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Shallowford Falls has collected over $500 in box tops during the first box tops collection drive — let’s do it again!Β  The end of the 2nd collection date is THIS FRIDAY, 2/16.Β  Please bring in box tops, labeled with your teacher’s name, to your homeroom, or drop the labeled bag off into the Box Top Fox bin.Β  Class with the most box tops for this collection drive will be awarded with a sweet treat!Β  Thank you to everyone who has brought in boxes tops so far!

Feb 5 – 9, 2018

Despite having to reschedule the field trip, we had a really great week! πŸ™‚ I don’t really regret it however, because we had a wonderful conversation about how sometimes in life, things do not always go the way we want or even plan. However, we have to learn to enjoy and appreciate the present anyway – and make the best of it. We learned to β€œdance in the rain.” I hope that your kiddo shared that experience and lesson with you. They really were great sports.

-In writing, we read several mentor texts to help us with ideas and reason in forming and writing our own opinions.

-In math, we talked about thinking β€œaddition for subtraction.” Basically, it is important to know that for any problem, we can count up (use addition) or back (use subtraction) to solve and check equations. We are able to do this based on our knowledge of fact families. The terms β€œpart, part, whole” are extremely helpful in understanding this concept.

Example: Sally had 9 pencils. 4 of them were red. The rest were green. What addition and subtraction equation could you use to solve this?
We know that 4 is one part and that 9 is the whole. We know that with addition, our whole (big number) needs to be at the end. We have to add each part to get the whole. So: 4 + ___ = 9 is the addition problem.

We know that with subtraction, we have to start with our whole (big) number and take one part away. Then, we will get the other part. So 9 – 4 = ___. That is the subtraction problem.

Now that we have our two equations, we can count forward OR backward to solve it.
4 + ___ = 9 (Hold 4 in your head and count on until you get to 9. You count on 5 numbers)
9 – 4 = ___ (Put 9 in your head and count back 4 times)

Students are picking this up pretty well – ask them to teach you. πŸ™‚ It solidifies it in their minds when they are able to explain it.

You can practice at this website:Β

-In phonics, we finished initial blends: scr, spl, str, spr, squ. We started our studies with learning the different spelling of the long /a/ sound. (a_e, ai, ay) We will continue this next week. You can watch some videos here:–GczneQ&list=PLqk7ar-NaBVv-lNOSbvwcMosZl1oecCpE

-In reading, we are wrapping up inferences and connections. We read a WONDERFUL book called β€œHeart Stockings!” It has a great idea to start a new tradition for your family during this time of year! This blog explains it pretty well:

-In Science, we are talking and learning about light and shadows.Β 

-We were able to visit the STEM lab this week to learn about living/nonliving and explore worms.

-We celebrated Nikki’s summer birthday. πŸ™‚


Upcoming dates in February/March:

-February 19th – 23rd – No School – Winter Break
-March 2 – 4 – School Drama Performance
-March 6th – Sparkles Field Trip – be sure to send in a sack lunch with ALL THINGS DISPOSABLE if you signed up for lunch from home. Practice knowing shoe sizes. Please wear your teal class shirt. J
-March 9th – Walk to school day
-March 12 – 15 – Book Fair Week
-March 13th – Spring Picture Day
-March 14th – Early Release Day
-March 21st – Report Card Distribution

Jan 29 – Feb 2, 2018

We had an extremely busy and fun filled week!

-In writing, we are learning about opinion writing. We have learned about good opening sentences, how to give 3 reasons (and examples) to explain our opinion, and give a closing sentence.

-In math, we worked on balancing equations. For example: 14-5= ____ +4
First, we find the equal sign. Then, we solve each side. We use our fact families to figure out what the missing number is.
Here are some videos on meaning of the equal sign:

-In phonics, we worked with initial blends: scr, spl, str, spr, squ
Example: scratch, split, stripe, spinkle, square

-In reading, we are continuing to make connections and inferences.

-In Social Studies, we continued Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea. We had a blast on our expedition! Hopefully you got to hear about it!

The journey begins… We got the letter from President Thomas Jefferson.Β 
First, we went through and talked about many land forms and different animals that we saw. Then, we met and learned about Sacagawea.Β 
Our voyage then took us out to where we learned about making and traveling in canoes (instead of the original Keelboats).Β 
Next, we collected plant specimens and wrote about them in our journals.Β 
As we traveled through mountains in the harsh climate (got rained on), we finally reached Bitterroot Mountain. There we met up with Sacagawea’s brother and traded our peace coins for horses to cross.Β 
Eventually, we mad our way to the PACIFIC OCEAN!!! We saw the “sea monster!”Β 
Then, we traveled back home and was met with much happiness – we were heros!!!


-We had a guidance lesson with Mrs. Rickman this week about positive self talk. Excellent skill!

-We also celebrated the 100th day – so fun!!! These little old people were so cute!!!


Thank you to our mystery reader Ms. Paolini!

Thank you so much to all of those that sent in tissues and disinfectant wipes!!! They have been and will continue to be put to good use daily! πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Tana!!


