Sept 10 – 14, 2018

Sorry for the late post – I went to Fall Festival on Friday, so that threw my blogging routine off. 🙂
It was great seeing so many of you there!

Check out this sweet picture of these girls at recess – they wanted to welcome everyone to the Fall Festival that evening! 🙂

Here is a recap of what we did last week:
-In writing – we talked about small moment writing and what that means. It is zooming from your whole narrative story and writing details about one part. 

-In math, we finished dimes and pennies and started learning addition and subtraction strategies. Ask your child to name at least three strategies that we have talked about so far. We will continue addition and subtraction to 10 this week, as well as talking about and comparing length.
Here are the videos we saw using dimes and pennies (7 videos):

-In phonics, we finished s family blends (sw, st, sn, sk, sm, sl, sc, sp) and final s family blends – words that end with st, sk, sp.
s family blends (20 videos):

final s family blends (7 videos): 

-In reading, we finished our last week of talking about main idea.

-In Social Studies, we finished our studies of maps/globes/continents/oceans (for now…we will learn more throughout the year). Thanks for your support in helping them with this skill. 🙂 Here are links to all of fun maps/globes videos (11 Videos):–PQNDn7g&list=PLqk7ar-NaBVufumWQWxHDH2ewuTjTmase 
Check out Jake’s amazing map!


Thank you to the following people:

-Our STEM speaker! (posted about previously)

-Mrs. Jorge for the post Cogat yummy brownie treats!

-Mrs. Stone for the delicious cookies ordered especially for us from the cafeteria.

-All of the donations for the Fall Festival!

-Valentina and Cadence for choosing a reward of reading to our class! 🙂


Happy Birthday to Avery!


Upcoming dates in September/October:

Sept 24 – 28 – Fall Break – Enjoy your week off! 🙂
Oct 1 – Parent Teacher Conference letter will come home with your date and time
Oct 4 – Morning program schedule (different lunch time)
Oct 10 – End of 1st 9 weeks!! (Can you believe this?!?)
Oct 11 – Early release day
Oct 12 – Fun Run (also different lunch time)
Week of Oct 14th – Conference Week & No FAST clubs (Please send in a transportation note for the week if you are in FAST clubs) 
Oct 29-30 – KIDS Safety – more info to come
Oct 31 – Halloween – more info to come

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STEM Speaker

We had our first STEM speaker – a Mechanical Engineer! He taught us about “dew point” and had a wonderful demonstration!  His job is to type in codes to his computer to maintain effective use of energy in buildings. He even told us about a mistake that he made at work – noticed that one room was getting more and more humid, so he typed in a code to adjust the air. However, there was a cloud in that room from another source and when the temperature changed – it RAINED INSIDE! The students were amazing listeners! Thank you Mr. Robbins! 🙂


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Sept 3 – 7, 2018

Hello, Hello!
With a short week and CoGat testing, we didn’t get near as much done with our academics. However, the students did a great job and were such troopers during testing! I’m so proud of them!

For academics this week, this is what we did:
-In math, we began learning about dimes and pennies and how to count them. We will continue this standard next week, but you can find some videos here: (4 videos)

OR (15 videos – not all pennies and dimes)

-In phonics, we learned about s blends (sw, st, sn, sk, sm, sl, sc, sp). We will continue this next week as well. Here are some videos: (19 videos)

-In Reading, we continued learning and discussing main idea of texts. We were able to get through several rounds of reading groups.

-In Social studies, we started talking about maps and globs and will continue this next week as well. 🙂 Here is a fun video we watched: 

We were fortunate to have the author/illustrator of “The Bravest Worrior” come and visit us!


Here are some other fun and cute pictures from the week:


Upcoming dates in September:

Sept 14th – Fall Festival

Sept 15th – East Cobber Parade

Sept 20th – Picture retake day


Sept 24 – 28 – Fall Break

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Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you know that Parent Teacher Conference Week is October 15 – 19. I will be putting together a schedule in the next 2 weeks. If you have a preferred day/time, please email me.

If you have multiple children at SFES, teachers get together and plan times that are back-to-back for your convenience. 🙂

I look forward to meeting with every one next month!

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Aug 27 – 31, 2018

Happy weekend!!! I hope that everyone enjoys the extra day!

