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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Hey and good evening.

ELA – Johnson:  Today we continued with the DGP.  This warm up was a little more in depth than normal but the students made it through it. I’m really proud of them.  Hopefully, they will retain it and do good on the quiz on Friday.  Just as we began to get into the lesson the bell rang for the next class.  When we have conference week, we have shorter classes.  🙁

HOMEWORK:  Review your DGP and work on your Language Review sheet.

SS – Hague:  Today, students completed their warm up and then received information on the beginning writing stage of their DBQ essay.  Students received a graphic organizer that they will use tomorrow to begin writing their “sloppy copy” and the rubric in which their essay will be graded.   On the same page as the rubric, there was a block for a check list and some transition hints to help.  Remember:  tomorrow you have your Causes of WWI vocabulary quiz so make sure you either study your crossword puzzle (completed copy on my “Pages” tab) and/or the flashcards with pictures (also on my “Pages” tab).  If you know those, trust me, you will ACE this quiz.  No better way to start the new 9 weeks other than with an “A”.

HOMEWORK:  Make sure you review your words.  You can also begin to choose which element was the underlying cause of WWI – Alliance, Militarism or Imperialism/Nationalism.  You can only choose 1.  Make sure you can cite the documents to back up your choice.  You basically have to prove your choice.  You can do this.  It is not as difficult as you may think.  I’m here to help so don’t be afraid to come sit with me.  🙂

Have a wonderful evening.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Good evening!  Conferences are going well and I am so thankful for all the parents that have attended.  

ELA – Johnson:  Today, students were introduced to a new concept in DGP – the appositive.  It is a fairly easy concept but it can also be confusing, especially if you are not focused on what you are looking for.  I have faith in each of you that you will be able to master this concept.  Students also had the opportunity to work on their Q H T (question, heard and teach) vocabulary chart.   This is your 2nd section in your notebook.   We are working on the Unit 2 vocabulary which you can print off a set of flash card from my “Pages” tab titled Unit 2 Vocabulary with pictures.

HOMEWORK:  Don’t forget to be working on your Language Review sheet.  I will be more than happy to assist you if you are confused on any of the questions/concepts.

SS – Hague:  Students completed Warm Up #43 and then we completed the DBQ packet.  Students who didn’t get all the answers to the questions were given sheets for each of the documents and some students have gone to Mr. Hague’s student support tab and gotten the answers from there.  Everyone has had access to the answers so your documents should be complete.  We also completed the Vocabulary Crossword today and reviewed the answers.  If your class was one that did not get the crossword completed due to shorter class time, please go to my “Pages” tab and view/print out the completed copy of the “Causes of WWI COMPLETED CROSSWORD”.  Remember, you have a vocabulary quiz on Thursday so make sure you are reviewing.  There are also flashcards with pictures on my “Pages” tab titled “Causes of WWI FLASHCARDS WITH PICTURES”.  I am also seeing that some of you are NOT keeping up your SSNB.  This is a study tool for you and it is something that we refer to a great deal, especially as we are moving forward with other standards.  If you don’t have a SSNB, you are going to struggle when we ask you to get out SSNB page……..we have to keep moving so you need to have your pages numbered and in order in some type of notebook.  I am more than happy to HELP YOU organize your SSNB but I will no longer be doing it by myself.  We are now into the 2nd 9 weeks and you know what our class expectations are.  We want you to be successful but you have to want the same thing.  I will be more than willing to help you any tutoring day for CUC.  I’m here!  🙂

HOMEWORK:  Vocabulary quiz on Thursday.  Make sure you are reviewing your crossword puzzle.

Have a great evening.

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Monday, October 15, 2018


Good evening!  Conference week has begun and it was great seeing the parents I was able to have conferences with today.  Thank you so much for coming.  🙂

ELA – Johnson:  Students completed warm up today and we went directly into reviewing the answers to the Language Homework sheet.  Being that this is conference week, students will be getting out at 1:30 so classes are shorter.  

HOMEWORK:  Continue to work on your new Language Review sheet.  If you need assistance, please ask.  I’d love to be able to help you.  🙂

SS – Hague:  Students completed Warm Up #42.  We also took up warm ups 21-40 today.  If you didn’t turn them in today, get them in tomorrow.  These do count for a grade.  🙂  Depending on where each class left off on the DBQ, we continued to read and discuss what was the cause of WWI.  Today, each class should be caught up to Document E which was the British Octopus.  If not, we will complete this tomorrow and move to Document F – Colonies.  Make sure you bring your packet so you can get all the answers.  If by chance you are missing the answers to any questions, let me know and you can come see me for the answers.  We also gave answers to some of the clues to your SSNB Page #39 – Causes of WWI.  You need to try to complete the crossword because you are having a vocabulary quiz on THURSDAY – October 18.  You have all the answers or have been given several of the answers.  Were you listening??????

