Tis the Season to show Gratitude!

I want to take a moment to pause and say how thankful I am for all of you and your wonderful children. I feel extremely blessed and thankful every day for the privilege to teach your children and to work at such an amazing school.

We are finishing up our Can-a-Thon at school this week, but we are still in need of more cans. Each class was challenged to create something out of the cans and there will be a judging on Thursday for who has the best creation. The Kinders voted and a Christmas tree won the most votes. Therefore, we will be wrapping and decorating cans and stacking/arranging them to look like a Christmas tree. We have some cans, but not enough to make a large tree. If you have any extra cans, please send them in by Wednesday.

Don’t forget that our feast is this Thursday, November 16, from 10:50-11:30. I am looking forward to seeing you all there! If you are planning on coming, the administration/cafeteria staff has requested that you please make sure your child has enough money in their account to cover him/her and all of his/her guests. This will make the line go quicker which is a good thing because we usually have a big crowd during these feasts.

Have a great week!


November 6-10

Hello Amazing Families!

I apologize for not posting on the blog last week. With three cases of pink eye (me included), Halloween, and everything else that went on last week, my time slipped away from me. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience!

We had so much fun last week wearing our costumes and participating in fall centers. I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. Wade, Mrs. McGrew, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Guarnieri, Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. Covert for arranging the centers and providing the activities and yummy snacks! Please forgive me if I left out names if anyone else helped. It was such an amazing afternoon!

The sight words for last week and the upcoming couple of weeks are:

we, be, play, yes, for, come, by, come, said, this, he, one, or

This list brings us to Thanksgiving Break. I will post the next list after the break.

In writing we are continuing to work on writing true stories about ourselves. We have really starting focusing on writing stories that are readable by others. The Kinders are beginning to write sentences in their stories (one or two per page). We are also beginning to talk about capital letters at the beginning of the sentence (we call it the line leader) and ending punctuation. However, this is a skill that is worked on all year (and the years to come), so please do not be alarmed if you don’t see those things in the work that comes home.

In reading we are working hard in guided reading groups. We have been talking about using “pointer power” (making sure that we are saying matches what we are pointing to on the page), using our “snap words” (sight words) to monitor our reading for accuracy, and getting “our mouth ready” or looking at the first letter in words and checking the picture. Thank you so much for reading the book with your Kinder that he/she brings home in their reading bag and returning it promptly the next day.

In math we are focusing on how to write teen numbers, comparing numbers (which is bigger or smaller), and learning about what is one/two more and one/two less than a given number.

Finally, in social studies we will be learning about why we celebrate Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.


Have a wonderful week and thank you for all you do!

This week with our Kinder family…

I want to start off the blog by saying again how much I enjoyed meeting with all of you last week! I loved talking about all the wonderful things your Kinder has been doing and why I love each of them so much!

Language Arts

In phonics this week we will continue working with the letter j (j, jug, /j/), and begin working with the letters l (l, lamp, /l/, and h (h, hat, /h/). If you work with your children on writing these letters, please reiterate the point that none of the letters should ever start from the bottom line and go up!

Our sight words for the week are see, in, you, here, and are. We will be reading and writing these words in many different ways. Please practice these words with your Kinders!

I have also started guided reading with your Kinders! He or she will be bringing home a book to read at least once this week to read with you that was read in their reading group. Please be sure to sit with him or her during reading time so you can monitor for accuracy. After the book is over, ask questions about the book to check for understanding. (Don’t forget to write it in their reading log!) 🙂 Be sure to send the book back to school the next day!

In writing we are beginning to write personal narratives, or true stories about ourselves. We are beginning to talk about the importance of writing stories so they can be read by someone else. We will begin working toward writing at least one simple sentence about each page in our stories.


In math we have begun a new math unit called Comparing Numbers. This week our main focus will be on being able to identify numbers that are one and two more than a given number. We will also continue practice counting to 100 orally and writing to 20.


Finally, in social studies, we will begin learning about our next US symbol, the bald eagle. Be on the lookout for a home project to complete with your Kinder about this important American symbol.

Conference Week!

I am so excited to meet with all of you this week to talk about the amazing work  your Kinder has done so far in Kindergarten! Please remember that your Kinder will be dismissed TWO HOURS EARLY EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

There will be a Mystery Reader sign-up sheet along with some chocolate treats to enjoy while you wait for your conference time. If you are interested in signing up to read to the class on a Friday after lunch (11:05ish), then please feel free to sign up. Remember, it is a secret!

See you soon!

What??? Where did the first nine weeks go?

Wow! It is so hard to believe we have completed the first nine weeks of Kindergarten! This week I will be wrapping up the nine weeks by completing assessments in the various content areas to get ready for report cards and conferences. We will still have Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, but math centers will be a review of all the content we have covered up to this point. In social studies we will conclude our first unit of study by discussing the Pledge of Allegiance and the different between wants and needs.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you next week for conferences!

Welcome Back!

I was so glad to see all of the smiling Kinder faces this morning! I really missed those sweet Kiddos! It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with the first nine weeks of school! Please be on the look out for messages on Remind 101 that the conference schedule has been posted on the blog so you can sign up. Conference week is in just two weeks and I look forward to telling you all the wonderful things your child is doing in Kindergarten!

This week in phonics we will continue our letter study with the letters s and e. We will sing songs about the letters and the sounds they make and write more CVC words including those letters with ones we have learned in previous weeks. Your children are becoming experts at “tapping out” CVC words so they can write them.

In Writer’s Workshop our focus is writing more letters in words to go with our pictures. Our earlier focus was just on generating the beginning sound of words, but now we are learning how to stretch the word out slowly like “a rubber band” to hear more sounds. We are also beginning to write short books in Writer’s Workshop!

In Reader’s Workshop we have shifted our focus from reading nonfiction (“all about the world”) books to traditional story books that we know and love. We have talked about how we can use the pictures in the story books to help read it along with our prior knowledge of the story.

In math we are finishing our study of geometry by comparing attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes (for example, a hexagon has 6 sides but a rectangle only has 4 sides; a cone is a 3-D shape but is has a circle on the face). We will also look at how we can use shapes to build other shapes (for example, 6 triangles can make one hexagon).

In social studies we will finalize our study of the flag of Georgia and begin discussing the Pledge of Allegiance (why we say it and what it means).

Have a great week!

A Note from the Counselors

Dear Kinder families,

Frey’s annual Career Week is October 16th – October 20th.  We are looking for parent(s) who would not mind sharing their career with Frey students. Please note that signing up does not guarantee that you will present to your child’s grade level.  Our theme is:

Look at what you can be if you AIM HIGH and are “Drug Free”

Date: October 16th – October 20th

Presentation: Please keep in mind that you will be speaking with young students ages 5 – 11.  Any type of visuals that you can use when talking will be beneficial. 

When speaking with classes, please make sure you talk about the bullet points listed below.

  • Education required
  • Personality needed(ie: work alone, a team player, or a leader)
  • Work hours (ie: during the day, weekends, or at night)
  • How did AIMING HIGH help you achieve your career goal?


Please respond to us by September 21, 2017 at the e-mail(s) listed below if you are interested in presenting.


Frey Elementary School Counselors

Chris Wilson: 770-975-6655 ext: 034/ [email protected]

Sydnie Jones: 770-975-6655 ext:028/[email protected]


A note from the office…

We have invited Ident-A-Kid Services of America to come to our school. Order forms are being sent home this week. If you are interested in having your child participate, please send your order form back to school on Wednesday, September 20th. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Shira Blate at 404/667-1345 or [email protected]. You can also order online at http://identakid.com/paypal/blate-pay/.