Week of January 30th

Health Survey


Pre Calculus:

Mon: Hyperbolas

Tues: Systems of Conic Equations

Wed: Desmos Equation Project

Thur: Health Survey & Review for Fri Test

Fri: Conics Test


Algebra 2:

Mon: Quiz and Polynomial Operations

Tues: Binomial Expansion

Wed: Function operations

Thurs: Inverse Functions

Fri: Review For Test

Week of January 23rd

Pre Calculus:

Mon: Circles

Tues: Parabolas

  • Class Notes Tues Jan 24th
  • Book HW p. 428-429  #1-4, 8-21, 26, 27, 37, 55, 58

Wed: Ellipses

  • Class Notes Wed Jan 25
  • Book HW p. 438 #1, 2, 39, 40, 44, 45 (Just graph #44 & 45)

Thurs: Review C, P & E

Fri: Conics Quiz


Algebra 2:

Mon: Review for Test – Quadratics

Tues: Test on Quadratics

Wed & Thurs: Polynomials

Week of Jan 17th


Tues: Systems of Equations and Area of Triangles

Wed: Review for Matrix Test on Thurs

Thurs: Test on Matrices

Fri: Pre-Requisite Quiz


Algebra 2

Tues: Review for Quiz (Complex #’s and Solving by Sq Rts & Factoring)

Wed: Quiz & Solving Quad Inequalities

Thurs: Solve by Completing the Square

Fri: Solve by Quadratic Formula


2017 Winter/Spring Semester

Welcome back everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are refreshed and ready to get rolling once again.

Each class has a Pre-Requisite set of problems to complete PRIOR to the 1st day of class.  Please print this out and have ready to turn in on Thursday Jan 5th.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you all very soon!

Coach Scott