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Friday, April 20, 2018


Happy Friday!

ELA – Hogan:  Please continue to check the Post on April 16th for dates on the writing project.

HOMEWORK:  Work on researching your inventor for your 2 minute oral presentation.  Practice in front of parents, family members, friends or even a mirror.  🙂

SS – Hague:  Students took the L.A. Geography assessment today.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Happy Thursday.  Tomorrow is FRIDAY and then a well deserved weekend for all of the students who worked so diligently on the Georgia Milestones Tests.  However, school is NOT OVER.  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Please review my Post on Monday, April 16 for dates on the year end project.  Students continued to take notes on inventors.  The notes, for the most part, are looking really good.  Keep up the good work.

HOMEWORK:  Make sure you are researching your person that you are doing you r 2 minute oral report on.  Remember:  No note cards will be used.


SS – Hague:  Today students spent class reviewing for the Latin America geography unit test tomorrow.  They participated in different stations for their review.  I have added the completed study guide on my pages tab for your assistance.  I think you will do well if you prepare yourself.

Homework: Study for the unit test.  Use your warm ups, SSNB and your study guide to prepare.  

Have a great evening.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Hi and good evening.  I wanted to let you know that I have signed up for a account.  If you have not heard of it, please visit the site for more information.  As we move into the use of technology, I would like to see us have more laptops in our rooms.  Check out my account and see if you are interested or know of anyone who might interested in helping our ELA classes.

ELA – Hogan:  Please make sure that you check my blog from earlier in the week that gives information on our end of the year project.  If you have specific questions, please email me and let me know.

SS – Hague:   Today students checked their Latin America Map quizzes to make sure they know the countries for Friday’s test.  Students also watched a short video to introduce the impact of Europeans in the region.  Next, we started exploring the specifics of Spanish and Portuguese colonization in the region.  We will continue that tomorrow.

Homework: Continue working on your study guide for Friday’s test.  Update your Conflict Crossword with any new words you encountered today.

Have a great evening.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Good evening and happy Tuesday!

ELA – Hogan:  Students copied down the name of 6 inventors and began taking notes on 1 of them today.  Tomorrow, they will continue to take notes on that particular inventor from today.  Mr. Hogan explained how to take notes so they would only be writing a few important key words rather than copying down each sentence.



SS – Hague:  Today students were able to check our Latin America Map quizzes together to make sure we know the countries for Friday’s test.  They also watched a short video to introduce the impact of Europeans in the region.  Next, we started exploring the specifics of Spanish and Portuguese colonization in the region.  They were given 2 SSNB pages today and we will continue to work on those tomorrow.

Homework: Continue working on your study guide for Friday’s test.  Work on your Conflict Crossword puzzle or the fill in the blank sheet that you received today with any new words you might have heard today in class.

Have a wonderful evening.

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Monday, April 16, 2018


Good evening and Happy Monday!  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Today, students were able to choose from a container, the person and their invention, they will be researching.  We (Mr. Hogan and I) are not writing down who has what name so the students were told to write their person down in their agenda.  We will have NO WAY to tell who they had.  If they lose it, it will be detrimental to their final grade.   Please continue to read this blog in its entirety.  This is concerning our expectations and deadlines for the end of the year project.

End of Year Project Overview

This will most likely be that last post of the year but I will try to make sure that I give you updates daily, if there are any, on where you should be in terms of your research project.  . There may be updates to this post over the next month, but most of the information will stay the same. Updates will be in a text that is red or blue to indicate a change. It will also most likely have a heading of “Update” or “Changes”.

Students tomorrow will begin working to complete the final project!!! This project will require them to research several individuals in history who are considered important because of inventions/contributions they made. For example… Where would children be if Ole Kirk Christiansen didn’t invent LEGO blocks? And, aren’t we all thankful that Willis Haviland Carrier was insightful enough to create modern day air-conditionaing! The research articles have been pulled (by the teachers) for the students, and time is being provided in class for students to research each of the focus individuals.

Using notes collected during research, students will create a brochure that contains various elements that connect to skills covered throughout the year (argumentative, expository, narrative, grammar, etc.).

A final piece of the project will require students to present findings discovered during independent/outside school research.  Students will draw from a list of possible individuals in class on Tuesday (April 17th), and complete research/prepare to present their findings about these individuals to students in the class.  The due date for presentations will be approximately during the 2nd week of May…a  definite date will be provided at a later time- in a later post.

The following link provides an overview and description of all phases of the project:

Project overview and requirements-yi14nz

This will hopefully be an insightful and engaging activity that will provide an opportunity for review in addition to a final practice using many of the skills learned this year.

Please see the timeline below for an overview of timing, due dates, grading targets, and various other resources.

If absent at any time, students should plan to see me ASAP (during homeroom) to discuss a plan for catching up with any missed tasks.  Since we are quickly nearing the end of the year, timing is crucial!

Monday (April 16)

Students will view a video which highlights good technique and aid for using the internet as a resource.

Tuesday – Friday (April 17 – 27)

Students will be provided a packet of resources each day from which they will collect notes about the individual presented in each packet.

GRADE OPPORTUNITY: The research note packets  will be collected and graded for quantity and quality of notes collected on each individual (1 page of notes required for each individual – one individual researched each day).  This will be a formative grade.

