USA TestPrep Due TOMORROW! Periods 1-4: Today we took notes on composite figures.  We will continue with area of parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, and composite figures tomorrow. Periods 1, 2, and 4 HW: Area of Triangles (Some of the problems printed “funny”) #3 use the grid #4 The 14 in. moved to question 3. Sorry! :o( … Continue reading 2/13/19


6th grade won Coin Wars!!! In addition to the cookies and juice last week, you have also earned a Dress Down Day tomorrow!  Way to go 6th grade!   Periods 1-4: Today we applied previous knowledge of finding the area of parallelograms and triangles to trapezoids.  We decomposed the trapezoids into rectangles and triangles or … Continue reading 2/11/19


Periods 1, 2, 4 HW: Workbook page 593 #14-17, 21; USA TestPrep Area (Only 1 game needed, ALL other sections must be completed.) Period 3 HW: Workbook page 469 #14-17, 21; USA TestPrep Area (Only 1 game needed, ALL other sections must be completed.) Period 5: Volume Applications practice; USA TestPrep Area (Only 1 game needed, ALL other sections … Continue reading 2/7/19


Happy Tuesday! Periods 1-4 Today we went over last night’s HW-especially those great questions at the bottom- and you were taught a mini-lesson about finding the area of triangles.  We then began our Area Stations rotations.  We will continue looking at area of triangles and work in stations tomorrow. Periods 1 and 4 HW: Workbook … Continue reading 2/5/19


Periods 1-4 Today we began Unit 5 discussing area of polygons and parallelograms. Periods 1, 2, and 4 Homework: Workbook page 581 #13-23, USA TestPrep due 2/10/19 *Period 4 has page 579 #1-5 odd, and #6 Period 3 Homework: Workbook page 461 #13-23, USA TestPrep due 2/10/19 Period 5 Today we continued working on finding the … Continue reading 2/4/19


Periods 1-4 watched the Study Guide video in class and took the Unit 4 Summative Assessment.  We will continue with the extended response task and Unit 5 Pre-Test in class tomorrow. Period 5: We finished working on finding the area of polygons and triangles in class. Complete the practice for homework.  It will be collected … Continue reading 1/31/19