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Thursday, May 17, 2018


Happy Thursday.

Today was a great indoors Olympic Day.  Students in the theater were able to see some AWESOME performances (singing, dancing, comedy and magic).  

ELA – Hogan:  Students have not completed our final writing project which has been worked on for 3 weeks.  Some students thought that they could socialize and still get it done at the last minute.  In reality, this past Monday was the LAST MINUTE.  We have continued to allow students to come in each morning if they choose to and work on their papers and also to work on them in homeroom.  Several students have taken advantage of this but several have not.  At the present time, Mr. Hogan has placed zeros in their grades with a note that stated that as soon as their papers were completed, the grade would be changed.  Please understand that we, as teachers, can only help so much but the students have to be responsible for their work (and the grade they earned).  We have reminded students on a daily basis that work needs to be turned in.  If they choose not to turn it in, or not to do the work, there is little we can do.  We have put all due dates on our blog (April 16), we told them to put it in their agenda and we have also reminded them every day.  Hopefully, students will have their work done by Monday.  Oral presentations will continue tomorrow – none were done today due to Olympics Day.  IT WAS A BLAST!  CONNECTION TEACHERS!!!!  WELL DONE…..VERY WELL DONE!  Also, if your student bought a yearbook, they received them today.  They did have to sign for their yearbook.  Make sure that their names are in the book on several pages just in case it gets “misplaced”.

HOMEWORK:  Practice your oral presentation

Have a wonderful evening.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Happy rainy Wednesday.

ELA – Hogan:  Students continue to give oral presentations.  We realize it is a scary thought about speaking in front of your peers but everyone is doing the best they can.  The only thing that I can see needs improvement is speaking louder so your audience can hear what you are saying.  We have begun to grade the Sway brochures.  These are very informative and for students doing this for the first time, they are looking good.  Some students DID NOT do the 15 tidbits (5 for each of the 3 people you did not include in your brochure)  This will hurt your grade some.  However, I’m pretty impressed with the Sways that I have graded so far.  Yes, you need to continue to write and improve your writing, regardless of the grade you receive.  THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!  I’m proud of you all.  For those of you who have not turned your Sway in as of yet, you are way behind the deadline.  You have had ample time to get this done so you will have penalties for not meeting our deadline.  Three weeks is enough time for you to have completed your brochure IF you used your time wisely.  This is going to be a tough but good lesson to learn as you head forward in your educational career.

HOMEWORK:  If you have not presented as of yet, continue to practice (in front of a mirror-speaking loudly)

SS – Hague:  Student completed their warm up and then we did a red pen drill to check and correct the quiz.  Students are learning about personal finance these next few days.  They were given a personal finance crossword which will be SSNB page 118 (some students chose the fill in the blank rather than the crossword) and then, they received  BrainPop Economics-Money vocabulary sheet which needs to be completed as well.  Now, on the back of the vocabulary sheet is a Personal Finance Household Expense Summary sheet which needs to be completed with “PARENT HELP”We are just trying to show the students what bills are paid and how often they have to be paid.  WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH THE BILLS ARE…..  🙂  The personal finance sheet will be due on Friday.  Please assist your student in completing this form.

HOMEWORK:  Complete the personal finance expense summary and vocabulary.  Review SSNB pages 20-40 for the SLO test on Monday.

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Monday, May 14, 2018


Good evening!  I hope all the moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Students were to complete their brochure today (finish typing and share with me and Mr. Hogan).  Unfortunately, not everyone completed it.  Students had ample time and we provided extended time for students.  However, most of those students didn’t utilize it.  We tried to explain that this would impact their grade but I believe they thought it would be a short task.  It turned out to be more than they expected.  Students who did not complete their typing need to see either me or Mr. Hogan tomorrow.  We will begin oral presentations tomorrow as well.  I gave out reminders for some students so there is no reason to tell me, “I forgot” or “I didn’t have time”.

