Week of Feb 27th

Pre Calculus:

Monday: Unwrapping the Parent Functions

Tuesday: Parent Graphs and Transformations

Wednesday: Writing Equations of Graphs

Thursday & Friday: Applications


Algebra 2:

Wednesday: Review for Test on Thursday

Answers to Review

Week of Feb 13th

Pre Calculus:

Thurs: Review for Friday’s Test


Algebra 2:

Friday: Extra Credit Winter Break Problems

  • 1 Test point for each 10 correct Factoring Problems (Max 10 points)
  • Fall break factoring
  • MUST be on a separate sheet of paper, numbered and clearly legible.
  • Due Monday Feb 27th.
  • I will not be asking you to turn this in, you’ll need to turn this in on your own.

Week of Feb 6th

Pre Calculus:

Monday: Angles and their Measures

  • Class Notes Mon Feb 6th
  • HW 6.1 Packet #1-20, 35-38 do the “a” set

Tuesday: Angles in Radian Measure

  • Class Notes Tues Feb 7
  • HW 6.1 Packet #21-34, 39-58 do the “a” set

Wednesday: Arc Length

  • Class Notes Wed Feb 8
  • HW #21-34, 39-50 from the “b” Set

Thursday: Right Triangle Trig


Algebra 2:

Monday: Review for Polynomial Test


Wednesday: Higher Degree Factoring

Thursday: Factoring and Solving