Post EOC Schedule in Math

Now that the EOC is over, we will be covering topics that we know our students are weak on and need for future Math Classes.  Here is our schedule for the remainder of the semester:

Post EOC Packet

  • 12/5 ELF Movie & Questions
    • HW pages 1 & 2
  •  12/6 Finish ELF  & Factor Quadratics a=1
  • 12/7 Solving Quadratics a=1
    •  HW pages 5 & 6
    • Smart Board Notes Fri Dec 7


  • 12/10 Factoring Quadratics a not = 1: Prime & Composite
  • 12/11 Solving Quadratics a not = 1
  • 12/12 Quiz & Difference of Squares
    • HW pages 11 & 12 #1-35
    • Smart Board Notes Wed Dec 12
  • 12/13 Simplifying Radicals: #’s & Variables
  • 12/14 Adding & Subtracting Radicals: Like & Unlike


  • 12/17 Multiplying & Rationalize the Denominator
  • 12/18 Quiz & Begin Review
  • 12/19 Review
  • 12/20 or 12/21 Test on Factoring, Solving & Radicals (This is a Test, it is not a Final Exam and will be entered into the Test Category)

Week of Nov 26th

EOC Prep Week

Algebra 1:

EOC Boot Camp Schedule

Delta Math EOC Review Assignment



Our End of Course Test is Mon Dec 3rd and Tues Dec 4th.  

Here are some Due Dates and Materials you may be interested in.

Due Dates:

  • Friday 11/30 – USA Test Prep Extra Credit Must be complete
    • Work MUST be turned in with the Test you are Accepting.
    • A minimum of 2 EOC Boot Camps must be attended.


Week of 11/12

Algebra 1:

EOC Boot Camp Schedule

Delta Math EOC Review Assignment

Monday: Review for Describing Data Test

Tuesday: Test on Describing Data

Wednesday: Comparing Functions

Thursday: Writing Equations of Functions & Average Rate of Change

Friday: Quiz on Comparing Funtions

Week of Oct 22nd

Algebra 1:

Monday: Converting Forms of Quadratics

Tuesday: Review for 3C Test

Wednesday: Test on Graphing Quadratics

Thursday: Begin Unit 4 Exponential Functions



Thursday: Review for Test: Modeling Geometry

Week of Oct 8th

Algebra 1:

Wednesday/Thursday: Quadratic Remediation

  • Delta Math Assignment (See Smart Notes)
  • Smart Notes Wed Oct 10

Friday: Transformations & Characteristics



Wednesday/Thursday: Review for Test on Friday

Week of Oct 1

Algebra 1:

Monday: Factoring and Solving

Tuesday: Solve by Square Roots

Wednesday: Completing the Square


Thursday: Quadratic Formula



Monday: Chord Properties and Segment Lengths


Thursday: Review for Quiz on Segments in Circles

Week of Sept 17th

Algebra 1:

Monday: Greatest Common Factoring

Tuesday: Trinomials with a=1

Wed: Trinomials with a>1

  • Smart Notes
  • HW p.21 #1-10 all

Thursday: Difference of Squares and Combinations



Thursday: Review for Fri’s test

Week of Sept 10th

Algebra 1:

Monday: Solving by Substitution


Wednesday: Solving Systems of Inequalities

Thursday: Review for Unit 2B test




Monday: Circles Part 1: Vocab and Central Angles