HOMEWORK:  Update your crossword.  

Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your upcoming conferences.

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Friday, October 12, 2018


Happy Friday!  Isn’t the cool weather AWESOME?

ELA – Johnson:  Students took the DGP Week 9 quiz and then were to complete their reflection sheet on their personal narrative.  Some students worked on their Language Review sheet as well.  Students need to continue to work on the Language Review sheet little by little so they won’t be rushed at the last minute.  If there is any block that you don’t understand on the Language Review sheet, please come see me.  I’d love to be able to help.

HOMEWORK:  Continue to work on your Language Review sheet

SS – Hague:  Students began a new set of warm ups today with #41.  On Monday, students will be expected to turn in the previous set of warm ups 21-40.  We continued working through the DBQ packet.  We are going through and explaining each section so students will be able to do their writing once we have gone through each section.  They will be asked the question “What is the underlying cause of WWI”.  They will have to decide between militarism, alliances or nationalism and be able to explain their choice and cite the documents that will back up their choice.  This will be done in class.

HOMEWORK:  Continue to update your SSNB page 39 (WWI Crossword Puzzle)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Good evening and happy Thursday!

ELA – Johnson:  Students completed the DGP for the week and we will have the quiz tomorrow.  I’m expecting that the grades will be higher this week.  After DGP, Ms. Johnson reviewed the Language Review sheet from this past month so each student could see the correct answers.  This was an early release day so the classes were shorter.  Please know that students have received another Language Review sheet to complete to turn in towards the end of the month.  If any student is having difficulty, please come see me.  I would love to be able to help!  🙂

HOMEWORK:  Just continue to work on the Language Review sheet – spread it out and do a little each week)

SS – Hague:  Students completed Warm up 40 today and we will be taking them up next week.  Students need to make sure that they have both the question and answer in order to get full credit.  This will be a formative grade and can help your grade if you continue to have all the warm ups.  Students took the re-take on the Age of Exploration/Empire Building assessment.  Some of the students did well.

HOMEWORK:  Continue to update your vocabulary crossword.

Have a wonderful evening.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Good evening and happy Wednesday.

ELA – Johnson:  Today students completed the warm up and then were able to work on their reflection of their narrative story.  Students have received another Language Review Sheet for October and this will be due in November.  Please make sure you are working on this sheet.

HOMEWORK:  Work on your Language Review sheet.

SS – Hague:  Students did warm up #39.  One more and we will be taking up the warm ups.  We continued to work on the DBQ documents.  We actually go over each document and then discuss the answers.  The answers have also been written up on the board so students can get the correct answers.  Some students are not taking advantage of this and will struggle when it comes to actually writing their essay.  REMEMBER:  TOMORROW IS THE RE-TAKE DAY for The Age of Exploration/Empire Building assessment.  YOU MUST have a completed REMEDIATION SHEET signed by your parent with you tomorrow in order for you to be able to do the re-take.  No completed and parent signed sheet, no retake.  The remediation sheet is on my “Pages” tab as well as on Mr. Hague’s blog.

HOMEWORK:  Complete your remediation sheet, get it signed by a parent AND then study your study guide and notes.  You also need to be updating your vocabulary crossword.  You have been given several of the vocabulary words (if you wrote them down on your crossword).

Have a great evening and stay dry.  🙂

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Happy Tuesday.  Apparently we need to batten down the hatches due to the hurricane winds we are supposed to be getting tomorrow.

ELA – Johnson:   Students completed day 2 of Week 9 of DGP.  Today, participation was somewhat better.  Students were given their October Language Arts Review sheet.  This will be due the first week of November.  Students were also given a reflection sheet to begin working on based on their narrative writing.  We will work on this tomorrow.

HOMEWORK:  You can begin working on your Language Review Sheet.

SS – Hague:  Students completed their usual warm up and then we brought out the DBQ – Document Based Questions project.  Each student received a packet of documents that included questions for each document.  We began with the background information of what was the main cause of WWI.  Students were to follow along as Mr. Hague read aloud the background information sheet.  We then began asking the questions that went along with that information.  Some students had some really interesting answers that could have very well been a cause of WWI.  As we discussed each question, students were provided with the correct answer to each question in which they should have written down on their copy.  We only got through the background information today but tomorrow, we will delve into more documents.  This project will be a writing essay in which students have to explain and cite evidence of what they think is the main cause of WWI.  Students do have homework tonight unless they completed it during class time.  DON’T FORGET…..IF YOU PLAN ON RETAKING THE ASSESSMENT, YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THE REMEDIATION SHEET THAT IS NOW ON MY PAGES TAB.  That sheet has to be completed, signed by your parent and returned to us on Thursday.  

