Periods 1-4: Today we learned about integers.  We concentrated on vocabulary: integer, opposite, positive, negative.   We graphed integers on horizontal and vertical number lines and explained the meaning of zero in real-world situations. HW Periods 1, 2, and 4: WB 843 #15-23 and Milestone Prep (USA TestPrep/Prodigy) HW Periods 3: WB 843 #15-27 and Milestone … Continue reading 4/15/19


Periods 1-4  Today you took the Unit 6 Summative.  Be prepared to complete error corrections in class tomorrow…watch the SG video again if needed.  You will also take the Unit 7 pre-test.  Students scoring less than 70 will have the opportunity to complete the USA TestPrep Grade Recovery module for Unit 6…I will let you … Continue reading 4/11/19