This week we will learn about moon phases. We will look at different charts and make out own moon calendar. We will also make crescent rolls to represent the crescent moon. We will have a good time. Go outside at night time to look at the moon in the sky and decide which phase the moon is in if it is visible.



Today is an early release day.

We made a food chain flow chart.

We got to throw boxes around the room to help us understand the food chain.

We also got to go to ADPE.


Today we worked on food chains. We looked at things tigers eat and discussed carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Teach your child at home by discussing what category we fall under.


Today we looked at where deer and other animals like them live.

We played memory and looked at vocabulary for animals.

We looked at dimes and played a matching game.


Hey there!!

Today we made a flowchart of the food chain of animals.

We read a book about animals

We looked at the different places that amphibians live.

We also played foursquare to help us identify a dime.

Thank you