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Friday, November 17, 2017



ELA – Hogan:  We reviewed the homework and explained about transitive and intransitive verbs.  I keep trying to tell students that once you do your diagram on the quiz, if you will go back and look at it, it could help you increase your grade on the quiz (if the diagram is correct of course).  Students took their grammar quiz and the scores are consistently going up!  How EXCITING!

HOMEWORK:  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and be safe!


SS – Hague:  Today we talked about the conditions in post- WWI Germany that allowed Hitler and the National Socialists seize power in Germany.  We will continue this on Monday after the break.

Homework: Yes, homework over the break…..but easy homework.  Access the Cobb Digital Library and watch the Brain pop videos on WWII and the Cold War.  (There are others you may be interested in, like Anne Frank and others but the two that Mr. Hague mentioned should be watched prior to your return).

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Thursday, November 16, 2017


Happy Thursday!  One more day and you are out for a week!  I know you are going to miss LMS!  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Student reviewed their homework and then had a quick review over compound and simple sentences.  The students then took a quiz over that concept.  Most students apparently do not understand the concept or they just didn’t do review their notes.  Students, you MUST review the materials you are given.  It is of no help to you if you don’t review it.  YOU HAVE TO REVIEW IT.  If you still don’t understand the concept(s) being taught to you, ASK QUESTIONS!  If you don’t, the Mr. Hogan and I will think that you understand and we will move on to the next concept.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!  Grammar quiz tomorrow.  REVIEW YOUR NOTES!

HOMEWORK:  Copy and diagram the sentence.

juan’s cousin built a great tree fort in his yard

SS – Hague:  Students were able to complete 2 warm ups today, #62 and #63.  They turned in their warm ups from 41-60.  We also learned what the Great Depression was about.  SSNB Page #48 was given in order for the students to copy the notes down.  If you did miss anything, check my “Pages” tab for today’s date and the title is Impact of the Great Depression COMPLETED and them copy what you missed.


HOMEWORK:  No homework.  🙂

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Good evening and happy Wednesday.  Students who returned their Performing Arts Permission Slip were able to attend the Performing Arts activity today in the auditorium.  It was a really good music performance.

ELA – Hogan:  Students reviewed their homework and then began working on identifying compound and simple sentences.  They were instructed to identify all of the subjects and verbs and then see identify the complete thoughts.  For those who were struggling, we will continue to work on identifying these types of sentences so don’t give up.  You will get that concept.  There are still several people who have not turned in all of their RACES writings.  You need to check to see if you are one of those students.  Your time is running out so get it in by Friday.  Make sure you are reviewing your grammar practice because you will have your quiz on Friday.

HOMEWORK:  Copy the sentence and follow the directions.

juan’s cousin built a great tree fort in his yard


Wednesday – Label and put brackets [    ] around any independent or dependent clauses. Also, label the sentence as either simple or compound. Lastly, state whether the sentence is a imperative, exclamatory, declarative, or interrogative sentence. Mark all capitalization and punctuation.

SS – Hague:  Students completed and reviewed Warm up #62 and learned what communism is.  They were also given out SSNB Page #47 which was concerning the Russian Revolution.  They were able to work with their “wingman” to go through the textbook to find the answers.  With that being said, in order for you to complete your homework, go to my “Pages” tab and look for the page entitled  SS: 11/15/17  The Russian Revolution COMPLETED NOTES

HOMEWORK:  Finish your SSNB Page #47.  Also, double check to make sure that you have all of your warm ups (questions and answers) ready to turn in tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Good evening!

I just want to make you aware that if you email me, I may not respond as quickly as I normally do.  My computer is being re-imaged again.  Please be patient.  I will respond as soon as I can get to a computer!  🙂  🙂  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Today, students were able to select a partner and begin discussing the questions at the end of the story about Temple Grandin.  They were also able to do the new grammar sentence today.  We will continue to finish up question #3 tomorrow.  We will also review compound and simple sentences for your upcoming quiz.

HOMEWORK:  Copy the sentence and following the directions.

juan’s cousin built a great tree fort in his yard

We will go over the answers the following day at the beginning of class.

Tuesday – Underline the complete subject and the complete predicate, circle the verbs, and double underline the prepositional phrases.

SS – Hague:  Today, students began a new set of warm ups.  Students will now be responsible for printing off (either at home or during homeroom) their own warm up sheet off our blogs.  Trying to get them to take more responsibility.  🙂      Students also received SSNB Page #46 which was a Frayer graphic organizer.  Students viewed 2 videos and then were to fill in their graphic organizer, one section at a time.  Each section was reviewed and the correct answers were put up on the board to ensure that everyone had the correct answers.  They also had an opportunity to work on their vocabulary crossword puzzle as well.  Tomorrow we will be having a Performing Arts presentation.  MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR PERMISSION SLIP SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT!

HOMEWORK:  Update your crossword.  REMEMBER:  41-60 Warm ups will be taken up Thursday.  Be ready!

Have a great evening!

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Monday, November 13, 2017


Happy Monday!  Well, it appears that it is going to be a really cool night!  Woo Hoo!!!

