Final Exam and Test Review Answer Keys

Algebra 2:

Friday & Monday: Final Exam Review


Final Test Review Answer Keys

Geometry EOC Materials and Due Dates

Our End of Course Test is Thurs May 3rd and Fri May 4th.  

Here are some Due Dates and Materials you may be interested in.

Due Dates:

  • Monday 4/30 – Diagnostic Test MUST be complete
  • Tuesday 5/1 – USA Test Prep Extra Credit Must be complete
    • Work MUST be turned in with the Test you are Accepting.


Week of April 16th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Graphing PW Functions

Wednesday: Review for Quiz – Problems given out in Hoya Block




Wednesday: Working Backwards and Using Formulas

Thursday: Review for Test on Friday

Week of April 9th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review Radical Solving and Inequalities

Tuesday: Graphing Square Root Functions

Wednesday: Graphing Cube Root Functions

Thursday: Review for Fri Test on Radicals



Monday: Probability: Vocab & Venn Diagrams

Tuesday: Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping Events

Week of 3/26

Algebra 2:

Monday: Test of Graphing Rational Functions

Tuesday: Nth Roots and Radicals

Wednesday: Radical Equations & Inequalities



Thursday: Answer Keys for Friday’s Test

Week of 3/19/18

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review for Rational Expressions & Equations Test

Tuesday: Rational Expressions & Equations Test

Wednesday: Asymptotes, Holes and Intercepts

Thursday: Graphing Rational Functions

  • Smart Board Notes
  • HW

Friday: Graphing Rational Functions continued



Monday: Writing the equation of a Line

Tuesday: Writing Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Line

Wednesday: Equations of Circles