Week of Oct 8th

Algebra 1:

Wednesday/Thursday: Quadratic Remediation

  • Delta Math Assignment (See Smart Notes)
  • Smart Notes Wed Oct 10

Friday: Transformations & Characteristics



Wednesday/Thursday: Review for Test on Friday

Week of Oct 1

Algebra 1:

Monday: Factoring and Solving

Tuesday: Solve by Square Roots

Wednesday: Completing the Square


Thursday: Quadratic Formula



Monday: Chord Properties and Segment Lengths


Thursday: Review for Quiz on Segments in Circles

Week of Sept 17th

Algebra 1:

Monday: Greatest Common Factoring

Tuesday: Trinomials with a=1

Wed: Trinomials with a>1

  • Smart Notes
  • HW p.21 #1-10 all

Thursday: Difference of Squares and Combinations



Thursday: Review for Fri’s test

Week of Sept 10th

Algebra 1:

Monday: Solving by Substitution


Wednesday: Solving Systems of Inequalities

Thursday: Review for Unit 2B test




Monday: Circles Part 1: Vocab and Central Angles


Week of Sept 4th


Thursday: Review for Similarity and Trig Test


Algebra 1:

Tuesday: Sequences

  • pp. 48-53
  • Smart Board Notes Tues Sept 4th
  • HW – Finish pages 49 & 52

Wednesday: Sequences and Test Review

Thursday: Test – Relationships between Quantities

Week of Aug 27th

Algebra 1:

Monday: Graphing Linear Equations and Characteristics

  • pp. 21-32
  • Smart Board Notes Mon Aug 27
  • HW pp. 24-26 graph with Charachteristics (See p. 15 of Smart Notes)

Tuesday: Graphing in Standard Form

Wednesday: Early Release Day

  • Quiz – Word Problems through Graphing Standard Form

Thursday: Quiz Review & Linear Modeling

Friday: Combining Functions

Week of Aug 20th

Sorry my Blog was down for a couple of weeks, it’s fixed and back up.

Algebra 1:

Monday: Review of Solving Equations

  • Unit 2 Packet F18
  • Smart Board Notes Mon Aug 20
  • Hw for Monday
    • Signed Grade Sheet
    • Page #4 of the Unit 2 packet.  WORK MUST BE SHOWN ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER

Tuesday: Literal Equations

  • Smart Board Notes Tues Aug 21
  • HW for Tuesday Finish pp 8 & 9 in the Unit 2 packet


Wednesday: Inequalities & Review for Quiz

  • Smart Board Notes Wed Aug 22
  • HW for Wednedsay pp. 14 & 15 Review for the Quiz

Thursday: Quiz on Multistep Equations

  • HW pp. 16 & 20 Review of translation for expressions



Monday: Review of Proofs and Test Prep

Tuesday: Unit 1 Test – Congruence and Triangles

Wednesday: Similar Polygons

Thursday: Midsegments inside Triangles

Week of August 1st

Welcome Back to Harrison!!!!

I hope you had a great summer and are fired up to get back to work!  The sooner we begin, the sooner we get to take a break in September!

Algebra 1:

Syllabus: Algebra I Syllabus F18

Unit 1 Packet Alg 1 Unit 1 Packet F18

  • This will be our book for the unit.  This contains notes and practice problems for the topics in the unit

Wed: Diagnostic Test & Unit Conversions

Thurs: Diagnostic Test & Unit Conversions Continued

Fri: Number Systems



Syllabus: CCGPS Anal Geom Fall 2018 Syllabus

Unit 1 Packet: Unit 1 Packet F18

Wed: Geometric Notation and Vocabulary

Thurs: Vertical and Linear Relationships

Fri: Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Final Exam and Test Review Answer Keys

Algebra 2:

Friday & Monday: Final Exam Review


Final Test Review Answer Keys