Week of 1/22

Algebra 2:

Monday: Completing the Square

Tuesday: Quadratic Formula

Wednesday: What is the Best Method to use?

Thursday: Review of Quadratics

Friday: Test on Unit 1: Quadratics Revisted



Monday: Triangle Inequalities

  • pp. 29-32
  • HW is on Delta Math, due 1/21 by Midnight


Week of 1/8/18

Algebra 2:

Thursday: Factoring Quadratics

Friday: Solving Quadratics by Factoring



Friday : Rotations

  • Rotations pages 27-28
  • HW – DeltaMath.com
    • 30 Problems (10 sets of 3)
    • Due Monday by Midnight
    • Teacher Code 731652

Winter/Spring Semester 2018

Welcome Back to Harrison!!!!  1/2 way to Summer Vaca y’all!!!

Algebra 2:

Thursday 1/4: Complex Numbers (Simplify, Add & Sub)

Friday 1/5: Complex Numbers (Multiply & Divide)


Thursday 1/4: Geometry Notation and Terminology

Week of Nov 6th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review of Piecewise & Absolute Value

Wednesday: Quiz on Abs Value and Piecewise Functions

Thursday: Evaluating Logarithms

Friday: Properties of Logarithms



Monday: Working Formulas Backwards

  • HW pages 26-28 in your packet

Wednesday: Review for Test on 11/9