April 25 – May 2nd

Students will begin on graphic organizers for their three essays after they finish their research notes. Please note that dates may overlap. This is to allow for slow or absent students to get caught up. There are no hard deadlines yet.

May 2nd – May 7th

Students will revise and edit their graphic organizers in order to create a strong final draft. Students will be able to have their writing processes checked throughout our work time. This will allow writing process grades to go in the grade book before everything else is turned in.

May 7th – May 14th

Students will type their final drafts on Sway in the classroom. I will get a computer cart, or we will be in the computer lab to allow students the time to complete this task.

May 14th is a hard deadline for Final Drafts to be done

Oral Presentations will be May 15th, 16th, and 18th. This is a hard deadline as well.


SS – Hague:  Students completed warm up #129 today.  As always, the answer was discussed and students had the opportunity to write down the correct answer.  Students then took the L.A. Political Map quiz.  Once they turned in their quiz, they were to take a L.A. Geography Study Guide and begin working on that.  We began going over some of the answers so students could write down some of the answers.  However, there were some students who chose not to write anything down which will be detrimental to them.  Being that we are coming up on the final stretch of their 6th grade year, ALL students need to do what is expected and begin to take responsibility for getting their information.  We are here to help but not enable so make sure you are doing your part and getting the information down when it is presented.

HOMEWORK:  Begin completing your study guide.

Have a great evening.

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Friday, April 13, 2018


Well, 6th graders can now relax and concentrate on completing their 6th grade year with phenomenal results.

ELA – Hogan:  Make sure you check Mr. Hogan’s blog as I did not meet with his classes today.

SS – Hague:  Students got to watch a very short video clip about Latin America and cows.  Cows?  Yep!  Cows.  It described how the cow industry is affecting the Amazon Rain Forest.  Pretty devastating.  The students were then given a SSNB page and had to answer questions concerning the deforestation and what could be done about it.  They also took a mock political map test today.  They only had 10 countries to put down and that gave us the idea that SEVERAL people need to be studying their map over the weekend.  Your map quiz is on Monday, along with your SSNB check.  There is a website called Shepard’s and you can go there and practice locating your countries.  It is a pretty cool site.  The countries you need to know are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Peru and Chile.

HOMEWORK:  Get your SSNB ready for your check and study your map.

Have a great weekend.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018


Good evening and happy Thursday.  Another successful day of testing.  Hang in there 6th grade!

ELA – Hogan:  Students were given the next writing assignment.  They will be researching and creating a brochure.  Students will also have to do a 2 minute presentation towards the end of the 9 weeks.  A list of people will be given for students to choose from.  They received an information sheet today which was reviewed in class.  There is more information coming.  Hang tight!  🙂


SS – Hague:  Student completed warm up #128 today and then viewed a short video clip.  They were also given a SSNB page in which they had the opportunity to work on briefly.  SSNB check will be Monday as well as your Latin America Political Map Quiz.  Begin studying your map.

HOMEWORK:  Clean up your SSNB and study your map.

Have a great evening.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Day 2 of testing is complete.  Things went very well from my perspective.  🙂

Being that our schedule has changed and we see different classes each day, please make sure you are checking both Mr. Hogan and Mr. Hague’s blogs as well as mine.  I don’t want you to miss any information.


SS – Hague:  Students completed warm up #127 today which was related to respiration.  Students were then able to watch a video describing and showing the air pollution in Mexico City.  They were then give a graphic organizer, along with a short reading passage that they needed to pull out information and place on their graphic organizer.  The completed graphic organizer was then displayed so students could make sure they had all the information they needed on their own graphic organizer.  Classes are short so that was all we were able to complete today.

HOMEWORK:  Work on updating your SSNB.  We will be doing a SSNB check this upcoming Monday.  You will also have a Latin America POLITICAL MAP Quiz on Monday as well.  The countries that you need to REALLY BE FAMILIAR WITH ARE:  Colombia, Bolivia, Panama Haiti, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico.  I know that we will be adding a couple more but be learning the locations of these countries.

Have a great evening!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Well, one day of testing down and it went well.  We only saw 1 and 2nd period today in which students watched a video about research writing.  Students will have a writing project which will be introduced on Thursday.

Get some rest and good luck on tomorrow’s test.

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Monday, April 9, 2018


Welcome back!  I’m so happy to be back.   I have to have a routine!  🙂   

ELA – Hogan:  Today, Mr. Hogan reviewed samples of writings to help students see the differences between Milestones scoring and how to possibly get the highest score on their writing for the Georgia Milestones ELA section 1 tomorrow.  I hope everyone gets some good rest.  You will do awesome!  I have faith in you all!  🙂

HOMEWORK:  NONE!  Just rest up for tomorrow.

SS – Hague:  Today, students worked on the Latin America Political map.  They were locating, labeling and coloring their map today.  They had to locate 29 countries and the best part is, the majority of the students completed theirs.  They stayed focused and worked hard.  There will be a SSNB check tomorrow so make sure your SSNB is complete, pages numbered and glued in.

HOMEWORK:  Make sure your notebook is ready for checking tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening.

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