Unit 1 Algebra 2 – Quadratics Revisted

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Unit 1 Packet: Alg 2 Unit 1 S19  This will be our book for the unit.  This contains notes and practice problems for the topics in the unit

  • Mon Jan 7th – Intro to Complex #’s,  Addition and Subtraction of Complex #’s
    • Smart Board Notes Mon Jan 7
    • HW
      • Get Syllabus Signed
      • Complete DeltaMath.com Assignment
      • Teacher Code 731652


  • Tues Jan 8th – Multiply Complex #’s
    • Smart Board Notes Tues Jan 8
    • HW
      • Delta Math: 10 Problems on Multiplying Complex #’s
      • Continue/Start on Pre Course Assignment


  • Wed Jan 9th – Dividing Complex #’s
    • Smart Board Notes Wed Jan 9
    • HW
      • Page #5 in the Packet #1-26 only
      • Continue/Finish Pre Course Assignment



  • Friday Jan 11th – Quiz on Complex #’s


  • Mon Jan 14th – Solving Quadratics: Square Root Method
    • CW/HW pages 7-9, examples on the Classroom Whiteboards
    • I will not be in class due to a Head Cold.  I hope to see you on Tuesday


  • Tues Jan 15th – Factoring Quadratics
    • Smart Board Notes Tues Jan 15
    • Hw – 30 Questions on Delta Math


  • Wed Jan 16th – Factoring Quadratics Cont’d
    • Smart Board Notes Wed Jan 16
    • HW – 10 problems on Delta Math


  • Thurs Jan 17th – Solving Quadratics by Factoring
    • Quiz #2 Review Ans Key
    • Please come in early for extra help, we will not have enough time in class to answer all of your questions
  • Friday Jan 18th – Quiz on Quadratics
  • Mon Jan 21st – No School
  • Tues Jan 22nd – Solving Quadratics using Quadratic Formula
  • Wed Jan 23rd – Solving Quadratics using Completing the Square
  • Thurs Jan 24th – Review of Complex #’s and Quadratics
  • Fri Jan 25th – Test on Complex #’s and Quadratics


Week of April 16th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Graphing PW Functions

Wednesday: Review for Quiz – Problems given out in Hoya Block




Wednesday: Working Backwards and Using Formulas

Thursday: Review for Test on Friday

Week of April 9th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review Radical Solving and Inequalities

Tuesday: Graphing Square Root Functions

Wednesday: Graphing Cube Root Functions

Thursday: Review for Fri Test on Radicals



Monday: Probability: Vocab & Venn Diagrams

Tuesday: Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping Events

Week of 3/26

Algebra 2:

Monday: Test of Graphing Rational Functions

Tuesday: Nth Roots and Radicals

Wednesday: Radical Equations & Inequalities



Thursday: Answer Keys for Friday’s Test

Week of 3/19/18

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review for Rational Expressions & Equations Test

Tuesday: Rational Expressions & Equations Test

Wednesday: Asymptotes, Holes and Intercepts

Thursday: Graphing Rational Functions

  • Smart Board Notes
  • HW

Friday: Graphing Rational Functions continued



Monday: Writing the equation of a Line

Tuesday: Writing Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Line

Wednesday: Equations of Circles