As always, we cruised through many standards. Here is our recap:

-In writing, we talked about opening sentences, adding details, and conclusion sentences. We are using transitional words and adding feelings in our writing to make is stronger. Here we are sharing our ideas in turn and talk partners.

-In math, we finished place value. Here are the fun videos that we saw: (15 videos)
Don’t forget – there is a previous post with several online games that they can practice – they love the shark one! Next week, we will use our knowledge of place value as we count dimes and pennies.

-In phonics, we learned about r blends (br, fr, pr, cr, tr, dr, and gr). Here are links to videos that your child can review:
(We didn’t watch all 28, but they would enjoy them – they always want to watch them multiple times, which is why I post here as well) 🙂

-In Reading, we learned about and identified main ideas. We were also able to start our reading groups! Look at these sweeties working hard!


-In Social Studies, we talked about the difference in the city and county, how life styles would be different, and how things have changed over time.


Thank you so much to our mystery reader (Jameson’s Aunt):


I’d also like to say thank you to our room moms who do so much behind the scenes! (PTA meetings, sharing information, much a healthy lunch, and volunteering time this week to help sort and level additional books for our children). Wow – we have a great crew!


Thank you so much to everyone who was able to take advantage of the Scholastic book order! The book box arrived and books came home today!

I was able to earn so many books for our classroom this month! The kids were excited and can’t wait to read them!


Please return the behavior chart even though today is the last day. I will collect it and replace on Tuesday. 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!



Upcoming dates in September:

Sept 3 – No School – Labor Day
Sept 3 – 7 – Munch a healthy lunch week
Sept 5 – 7 – COGAT (everyone received a letter in their folder this week)
Sept 14th – Fall Festival
Sept 15th – East Cobber Parade
Sept 24 – 28 – Fall Break

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Aug 20 – 24, 2018

Another great week in the books! Now that we have established better procedures and routines, we are able to dive deeper into academics and accomplished a lot this week.

Here is a recap:
-In writing, we talked more about what a narrative story is. It is a true story about something that we have done (not future tense, but past tense). We came up with a large list of ideas of what to write about. Ask your kiddo what they wrote about this week.  🙂 We also know the procedures of what to do when we finish one piece of writing. I’ve been able to conference with each writer this week and offer compliments and suggestions for their next step. We also added our individual word walls to our writing folder and practiced using and spelling the following sight words correctly: I, a, the, like, and.

-In math, we finish data and graphs. Here are links to some videos: (3 videos in my folder)
Here is a fun online game as well:

Here we are at the beginning of the week collecting data (favorite animal) and putting it in our graphs.

In math, we also started learning about place value. I love place value! This is such an important foundational skill that we have to acquire to understand all upcoming standards. At this point, the students should be able to tell you that a two digit number is made up of groups of tens and extra ones. They should be able to identify the ones place and the tens place. Please ask them about place value and view some fun videos here: (15 videos in my folder)
Here is the link to the online base ten manipulatives:
Here is an online game/practice:

We will finish place value next week and start counting dimes and pennies.

-In phonics, we learned about l blends (fl, gl, cl, pl, sl, bl). You can view videos here: (7 videos in my folder)

-In reading, we became familiar with our leveled reader books and everyone read from their “Just right” leveled readers. We also learned about books talks (summary of a story – tell just enough to get someone interested) Students also learned about RazKids (which provides online leveled readers) and practiced logging in and reading. We will use this every week in class.

-We started Social Studies talking about our community and things we have in common as well as differences. We discussed the different Social Studies themes that we will be learning about this year (history, government, economics, and geography).

-For Number Talks, we practiced and manipulated (subitizing) numbers in ten frames.

-During our library visit the week, we learned the difference in fiction and nonfiction books.


Thank you to our first mystery reader – Lana. 🙂


If you would like to be a mystery reader, you can view the sign up at the following link:
(Please only sign up for 1-2 slots to allow opportunity for everyone)
You can always find this link (as well as STEM speakers and art volunteers) from the side bar on the blog entitled “Classroom sign up links.”



Upcoming dates in August/September:

29th – Early Release day
31st – Walk to school day
Sept 3 – 7 – Munch a healthy lunch week
Sept 5 – 7 – COGAT (more details to follow)
Sept 14th – Fall Festival
Sept 15th – East Cobber Parade
Sept 24 – 28 – Fall Break

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