September 10-14

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Even though it doesn’t feel like fall (and technically, fall doesn’t start until fall break), we are celebrating the beginning of this lovely season by making applesauce! On Friday, your Kinder is going to participate in making applesauce for our class! After we make our applesauce, we are going to taste it, and then taste some store bought applesauce. After that, we will vote to see which was the favorite! It will be tons of fun! I will be sure to take tons of pictures and send them to you!

Be sure to continue checking the Kindergarten grade level blog each week. We update it with the current curriculum and ways you can help support our learning at home.

Have a great week!

September 4 – 7

I hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend! Your Kinders have worked incredibly hard this first month of school and they definitely deserved a break!

This week we will plan to visit the Learning Commons to hear a story and check out a new book. Therefore, if your Kinder still has a library book at home please be sure to send it back to school this week.

Also, please be sure to check out the Kindergarten blog to see what academic areas we will cover each week. We will always try to update the blog with the sight words and letters we will be covering for the week.

See you tomorrow!

A day in our Kinder classroom!

Our schedule is (hopefully) finalized! This is what a school day in the life of your Kinder looks like…

7:15-8:00 – Arrival, prepare for the day, morning work, annoucements

8:00-8:15 – Morning Meeting

8:15-8:40 – Content (social studies OR science)

8:40-9:40 – Reader’s Workshop (guided reading, literacy stations)

9:40-10:30 – Writer’s Workshop

10:32-11:02 – Lunch

11:02 – 11:10 – Whole class restroom break

11:10-11:30 – Recess

11:30-12:10 – Phonics/Book boxes

12:10-1:10 – Math

1:15-2:00 – Specials (PE, Music, Art, or STEM)

2:00-2:10 – Prepare for dismissal

2:10 – Dismissal

As you can see, we are busy all day!


Learning how to “do school!”

Hi, parents! I am so happy to say that we had another great week with our Kinder family! We are really beginning to learn how we “do school” (sitting on the carpet, walking in line, transitioning from one activity to the next, etc.) Now that we are beginning to get our routines in place, we are now truly jumping into learning academically as well!

Here is a great example of how we are becoming a community of readers!

Look at those amazing readers!

A message from Mr. Cathey

Please read the important message from Mr. Cathey:

Frey Elementary is celebrating the diversity and heritage of our families by hosting a Multicultural Night on Thursday, August 30th at 6:30 pm!  In addition to some guest performances, families will have the opportunity to share about their culture and learn about the many others at Frey in the process.  All are invited to attend this community celebration free of charge! If you are interested in contributing to one or more of your family’s country displays, please click on the link below to sign up!

By filling out this form, you are agreeing to not only attend the Frey Elementary Multicultural Night, but to also contribute to a display.  Please indicate all the ways you are willing to contribute and plan to arrive between 5:30 and 6 on the evening of August 30th to help set up the display.

Jason Cathey


Frey Elementary School

Whew! We made it!

We successfully made it through our first full week of Kindergarten! Although we are tired at the end of the day, we are having so much fun! Be sure to read the Kindergarten blog for weekly updates on the curriculum we will be learning for the week.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Rally fundraiser. I loved seeing so many Kinders wearing jerseys from different teams!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

What a great first week!


Look at these amazing Kinders! We had a great first three days of school getting to know each other and working toward becoming a Kindergarten family!

This week we will continue learning about each other and what it means to be a Kinder at Frey and in Mrs. Rutledge’s school family! We will begin learning about what the letters AIM HIGH mean and why Frey’s Big Three is important in creating a safe and happy place to learn.

We will also begin learning about what the workshop model looks like in our classroom (a small minilesson, a large work time, and a small closing at the end of each lesson to share what we learned and/or noticed during our work time). This model is extremely important because it takes place during many different times of our busy day!

We are going to ease into learning sight words by reading the words “red,” “I,” and “a.” If your child already knows these words, don’t worry! Our main focus is not just learning those three words, but learning about HOW we will learn these very important sight words each week (it will be differentiated based on each child’s need once we assess sight words-and if your child doesn’t know any yet, fear not! That is what I am here to do!)

In math, we will also begin learning about where we see math in our daily lives by observing and discussing every day pictures during number talks. For example, we will count objects in the pictures, look for shapes, and look for numbers. We will also begin using our math journals by learning how to correctly write numbers and representations of numbers.

We have friends in our class who are allergic to peanuts, all tree nuts, sesame seeds, legumes, and strawberries! Please try to be mindful of this when you are sending in snacks and lunch.

Thank you so much for all you do! I already LOVE your Kinders and know we are going to have a great year!

Welcome Kinder Families!

I am so excited about the start of another amazing Kindergarten year at the best school in the nation!

I can’t wait to meet all of you on Monday! Feel free to bring in your Kinder’s supplies that day. Also, please label your Kinder’s folder, 3 ring binder, and composition books.

See you soon!

What??? It can’t be!!!!

     How is it the last week of school!? I have so enjoyed this year with your AMAZING Kinders and I CANNOT believe it is coming to an end!

That being said, we have a very special morning planned tomorrow. We will begin singing (bring your tissues!) at 8:30 in the cafeteria. I would get there by 8:15 at the LATEST to get a good seat. We are in the middle of the stage on the steps, so either side of the cafeteria will work, but you way want to try to sit toward the middle.

After we sing, we will go back to the classroom so you can see your Kinder’s portfolio and eat some breakfast. I also have some special awards to give out to all of the Kinders.

Finally, around 9:30, we will go outside for our luau activities (hopefully the rain will hold off!). We will also have Kona Ice treats (unfortunately, we only have enough budgeted for the Kinders to have Kona Ice). That will all be over around 10:15 or so. If you would like, you may check out your child in the classroom after the luau is over.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!

April 23-27

This week we will be going back to our regular schedule (YAY!), so our lunch will be at 10:32 and specials at 1:15 once again. Although the Kinders adjusted amazingly to the testing schedule, we love having an early lunch (we get so hungry!) and a late specials.

This week in reading we are continuing to work on being avid readers! We will be reading and comparing nonfiction texts. We will also begin learning about identifying the main topic and supporting details.

In writing we will continue our unit on opinion writing. We have learned about how to write a letter persuading others to share in our opinions. This week our main focus will be adding a “fix-it” idea to help persuade readers even more!

In math we are finishing our unit on “friends of 10” (different ways to make 10). We will begin learning about how teen numbers make up one group of ten and ones left over (for example, 14 is one group of ten and four left over).

In social studies we will begin our study of the Star Spangled Banner!

Have a great week!