Week of April 16th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Graphing PW Functions

Wednesday: Review for Quiz – Problems given out in Hoya Block




Wednesday: Working Backwards and Using Formulas

Thursday: Review for Test on Friday

Week of April 9th

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review Radical Solving and Inequalities

Tuesday: Graphing Square Root Functions

Wednesday: Graphing Cube Root Functions

Thursday: Review for Fri Test on Radicals



Monday: Probability: Vocab & Venn Diagrams

Tuesday: Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping Events

Week of 3/26

Algebra 2:

Monday: Test of Graphing Rational Functions

Tuesday: Nth Roots and Radicals

Wednesday: Radical Equations & Inequalities



Thursday: Answer Keys for Friday’s Test

Week of 3/19/18

Algebra 2:

Monday: Review for Rational Expressions & Equations Test

Tuesday: Rational Expressions & Equations Test

Wednesday: Asymptotes, Holes and Intercepts

Thursday: Graphing Rational Functions

  • Smart Board Notes
  • HW

Friday: Graphing Rational Functions continued



Monday: Writing the equation of a Line

Tuesday: Writing Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Line

Wednesday: Equations of Circles

Week of 2/12/18

Algebra 2:

Monday: Factoring & Solving Higher Degree Polynomials

  • Unit 3 Packet Unit 3 Alg2 Packet S18
  • pp. 3-9
  • HW – pp. 10-11, Choose 4 from each section
    • GCF/Trinomials #1-8
    • Sum/Diff of Cubes #9-18
    • Grouping #19-28

Tues: Quiz on Factoring & Solving

Wed: Polynomial Division

  • Notes page 12
  • CW p. 13
  • Hw p. 14

Thurs: Finding Roots given a Zero

Friday: More Zeros and Survey/Khan Acad




Monday: Applications & Review for Unit 2 Test

  • Unit 2 Review
  • Unit 6 Test Review
  • Unit 6 Review Sheet

Tues: Unit 2 Test – Similarity & Trigonometry

Wed: Circles part 1 – Angles, Arcs and Sectors


Thursday: Inscribed Angles

Friday: More Angles in a Circle & Survey/Khan Acad