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Friday, January 19, 2018



SS – Hague:  Please check my “Pages” tab for a power point on basic economics and a pyramid that you can complete to help you get ahead.  Do you best and don’t panic.  We will be there to help you if you don’t understand a concept.  Just look over these 2 pieces of information.

Have a great weekend and make sure you stay warm and safe.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Hopefully, we will be back tomorrow!  We have learning to do!  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Make sure you are checking Mr. Hogan’s blog for any updates.

SS – Hague:  We are scheduled to have an Economics Vocabulary BASICS assessment tomorrow.  IF WE ARE IN SCHOOL TOMORROW, THE ASSESSMENT WILL BE GIVEN!  BE READY!  🙂  Along with the flash cards that I posted for this set of vocabulary, the ANSWERED CROSSWORD is now posted as well on my “Pages” tab entitled “1/18/18   SS     ECONOMICS VOCABULARY BASICS ANSWERED”.  Double check your crossword and correct if needed.  Use the flashcards if you like using them.  Make sure that you are working on your handout that was given to you on Tuesday with the instructions DO ONLY IF WE ARE OUT OF SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY.  You have now had 2 days to complete this.  Make sure that you bring this back tomorrow.

Have a great evening and stay warm.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Welcome back!  

I apologize for not posting last night.  I was waiting for additional information to post but it didn’t get to me.  Here is the posts for last night.  🙁

ELA – Hogan:  Today, students learned about propaganda and the different types to look for.  Students were taken through each example and were shown how businesses use propaganda to get us to buy different products.  They were then asked to come up with different types of propaganda that they see either on television, internet or in magazines.  They were also invited to take part in the writing contest.  They are allowed to choose any writing genre they like and write on the topic of their choice.  From each class of 6th grade ELA, there will be 1 grade level winner to advance to the county level.  This is not a mandatory activity.  Information is on Mr. Hogan’s blog if you are interested in participating.

HOMEWORK:  At this point, NO HOMEWORK.  🙂


SS – Hague:  Today, students received their last set of warm ups back.  They also completed warm up #85.  Once this was completed and reviewed, we gave out SSNB pages 66 and 67.  Page 67 is NOT TO BE COMPLETED FOR HOMEWORK UNLESS WE HAVE NO SCHOOL TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY).  If we do have school, students have to bring this page back so we can work on it together in class.  Students worked in groups today to answer specific question that was designated to their group.  After all the questions were answered and checked, students then could fill in their graphic organizer with the correct answers.  All of the answers should have gotten copied in class.  Review your crossword puzzle (SSNB Pg. #60) for your quiz on Friday.  If you don’t have all of your answers, you need to come to CUC or ask for assistance.

HOMEWORK:  Quiz on Friday – SSNB Page 60.   Page 67 is NOT TO BE COMPLETED UNLESS WE HAVE NO SCHOOL TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY).   If we do have school tomorrow (Wednesday) BRING BACK TO SCHOOL SSNB Pg. #67.

Have a great and warm evening.

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Friday January 12, 2018


Good evening and happy Friday!  🙂  The students were so pumped that they get a 3-day weekend.  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Students reviewed the homework diagram and had the opportunity to ask questions about anything we have covered this week concerning the daily grammar homework.  No one had any questions at all about anything so we handed out the quiz.  Unfortunately, there were several lower than normal grades.  Several students are NOT doing the homework so this will indeed affect their performance on the quizzes.  If the students are not willing to take 3-5 minutes to complete the grammar homework, they really can’t expect to do well, especially if they don’t understand the concepts.  We reviewed the diagram and parts of the quiz so students would understand why they missed the questions they missed.  Mr. Hogan then began explaining that he has created a form on his blog that each student needs to complete.  The questions are assignment related and will allow us to give feed back to students on the topic they choose for their argumentative essay.  This will be a lengthy writing piece and will be done in class unless students are notified otherwise.

HOMEWORK:  Think about the topic you are passionate about and decide which side you will take – for or against.  Then, make sure you do research to see if there is enough data to support your side.  The quicker you decide on your topic, check for research done on your topic, and complete the survey, the quicker you can begin gathering your thoughts.

SS – Hague:  Today, students completed their warm up and we handed out a vocabulary crossword preview.  This was a lengthy crossword so no one completed it.  There were some students who didn’t put forth much effort to work on the crossword.  They were provided with the information that they needed to locate the vocabulary but chose not.  I even provided them with several clues that could be found in their notes from yesterday but few chose to use that information as well.  This will not be put on the blog at this time.  Bring this back with you on Tuesday.   This is NOT homework.


Have a great 3-day weekend.

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January 11, 2018 Thursday


Good evening and happy Thursday!  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Today, students reviewed last night’s homework.  Unfortunately, there are some students who NEED the practice that are not taking the opportunity to practice and are not doing their homework.  We are adding new elements to our grammar practice and it is going to be even more difficult if students don’t practice.  We also began discussing what a “claim” is.  The definition that students need to know is:

A claim is a statement that is arguable and can be proven by evidence.