HOMEWORK:  Practice your oral presentation

SS – Hague:  Students completed their warm up #152 and then they did a “red pen” drill.  They checked their own THQ (Take Home Quiz).  Surprisingly, several students did NOT do well on this.  We reviewed the answers so they could copy the correct answers down to study.  We will be having a quiz on Friday over Latin America Economics.  Make sure you are studying now.  Ask questions if you are not sure of something.  We would LOVE nothing more than to be able to explain it to you one on one.

HOMEWORK:  Begin studying for your Friday Quiz.

Have a great evening and I will see you tomorrow!

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Friday, May 11, 2018


First off, I would like to tell you how lucky I am to work with such an AWESOME GROUP of teachers.


ELA – Hogan:  Students continued to work on their writings and have now began working on the SWAY presentation.  This is a new way to create writings and it is REALLY COOL!  I hope that we will be seeing more and more of this type of technology in use.  Writings will be due next week and we will begin oral presentations.  I hope you are ready.

HOMEWORK:  Work on your oral presentation.

SS – Hague:  Students completed Warm Up 151 today.  They completed the graphic organizers that they were given earlier in the week.  We reviewed the materials and then, they received a Latin American Economics THQ (TAKE HOME QUIZ).  Everything they need should be in their SSNB.  They are allowed to use the internet to help (provided it is needed).  The THQ is due on Monday.  Don’t leave it at home or lose it.

HOMEWORK:  You will have a government Economics Review quiz on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Good evening.

ELA – Hogan:  Students continue to write on their brochure.  Students, you need to understand that the due date is so much closer that it seems.  If you don’t use your time wisely, you will have difficulty in meeting the deadline for the brochure.  Don’t socialize – do your work so you can get the best grade possible.

HOMEWORK:  Don’t forget that your oral presentations are coming up soon.

SS – Hague:  Students turned in the warm ups that were due last Wednesday.  They actually had an extra week to ensure they had the questions, answers and they were numbered.  We still had some students who are choosing not to turn in all of their warm ups.  It does hurt your grade and this is such an easy grade.  For some classes, we ran out of time for test corrections so hopefully we will be able to do that tomorrow.  If you were paying attention to Mr. Hague reviewing the actual test today, you should be okay.

HOMEWORK:  If you got a remediation sheet today, work on it or get it completed and ready to turn in.  Your retest will be Friday.

I will not be here tomorrow so there will be no blog.  Make sure you check both Mr. Hogan’s and Mr. Hague’s blogs.

Have a great evening.

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Monday, May 7, 2018


Hello and good evening.

ELA – Hogan:  Students continue to write on their 3 individual writings.  Some students are getting behind due to socialization and time is running short.  Everyone should be working and trying to get done as quickly as possible.  As a reminder, work on your oral presentation.

HOMEWORK:  Practice your oral presentation

SS – Hague:  Students received SSNB page 114 today and took their own notes from information provided to them.  If you did not complete this, be prepared to finish this up tomorrow.  Remember:  Warm ups will be due on Wednesday, May 9.  You have had ample time to get the ones you might be missing.

HOMEWORK:  Check to ensure that you have all of your warm ups numbered, have the question and the answer completed.

Have a good evening.

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Friday, May 4, 2018


Happy Friday!

ELA – Hogan:  Students continued to work on their writing pieces.  Today was the last day for getting your notes updated and your grade for your notes updated.  Sadly, some students chose not to do this.  Most students have begun on their graphic organizers and on their rough drafts.  They will begin editing their rough drafts this up coming week.  REMEMBER:  You have your 2 minute oral presentation coming due.  Several students have already signed up for a time.  You were told to put the person you drew out of the basket in your agenda – somewhere safe.  I suggested your birthday.  Keep working and practicing on that.  You will NOT HAVE NOTES TO HELP YOU DURING YOUR PRESENTATION.  Practice and you should do fine.

HOMEWORK:  Practice on your presentation.  Also, check Mr. Hogan’s blogs for any updated information on dates or other pertinent information.

SS – Hague:  Students did warm up #144 and then took their Unit Assessment.  Hopefully everyone did well.  Warm ups will be due on Wednesday, May 9.  You have plenty of time to get them if you didn’t do them when they were given.

