Week of 8/28/17

Algebra 2:

Monday: Factoring Higher Degree Polynomials

Tuesday: Solving HD Polynomials

We will be using the documents from Monday to help solve today.  There will be a Quiz on Wednesday over Factoring and Solving



Monday: Figuring out SOHCAHTOA

Tuesday: Solving for Sides and Angles using SOCAHTOA

Thursday: Applications and Review for Unit 2 Test

Week of 8/21/17

Algebra 2:

Monday: Binomial Expansion – Using Pascal’s Triangle

Tuesday: Function Operations & Compositions

Wednesday: Inverse Relations

Thursday: Review for Unit 2 Test




Tuesday: Similar Polygons and Scale Factor

Week of July 31st 2017

Welcome back to school.  My apologies for being tardy getting my Blog updated.

Each Class has a quiz on Monday 8/7.  The materials below will help each class prepare.

Algebra 2:

Unit 1 Quiz Review

Solving Quads by Factoring HW



Transformations HW

Angles and Parallel Lines Review