Week of Oct 26-30

6th grade- We are studying the Layers of the Earth, continental drift, and plate tectonics. We have a quiz Wednesday and will start to discuss seafloor spreading.  See Ms. Tuttle’s blog for more info.

7th grade– We are studying cells.  On Thursday and Friday we have an Owl Pellet Lab.

Week of October 19-23



Dear Parents,

All parents are encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey.  Your responses are used to make instructional decisions.  In addition, lack of parent responses impacts our CCRPI score specifically the School Climate Star Rating.  The CCRPI score is a method that the state uses to rank and grade schools.  Last year Dickerson received a four (4) Star Rating partly due to lack of parent responses.  If you have not already, please take time to take this very important survey.  We personally thank you for clicking on the link provided and responding to the 24 question survey.




This week is conference week and the schedule is all mixed up.  Please see me or any of your teachers if you get confused.

6th grade– We are continuing to study the layers of the Earth and plate tectonics.  See Ms. Tuttle’s blog for more information. We are learning about continental drift, Pangaea, and Wegener’s Theory.

7th grade– We are finishing with Biomes.  Ms Jacobson’s class has a test Wednesday.  Ms. Sussman’s class is doing a Biome Project this week. Ms. Sussman’s test is Monday.  Answers to study guide:  Study Guide Answers for Sussman   An Outline for Biomes:  Biome Outline

Next week is Red Ribbon Week.  See flyer:


Week of October 12-16

6th Grade– Test Wednesday on Weathering, Erosion, and Soil.  Study guide due Tuesday.  See Ms Tuttle’s blog for Socrative link to review.  We will begin Inside the Earth unit on Wednesday.

7th grade

5th period- We are continuing to learn about land biomes.  Wednesday we will make our own flashcards.  Quiz Friday on desert, tundra, and grassland.  Thursday and Friday we will learn about water biomes, freshwater and marine.   We will begin a Biome Project and work on it next week during conference week.


6th grade

We are learning about Shoreline Erosion and how glaciers move.

Quiz Friday. (Open Book/Open Note) Test next Wednesday.

The study guide went home this Wednesday and is due on Tuesday.



7th Grade-

We have IOWA testing this week.  The schedule is a little different. Here is some info about calculators for the math part on Wednesday.

Calculator Use on the IOWA Test

Students will be allowed to use a basic four function and scientific calculators (not graphing) for part 1 and part 2 ONLY of the IOWA math test on Wednesday.

  • Students should bring their calculators on Tuesday, October 6th to their math teacher to check and make sure that it is acceptable.
  • Students are not allowed to share calculators during testing.
  • No calculators that store text, graph, or have wireless capacity can be used

We are studying land biomes- the coniferous forests, rain forests, deciduous forests, tundra, desert, savanna, grassland.