Students had to read a short passage and pick out statements that you could either agree or disagree with.  This helps students identify statements that might be good topics for a writing piece.

Students will be going to Mr. Hogan’s blog and completing a form that will ask them information about a topic they are to choose to do an argumentative writing piece on.  The form will have questions to make sure that the topic they choose is one that can be proven by evidence or research data.

Tomorrow, we will have a grammar quiz on the sentence that we have been working on this week.  Make sure that you review your homework and ask any question prior to the quiz if you are not sure of a concept concerning this particular sentence.

HOMEWORK:  Diagram this sentence.  Use your previous days’ homework to help you.

REMEMBER:  If you are absent on any particular day, YOU are responsible for the work you missed!

SS – Hague:  Today, we did a notebook check and there were several students who were not ready for the notebook check.  I really find that odd that students are not keeping up with gluing and numbering your SSNB since this is a really good resource for you to use for studying.  It is your responsibility to keep it up and it also helps with organization.  We reviewed the “homework” that was due today from last night.  There were a few students who did not do their homework so they are now a little bit behind.  If they complete it tonight, they should be fine.  The pages that have been given out and should be in their SSNB are some of the most important pages for this unit.  Each student needs to have them completed and glued in for them to study by.  It is a really good idea if students began reviewing, nightly, any information that is given during this unit.  This could prove to be a little more difficult than the past few units.  On your homework page from last night, there were several vocabulary words that you can use on your basic crossword puzzle so make sure you are updating your crossword and practicing the vocabulary.  If you do this, you won’t have to “cram” the night prior to the assessment.  I have also placed a shorter version of A Growing Economy.   It will be listed as 1/11/18  SS   A Growing Economy – Short Version. I tried very hard to hit the “meat” of information.  Feel free to print off a copy and use to help you study but you still need to make sure that you have the version that you were given.  

HOMEWORK:  Update your crossword puzzle and complete the homework that wasn’t done last night.  If you did not complete your SSNB check, get it ready to check on Tuesday.  You have a long weekend and have plenty of time.  The table of contents are up on the board.  Copy it down and then you will have a guide of what to number.

Have a nice evening.


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Good evening and happy Wednesday!

ELA – Hogan:  Students had a review today on direct and indirect objects and transitive verbs.  After the review, we asked if there was anyone who might still have a question or was confused about these concepts and not a hand went up.  We can only hope that everyone understands because we will be going forward with other concepts.

Parents, there are still some students not completing their grammar homework.  Some students have even said they are good at grammar and don’t need any help.  Unfortunately, these are the same students who are unable to answer a question from the homework (that they were supposed to do).  Please ensure that your child attempts to do the homework and brings it to class so we can makes sure that there is full understanding of the concept.

Students also began working in the workbooks today.  They had to complete 4 boxes which we will discuss tomorrow.  If they didn’t get it completed, we will give them a few minutes to complete them so they will be able to join in the discussion and give their thoughts/opinions.


in the womens department we bought jeans tops and shoes

Then, complete the following activities each day of the week. We will go over the answers the following day at the beginning of class.


Tuesday – Underline the complete subject and the complete predicate, circle the verbs, and double underline the prepositional phrases. Label any objects of the prepositions, direct objects, or indirect objects.

Wednesday – Label and put brackets [] around any independent or dependent clauses. Also, label the sentence as either simple or compound. Lastly, state whether the sentence is a imperative, exclamatory, declarative, or interrogative sentence. Mark all capitalization and punctuation.

SS – Hague:  Students turned in their warm ups 61-80 today.  Some students are still not completing the daily warm ups which will cause their grade to be lower than they might expect.  These warm ups are very important due to the fact that some test questions come from the warm ups.  There is ALWAYS help for anyone who is missing some warm ups.  We also did warm up #82.  We asked the students what their life might be like if they could not read.  The responses were really eye opening.  Once we allowed students to give their responses, we gave out white boards and split the class into 2 groups.  One group had to identify factors of a high standard of living and the 2nd group had to identify the factors of a low stand of living.  Each group in the 2 sections had the opportunity to share their opinions.  From there, we gave out a graphic organizer in which we provided students with the correct factors of both high and low standard of living in which they had to copy down.  If for some reason students didn’t get everything down, no worries, it is on my “Pages” tab under Literacy Rate and the Standard of Living in Europe (SSNB Pg. 64).  We also gave out a sheet that is HOMEWORK and it is due tomorrow.  The HOMEWORK is entitled “A Growing Economy”.  Students need to read the information and then on the back, answer/EXPLAIN each answer.  REMEMBER:  YOU CANNOT EXPLAIN SOMETHING IN 1-2 WORDS.  🙂

HOMEWORK:  Complete SSNB Page #64 and bring it back to class with you tomorrow.  Also, you were reminded today that you will have a SSNB check tomorrow as well.  If you know you are missing pages, you need to come to CUC (Catch Up Club).

Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Good evening!  I hope you all had a productive day yesterday.

ELA – Hogan:  Students took a pre-test and 2 surveys today in class.  The pre-test was to see what you knew about argumentative writing.  It will not count against your grade but it does give us an idea on what you understand/know and what you might need some help on.  The surveys were just giving us information on our class and activities.  Thank you for completing them.  I will be helpful to me to see what you like and dislike and how I might be able to help you be more successful.


Each day of the week, copy down the following sentence:

in the womens department we bought jeans tops and shoes

Then, complete the following activitiy. We will go over the answers the following day at the beginning of class.

Monday – Mark the 8 parts of speech: nouns (proper nouns – N and common nouns – n), verbs (action verbs – av, helping verbs – hv, linking verbs – lv, transitive verb – tv, intransitive verb – iv), adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions (coordinating conj. – cc and subordinating conj. – sc), and interjections

SS – Hague:  Students began a new set of warm ups today.  We will be collecting warm ups 61-80 tomorrow.  If you don’t have them all, maybe you need to come see me BEFORE class tomorrow.  We also gave out a graphic organizer concerning Gross Domestic Product.  Students did a group activity where they had to place the correct information in the correct column.  After we reviewed the correct answers with the the class, they were given time to copy down the information on their graphic organizer.  If you didn’t get finished, it is on my “Pages” tab dated 1/9/18 – Gross Domestic Product Notes.  There is a good bit of vocabulary in these notes so don’t panic if you don’t understand what they mean.  We will take you though them.  

HOMEWORK:  Double check to see if you have all of your warm ups to turn in and go through your SSNB to ensure you have all of your pages glued in, numbered and completed.  The SSNB will be check on Thursday.

Have a great evening.

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Friday, January 5, 2018


What a frigid morning it was.  WOW!

ELA – Hogan:  Students were able to complete the Temple Grandin video we began before break.  Some classes were behind in the video so we did complete it today.  We also discussed what the expectations and the types of writing we would be doing this 9 weeks.  Students will be able to chose their topic on something that they really care about.  They will be responsible for writing an argumentative letter in which they have to support their position on their topic of choice.  We will be having a conference with each student to ensure that they will be able to have enough research to  support their topic.   Please make sure that you put “check points” in your agenda so you can say on track with your writing.  This will hopefully help you not get too overwhelmed.  We are here to help you.

HOMEWORK:  Complete the survey on Mr. Hogan’s blogs.  You will be able to do mine on Monday.

SS – Hague:  Today, we completed the last warm up for this section, #80.  We also gave out a crossword puzzle on Economics vocabulary.  Several of the words were discussed in class so the students should have written them in the correct blanks.  We also gave them a graphic organizer to take economics notes on.  I will have a shortened copy of the notes for you on Monday.  


Have a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WELCOME BACK!  It was GREAT to see everyone back.  Yes, I am one of those teachers who is glad to be back.  I need routine!  🙂

ELA – Hogan:  Today, students were able to continue and finish seeing the video of Temple Grandin which we started on the Friday we got out for the holidays.

HOMEWORK:  No homework.

SS – Hague:  Students completed the warm up #79.  We have one more and then we will be taking up the warm ups.  If you find that you are missing any warm ups, come to Catch Up Club and get caught up.  We are here to help.  Mr. Hague also did a review of Page 1 in the SSNB.  This page is the yellow “I Understand” sheet that describes our expectations of our SS class.  There was a new SSNB page #59 given out today.  Parents are to review this with you and then, the parents are to SIGN this page.  This page will be place inside your SSNB.

HOMEWORK:  Get your SSNB Pg. 59 signed by your parent(s) and then bring it back to class with you tomorrow (Friday).

Stay warm and have a great evening!  🙂

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Monday, December 18, 2017


Good afternoon.

ELA – Hogan:  Today, students took the summative CTLS today.  Most of the students did well.  However, there are still some students who still choose NOT to go back and look in their passages.  We also took up the students’ “book mark” page.  This was what students were to be doing each time they read.  The students were told to use this sheet every time they read.  They were told to put the book marks in their notebook so they would not get lost.

Homework:  Please check Mr. Hogan’s blog for any updated information.

SS – Hague:  We continued with the Geography Bee and we will continue tomorrow to see who is the champion from each class.  

HOMEWORK:  Do your test correction statements.  Change the ones you missed into true statements using the correct answers your wrote down.  THESE HAVE TO BE TURNED IN TO MR. HAGUE TOMORROW.  THERE IS NO WIGGLE ROOM.  If for some reason you cannot be here, you will  have to make arrangements to get your paper into Mr. Hague’s hands.  You got this!  I believe in your ability.

Have a great evening!

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