
Check out the videos here (8 videos):

-In phonics, we talked about Open syllables. Syllable are open if they end with a long vowel sound. This also goes back to the AlphaKing story.
Check out videos here (6 videos): 

-In reading, we are summarizing stories and talking about story elements (character, setting, problem, solution)

-In Science, we started our studies on sound. We did a fun sound experiment with pitch by cutting straws to different lengths. We know that sound is an energy and is made by vibrations. Pitch is how high or low a sound is. Volume is how loud or soft a sound is.
Check out this cute video of them in action!


As you know, we also had our Sound fieldtrip to Sparkles. We truly had a BLAST!!!! (see previous post)

We also had a Guidance lesson with Mrs. Doneghy. We had a partner STEM challenge.


Here are other cute and fun pictures from the week:


Thank you to the following:

-Christine Jorge and Sandra Trueba (and all others who offered) to be our chaperone to Sparkles. You help was much appreciated!

-Adrianne Morin for being our mystery reader!

-Abigail for using her very own money to buy books from the Book Fair for our classroom. What a sweet and thoughtful young lady!!

-The following families for your kind donation of books and gift certificates to the Book Fair: Bachstein, Bias, and Barnes! There is actually another book (I Am Human) that was ordered with the gift certificate money. 🙂


Upcoming Dates in November:

Nov 19 – 23 – Thanksgiving Break – No School

Nov 26 – Dec 7 – Hollydale Elementary Toy Drive (new unwrapped toys, games, art/craft supplies, etc)

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Sparkles Field Trip

We had so much fun at our Sparkles field trip this week!!

Here are the first grade standards that we covered:

S1P1. Students will investigate light and sound.
a. Recognize sources of light.
b. Explain how shadows are made.
c. Investigate how vibrations produce sound.
d. Differentiate between various sounds in terms of (pitch) high or low and (volume) loud or soft.

Here we are on the way there:


Here was our lesson/presentation/exploration with light and sound:



Then we got to play in the playground area:



Then, it was time for lunch:





Dancing before departing:

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Nov 5 – 9, 2018

Can you believe that today is the halfway mark for the 2nd 9 weeks?!?! Time is flying and we are working hard! 🙂

-In writing this week, we continued informational writing and talked about how the photos help us learn, as well as the words. Many informational books have captions by the photos.
Here are some videos of skills that we have covered so far (9 videos):

-In math, we learned how to add three numbers together (up to 20). First, we combine two numbers (any two because we know that “add means put together” and we can add in any order and will get the same answer). After we get the sum of the first two numbers, we add on. We have been practicing with a few particular strategies for combining two numbers: Doubles (1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4…), Near doubles “double plus one” or “doubles minus one” (4+5, 7+8, 2+3…) and Friends of ten (1&9, 2&8, 3&7, 4&6….).

Here are some videos:

Adding Three numbers (6 videos):

Doubles (11 videos):

Near Doubles
(Doubles plus 1: 4 videos):

(Doubles minus 1):

Friends of ten (10 videos):

Counting on (7 videos):

See how all of these previous math skills build on each other?!?! It’s so fun!!! Overall, I’m so happy and proud of this class – they are doing so great with all of the information! We are truly in the thick of the many math demands and big scope! Keep up the great work!!!! 🙂

-In phonics we continued our studies on syllables. Last week, we learned what syllables are and how to count them. This week, we learned about open and closed syllables. Our focus was on closed syllables. Have your child tell you the story of the AlphaKing who loved those vowels and wanted to keep them all to himself!

4 videos:

-In Reading, we used many mentor texts about Thanksgiving to sequence.

-In Social Studies, we finished our studies on Benjamin Franklin – still blows my mind at all that he contributed, invented, and accomplished!


 Thank you to Mrs. Jorge, who visited us this week as a STEM speaker! It was wonderful to learn about aviation – uniforms, job, size, function, and speed of the plane. Thank you also for the awesome Blue Angel posters and wings pin!

Thanks to everyone who was able to visit on STEM night this week – it was so fun! 🙂

Thanks to our mystery reader, Mrs. Kim!


Upcoming dates in November:

Nov 12 – Book Fair Week

Nov 13 – Book Fair Family Night

Nov 14 – Different lunch schedule

Nov 15 – Sparkles fieldtrip – please wear class shirts and socks! 🙂

Nov 19 – 23 – Thanksgiving Break – No School

*The library is closed for check out until after Thanksgiving Break*

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