Upcoming dates in January/February:

-6th – Sparkles Field Trip – be sure to send in a sack lunch with ALL THINGS DISPOSABLE if you signed up for lunch from home

-19th – 23rd – No School – Winter Break

Jan 22 – 26, 2018

I apologize for getting the week review out late. I got a new phone and wasn’t able to transfer photos over until this evening. πŸ™‚

-In writing, we are learning about opinion writing. We have learned about good opening sentences, how to give 3 reasons (and examples) to explain our opinion, and give a closing sentence.

-In math, we finished place value and began working on a new addition strategy: making 10 to add. You can review here: This is part of the add/subtract to 20 using different strategies standard.Β 

-In phonics, we are learning about final blends: ft, lt, lp, mp
Example: left, belt, pulp, lamp
You can find videos here:

-In reading, we are continuing to make connections and inferences.

-In Social Studies, we are continuing our studies of Lewis & Clark & Sacagawea. We have an exciting expedition coming up – a note will come home on Monday.

-We also visited the STEM lab to begin our studies on light and shadow.

-Thank you Mrs. Jones for being our mystery reader!!!

-The 80’s party was a hit!!! πŸ™‚ It was good to see so many of you there! πŸ™‚


Upcoming dates in January/February:
-29th  – 100th Day celebration – dress as if you were 100 years old!
-1st – Lewis and Clark Expedition – rain or shine! (Note coming home on Monday)
-6th – Sparkles Field Trip (Note came home on Friday)
-19th – 23rd – No School – Winter Break

100th day of school

Due to weather last week and days absent, our official 100th day is Friday. However, our team has decided to celebrate/dress up/do activities for the 100th day on Monday January 29th.

Please dress up as a 100 year old next Monday January 29th!!!! πŸ™‚

Jan 8 – 12, 2018

Wow – Β½ of the year has passed and we are into the 3rd quarter! Even with only 4 days, we started the 3rd quarter strong. This is what we learned:

-In writing, we introduced opinion writing. We learned to formulate opinions and respect others opinions as well. With our opinions, we have to be able to give reasons to explain why.

-In math, we revisited and practiced adding with three addends. We also started a review on Place Value and will continue next week. We practiced writing the number, how many tens and ones, drawing it, and writing it in expanded form (kind of tricky).Β 

-In Phonics, we finished magic e and learned about the β€œfloss” rule. This rule teaches us to double β€œff, ll, ss, or zz” at the end of a syllable if the vowel directly in front of it is short. For example: fluff, puff, cliff, sniff, bill, will, sell, bell, boss, toss, miss, less, buzz, jazz, etc

-In reading, we learned how to make connections and inferences. To make connections, we think about what the story reminds us of in our own life. Maybe it reminds us of another story/book, or a time we went skating, built a snow man, etc (depending on what the story is about). Another thing that good readers do is to make inferences – use what you know to help you better understand the story. For instance, in the book β€œArchie, the Daredevil Penguin,” he was afraid and did not want to go swimming. By the end, he wanted to go for a swim again. The story never told us that he was no longer afraid or even excited to go again. We had to make inferences based on his conversation with friends.

-In social studies, we extended our knowledge of Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase. We started studying Lewis and Clark, who Jefferson sent out to explore the land.

-In science, we finished up some activities with sound. We were able to hear how water slows down the wave lengths/energy and makes a lower pitch.

We had the opportunity to create an instrument in a STEM challenge.

-We were able to visit the STEM lab and learn about sources of light, explore different types of light, etc.

-Thank you to our STEM speaker, Mr. Bernand. He is a software engineer. He had a wonderful demonstration to show us how to break down information required to program a computer. We know that programs can be used for many reasons and in many professions. Thank you! πŸ™‚

-Thank you to our mystery reader from last week – Mrs. Cofer. (I didn’t blog last week since it was a 2 day week)


-Thank you to our mystery reader today – Mrs. Beck. πŸ™‚


Upcoming dates in January:

-15th – No School – MLK Day

-19th – 80’s day – Family Dance 6:30 – 8:00 & Teacher Donation Silent Auction

-Week of the 21st – FAST classes start – be sure to send a note letting me know what fast club you signed up for and the new mode of transportation for those days.

-23rd – 100th Day – dress as if you were 100 years old! Β **RESCHEDULED TO 1-29-18**


Dec 18 – 22, 2017

I hope that you all have had a wonderful, joyous, and memorable holiday and break so far!!!

I didn’t get a chance to post the happenings of the last week before break, so here we go:

We accomplished a lot in our 3 day week (with 2 half days). πŸ™‚

-In math, we finished missing addends with both addition and subtraction up to 20. You can view videos here:

-We studied Thomas Jefferson.

-We had a guidance lesson with Mrs. Rickman about ways to show kindness.

-We had our Holiday Sing along, as well as PJ/movie day with hot chocolate. πŸ™‚

-We had a mystery elf reader from the North Pole that came by!


I’d like to say a big Thank you to Nicole Bernard and Holly Paolini for coming in to run the class so that I could go to the teacher’s luncheon on Monday. πŸ™‚



Upcoming dates in December:

-Dec 21 – Jan 3 – Student Holiday – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! πŸ™‚ See you next year!Β 


-Donate your gently work, used, and new shoes in the bin in the lobby until Jan 14th. πŸ™‚