HOMEWORK:  Define in your own words, the 6 words at the bottom your background essay

Have a great evening! 

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Monday, October 8, 2018


Good afternoon/evening.

ELA – Johnson:  Today, we began a new sentence in DGP.  I was somewhat disappointed in the majority of the students today.  It appeared that most of the students were just waiting for me to give the answers to them.  They each were given a copy of Monday-Friday notes in order to help them figure out what they needed to put on their sentences but no one had their copies out until I told them that I was not going to put up the answers unless I see some effort from them.  I think that made some of the a little shocked.  However, students should be able to complete almost any sentence that I put up being that they have 8 full weeks of DGP behind them.  Students also had the opportunity to submit their personal narratives today.  They were also to turn in all of the prior writing process sheets that they had completed.  

HOMEWORK:  No homework but you might want to double check on Ms. Johnson’s blog just in case she posted something later in the day.

SS – Hague:  Students didn’t have a warm up today but instead, they input their answers from their summative assessment last Friday into the i-respond program.  From there, students were able to get a printout of what they scored.  They had the opportunity to take a copy of the assessment and make a true statement out of the questions they missed on the assessment.  There will be a retake opportunity for this assessment on Wednesday.  The “remediation” sheet will be on Mr. Hague’s blog so make sure that you go to his Retake Opportunities page and print off a copy of the remediation sheet.  This must be completed and signed by your parent in order for you to be able to take the “Re-take” assessment.  The remediation sheet will serve as your ticket to be able to take the re-take.  If you don’t have the sheet, signed and completed, you will not be able to take the assessment.

HOMEWORK:  In your online textbook, locate Chapter 6, Section 2.  You are responsible for reading pages 130-131.

Have a good evening.

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Friday, October 5, 2018



ELA – Johnson:  Students took the DGP quiz today.  Hopefully, the scores have continued to rise.  I’m so thrilled that the students are beginning to understand grammar more and more each week.  They continued to type their papers as well.  It was our hopes that we would have the completed today but we were not able to do this.  We will give instructions on Monday on how we plan on completing this writing assignment.  Hopefully everyone turned in their Language Review homework sheet and the book mark.  Those were due today.

HOMEWORK:  Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you all on Monday.  🙂

SS – Hague:  No warm up today but we did take the European Exploration/Empire Building assessment today.  It is my hope that everyone did very well on this since we had put several helpful aids on our blogs.  We will see on next week how everyone did on the assessment.

HOMEWORK:  No homework!  Enjoy your weekend.  I hope to see you all on Monday.  🙂

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.  Get some rest.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018


Good evening.  I hope your day has been a great one.

ELA – Johnson:  Students completed the warm up today – both the punctuation/capitalization and the diagram.  It appears that the students are getting a good handle on the diagram.  It is so exciting to see this.  When we first started this at the beginning of the year, the look on their faces was priceless.  It is even more priceless now, since they know they can do the diagramming.  Students continued to type on their papers today.  REMINDER:  Your book mark and your Language Review sheet is due tomorrow.  You have had plenty of time to complete these 2 activities.  We have been available for help at anytime so if you didn’t use us or ask questions for clarification, there is little we can do for you now being that the due date is tomorrow.

HOMEWORK:  REMEMBER – DGP WEEK 8 quiz tomorrowStudy your notes.  There should be no one making below an 80 on these quizzes now.  You have everything you need and you have been offered help (tutoring) anytime you need it.  Good luck tomorrow on your quiz.

SS – Hague:  Oh my gosh!  Talk about students being engaged!  TODAY WAS AWESOME!!!  We did an activity of matching but we used “circles”.  It was phenomenal!  Once we got back into the class, students rotated around in REVIEW stations and they were so engaged!  I wish I could share what we were seeing!  Hopefully, the assessment grades will reflect what we were seeing in class today.   COMPLETED STUDY ON MY PAGES TAB!  🙂

HOMEWORK:  REMEMBER:  You have a summative assessment tomorrow.  You should have your study guide completed and hopefully, you have been studying.  I have had no one come to me and ask for assistance so I am hoping that the short cuts study guide that has been posted on my “pages” tab helped you locate all of your answers on your regular study guide.  Review tonight and when you get here tomorrow, if you have any questions, ASK!  Make sure you go review your explorers and where they went.  I think you will do well.  SHOW US WHAT YOU KNOW!!!  🙂

Have a great evening.

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