HOMEWORK:  Work on your warm ups.

Have a great evening.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018


Today has been a great day.

ELA – Hogan:  Students have begun to write their rough drafts and are working hard to meet their deadlines.  There is going to be some AWESOME stories turned in and I can hardly wait to read them.   Students need to continue to work at home on their oral presentation.  They will be signing up soon for the day they wish to present.  If you have anxiety about speaking in front of a group, you need to practice in front of your family or a mirror.  You can do this.  If you are having difficulty with understanding the directions of the project, you need to be asking questions.  Information has been on my blog since April 16, 2018.  If you have questions or are unsure, ask us.  🙂  Don’t wait until the last day and say “I didn’t understand”.  We are here to help.  🙂

HOMEWORK:  Practice your presentation – it doesn’t need to be any longer than 2 minutes.  Remember:  Notes will NOT be used.

SS – Hague:  Students completed warm up # 143 today.  We also reviewed the answers to the Conflict and change in Latin America crossword.  Students were given an opportunity to work on their study guide for the test tomorrow and we then reviewed the answers to that.  It is amazing at how many students DID NOT write down the answers as they were given.  If you missed any of the answers today, go to my pages tab and look for the Latin America History study guide COMPLETED.  Maybe this will help you.

HOMEWORK.  Study for your test tomorrow.  Also, warm ups will be taken up May 9th.  Hang on to your plates that we did.  We will be taking these up.  If you didn’t get one yesterday, see me tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2018


Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday!

I was not able to connect to the internet last night for some reason so as you saw, there was no blog up for me.  

ELA – Hogan:  Students are working hard on their writing projects.  Some people are still not through with their note taking which will put you behind.  You have had plenty of opportunity to come in early and work or work in  homeroom.  Make sure you are checking the post for April 16th for any upcoming due dates.

HOMEWORK:  Don’t forget to practice your oral presentation.  The due date is closer than you think.

SS – Hague:  Students were able to make an informational pizza today in class.  Well, not a real pizza but it was a great idea.  Paper plates were given out and students had to divide the paper plate into 8 sections.  They then had to locate information from their notes and place in the correct section.  There was an example on the board that they could use as a guide.

HOMEWORK:  Make sure you are working on your study guide.  This is a SSNB page and it has to be complete.  Also, we will be taking up the warm ups on May 9th.  Make sure you have all of yours.  Study for your test which is on Friday.  HINT:  If you go to my pages tab, you MIGHT JUST FIND A COMPLETED STUDY GUIDE.  Look for today’s date and SS  Completed Latin America History Study Guide.

Have a great evening!  Hang in there. 

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Monday, April 30, 2018


Happy Monday!  It is hard to believe that May is upon us!

ELA – Hogan:  Students had the opportunity to improve their notes grade from last week.  Students had 9 days to read the articles of inventors and take a front and back page of notes that they will use to write the 3 writing pieces that we will be working on in class.  None of the writings will be done outside of class.  For the due dates, please see my April 16th post.  Students should have already completed their research on their “oral presentation” person.  They need to be practicing without notes because notes will NOT be allowed.

HOMEWORK:  Work on your oral presentation.

SS – Hague:  Students completed their warm ups 121-140 today.  Students will be turning in their warm ups Wednesday, May 2, 2018.  Fidel Castro – VILLAIN OR HERO posters were due today.  Some students chose not to do their poster so this will impact their grades.  They were given the assignment on Friday and had the weekend to complete it.  Study guides were given today as well.  Students have the information they need to complete their study guide and begin studying for their Unit test on Friday.  The study guide becomes SSNB page 112 and they were also given SSNB page 113 which was facts about Poverty and War on Drugs.  Students were to read a passage and list facts that described both of these issues in Latin America.  The “pop” quiz that was given on Friday was returned today as well.

HOMEWORK:  Work on your study guide and watch on TV/read about “CARAVAN”.  This is about the people coming to the U.S.  You saw a little video clip about it today in class.

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