Week of Sept 4th


Thursday: Review for Similarity and Trig Test


Algebra 1:

Tuesday: Sequences

  • pp. 48-53
  • Smart Board Notes Tues Sept 4th
  • HW – Finish pages 49 & 52

Wednesday: Sequences and Test Review

Thursday: Test – Relationships between Quantities

Week of Aug 27th

Algebra 1:

Monday: Graphing Linear Equations and Characteristics

  • pp. 21-32
  • Smart Board Notes Mon Aug 27
  • HW pp. 24-26 graph with Charachteristics (See p. 15 of Smart Notes)

Tuesday: Graphing in Standard Form

Wednesday: Early Release Day

  • Quiz – Word Problems through Graphing Standard Form

Thursday: Quiz Review & Linear Modeling

Friday: Combining Functions

Week of Aug 20th

Sorry my Blog was down for a couple of weeks, it’s fixed and back up.

Algebra 1:

Monday: Review of Solving Equations

  • Unit 2 Packet F18
  • Smart Board Notes Mon Aug 20
  • Hw for Monday
    • Signed Grade Sheet
    • Page #4 of the Unit 2 packet.  WORK MUST BE SHOWN ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER

Tuesday: Literal Equations

  • Smart Board Notes Tues Aug 21
  • HW for Tuesday Finish pp 8 & 9 in the Unit 2 packet


Wednesday: Inequalities & Review for Quiz

  • Smart Board Notes Wed Aug 22
  • HW for Wednedsay pp. 14 & 15 Review for the Quiz

Thursday: Quiz on Multistep Equations

  • HW pp. 16 & 20 Review of translation for expressions



Monday: Review of Proofs and Test Prep

Tuesday: Unit 1 Test – Congruence and Triangles

Wednesday: Similar Polygons

Thursday: Midsegments inside Triangles

Week of August 1st

Welcome Back to Harrison!!!!

I hope you had a great summer and are fired up to get back to work!  The sooner we begin, the sooner we get to take a break in September!

Algebra 1:

Syllabus: Algebra I Syllabus F18

Unit 1 Packet Alg 1 Unit 1 Packet F18

  • This will be our book for the unit.  This contains notes and practice problems for the topics in the unit

Wed: Diagnostic Test & Unit Conversions

Thurs: Diagnostic Test & Unit Conversions Continued

Fri: Number Systems



Syllabus: CCGPS Anal Geom Fall 2018 Syllabus

Unit 1 Packet: Unit 1 Packet F18

Wed: Geometric Notation and Vocabulary

Thurs: Vertical and Linear Relationships

Fri: Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Final Exam and Test Review Answer Keys

Algebra 2:

Friday & Monday: Final Exam Review


Final Test Review Answer Keys

Geometry EOC Materials and Due Dates

Our End of Course Test is Thurs May 3rd and Fri May 4th.  

Here are some Due Dates and Materials you may be interested in.

Due Dates:

  • Monday 4/30 – Diagnostic Test MUST be complete
  • Tuesday 5/1 – USA Test Prep Extra Credit Must be complete
    • Work MUST be turned in with the Test you are Accepting.


Week of April 16th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Graphing PW Functions

Wednesday: Review for Quiz – Problems given out in Hoya Block




Wednesday: Working Backwards and Using Formulas

Thursday: Review for Test on Friday

Week of April 9th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review Radical Solving and Inequalities

Tuesday: Graphing Square Root Functions

Wednesday: Graphing Cube Root Functions

Thursday: Review for Fri Test on Radicals



Monday: Probability: Vocab & Venn Diagrams

Tuesday: Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping Events