ELA – Hogan:  Today in class, students listened to a story about a lady named Temple Grandin.  This was an amazing story and how she overcame her struggles with Autism and was able to help farmers and other people with her unique characteristics.  We will continue to discuss her story tomorrow.  There are still some students who have not yet turned in their writing pieces.  If you are one of those people, you need to see either me or Mr. Hogan tomorrow.

Homework:  No homework for tonight.  Make sure you check Mr. Hogan’s blog in case there could have been an update.

SS – Hague:  Today, students learned what “no man’s land” is through their warm up.  They were also exposed to what a trench is and how it relates to “no man’s land”.  From there, students were able to view a brain pop video and got SSNB Page #44 which is a vocabulary sheet.  We completed warm up #60 today.  We will be taking up the warm ups on Thursday.  Make sure you have all the questions and all the answers.  If not, you need to see me so I can help you get caught up.

HOMEWORK:  Check your warm ups AND return your PERFORMING ARTS form.

Have a great evening!


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Friday, November 10, 2017


Happy Friday!

ELA – Hogan:  Students were able to continue their RACES writing piece today and turn them in.  There are still some students who have not turned in their papers and they are PAST DUE.  These have to be completed on Monday – time is up.   First and 2nd period took their grammar quiz and 3, 6th and 7th will take their quiz on Monday.   Students also were able to practice on concepts that we have learned about in ELA.  They had the opportunity to work with a partner and hopefully, teach each other if they had trouble answering  a question.  This was a wonderful site to see.  Students actually were helping – not giving answers.  AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!


SS – Hague:  Students had the opportunity to study their crossword puzzle for a few minutes prior to actually taking their quiz.  If you studied long enough on your crossword puzzle, you should have made a 100 or pretty close to it.  After the quiz, students were able to continue writing their response to the DBQ that we have been working on in class.   If you have turned in your DBQ writing, you should have gotten your SSNB Page #43 – Conflicts in Europe review sheet (vocabulary crossword).   For those students who still need time, don’t panic.  We will find the time so you can explain your point of view.


Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.  🙂 

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Thursday, November 9, 2017


WOW!  How cool is this weather?  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Students reviewed the grammar homework and continued to write on their RACES question about How Dogs Make Us Human.  What a great title to think about, especially if you are a dog owner.  If they turned in their papers today, they should have been reading and working on a bookmark sheet based on the book they are reading at this point.

HOMEWORK:  Review your grammar homework from this week for y our QUIZ tomorrow.

Copy the sentence:  wow this is a really hard test

The diagram for the week is as follows:

SS – Hague:  Students continued on their DBQ writing essay today.  Some students may not be completed in the allotted time due to them not doing their pre-write.  We did work on the writing today in class and several students were in need of assistance.  I was THRILLED to be able to help them.

HOMEWORK:  Study your crossword puzzle for your quiz tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening.

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11/8/2017 DBQ questions and ANSWERS


DBQ Background Essay Questions Answered UPDATED-1m6kbfo

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


HEY EVERYBODY!  I’m back in business!  My computer was being re-imaged and I had to for-go a blog for one night!  So sorry!

ELA – HOGAN:  Today in class, we reviewed the homework and introduced a new concept which was predicate nominative.  Students NEED to practice their grammar every night.  The sentences will continually become harder and harder as we go through the year.  They also had the opportunity to read a story about how dogs make us human.  Three questions were answered and one of those questions was a writing prompt.  We will complete that writing piece tomorrow.  Homework is to continue with your grammar practice.

wow this is a really hard test

Wednesday:    Label and put brackets [  ] around any independent or dependent clauses. Also, label the sentence as either simple or compound. Lastly, state whether the sentence is a imperative, exclamatory, declarative, or interrogative sentence. Mark all capitalization and punctuation.

SS – HAGUE:  Students completed warm up #59.  One more and we will be taking them up.  Make sure you have all of the warm ups completed.  We also handed out the DBQ writing graphic organizer and the rubric.  Students were able to view possible thesis statements so they would have an idea of what their thesis statement should say.  REMEMBER:  RACES strategies are to be used in order to help you write your best persuasive paper.  Students need to try to work on their writing tonight so tomorrow, they can come in and begin writing their rough draft.  Use your documents and don’t forget to include transitions from one idea to the next.  You also will have a document vocabulary quiz on Friday.  Read through your documents and study the words you need to know…….such as triple entente, triple alliance, balance of power and so on.  If you are missing any answers to your documents from the DBQ packet, check out my “Pages” tab and look for today’s date entitled DBQ document answers.

HOMEWORK:  Work on your pre-write so if you need help tomorrow, you can come see me.

Have a great evening.


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Friday, November 3, 2017


Happy Friday!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!

ELA – Hogan:  Today, we reviewed the diagram and then students took their grammar quiz.  The scores appear to be going up!  See!  Practice does make a difference!  YEAH for you all!  Students also practiced another RACES strategies writing prompt.  Still some work to be done but they are trying to do good.


SS – Hague:  We continued to work on the DBQ packet, going through each document carefully and answering questions about the documents.  These questions also are higher level thinking questions so students do have to be able to apply information.  We will continue to work on the DBQ next week.  Mr. Hague may be putting DBQ information on his blog so make sure you are checking his blog as well.

HOMEWORK:  Update your crossword.  Other than that, none!


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