Week of March 30

Remember to bring in Luminary Forms in honor of loved ones who have had cancer.

Mrs. Ock’s 6th grade class

Luminaria order form 2015

We are starting the Solar System Unit.

solar system vocab 

OAS for extra Credit

You can prepare for the Milestones test AND earn extra credit on the Solar System test!  Just do the teacher assigned question banks, score 80% or higher, bring a note from home with a list of your tests and scores with a parent signature.  You’ll earn 1 ec point for each test.

OAS https://www.georgiaoas.org/servlet/a2l – Use Internet Explorer and turn off the popup blocker.  Login is your 10-digit number and explore.

7th Grade with Ms. Thieme and Dr. Kaht

We are starting the Classification System Unit.

Vocabulary for Dr. Kaht’s class is due Wednesday.

Classification Vocabulary


Week of March 23-27


6th grade (5th period)

Thursday Review game  TEST FRIDAY!


We will review tides, eclipses, moon phases.  We will learn about seasons, and the formation of the Earth and moon.

Moon Phases Activities

Sun Structure

sun diagram

Study Guide:


Tides    Tides Powerpoint

3rd Period Ms. Tuttle’s class

We are starting the Solar System Unit!!


7th Grade with Ms. Thieme and Dr. Kaht

We are learning about evolution, natural selection, and adaptation.

Test Monday!  Study session in my classroom Friday morning 8:15 6A1

Notes from Dr. Kaht’s class

Evolution Notes

Study Guide  Ms. Thieme’s class

10 Evolution Study Guide

Week of March 9

Ms. Tuttle’s 3rd period class- We are continuing with the Moon, Sun, and Planets.  See Ms. Tuttle’s blog for more!

Mrs. Ock’s 5th period– We are having a Weather/Climate test on Tuesday the 10th.  Use study guide and Bingo answers to study. We are starting Astronomy on Tuesday.

Weather Study Guide Answers

DRB 18.1 6th gr

Astronomy Vocabulary

7th grade Dr. Kaht’s and Ms. Thieme’s class

We are continuing with DNA and Heredity.  Test on March 18