Week of Mar 27th

Pre Calculus

Monday: Review for Tues Test on Triangles

Tuesday: Test on Los & Loc

Wednesday: Trig Identities

Thursday: Verifying Trig Identities


Algebra 2

Monday: Radical Inequalities

Tuesday: Rational Exponential Equations

Wednesday: Graphing Radical Equations

Thursday: Graphing & Review for Fri Test

Week of Mar 20th


Monday: Solving Right Triangle Trig

Tuesday: Law of Sines

Wednesday: Law of Cosines

  • Class Notes LOC Notes
  • HW Law of Cosines (Bottom of Right side) #11-24 all

Friday: LoS – The Donkey Triangle



Algebra 2  TEST WEDNESDAY 3/22

Monday: Graphing More Rational Functions


Tuesday: Review of Graphing Rational Functions

Week of Mar 13th

Pre Calculus:

Monday: Inverse Trig Functions

Tuesday: Review for Trig Graphs Test

Thursday: Review for Midterm


Algebra 2:

Monday: Solving Rational Inequalities

Tuesday: Review for Test

Thursday: Asymptotes, Holes and Intercepts