December 14-18

Countdown to vacation!

6th grade– Monday we are having a fresh water quiz.  Study guides are due Tuesday.  Wednesday is the freshwater test.  Thursday we will reflect on our study habits so far and make an art project depicting our advice to ourselves.  Friday’s class is shortened, and we also have a holiday party with pizza and a movie!!

Flashcards–fresh water flashcards

7th grade– we are working on our cell projects and having a short quiz Monday.  Tuesday morning I will have a review session.  Wednesday we have a final quiz on chapter 4.  Refer to previous post for study guides. All cell work must be turned in by Friday.

Cell Vocabulary Preview

Study Guide sussman Cells

Ch 4 Vocabulary




6TH Grade- We are learning about the Water Cycle. We will work on a webquest Monday.  The rest of the week we will learn about underground water, watersheds, and the water table.  We will do two labs.  Study Guide for Water Unit– test 12-16-15

Fresh Water Study Guide answersTuttle     Make your own flashcards: fresh water flashcards   Just print, cut, and glue to index cards 🙂

7TH Grade- Ms. Sussman’s class is having a quiz Monday on cell transport.  Mrs. Jacobson’s quiz is Tuesday. Tuesday we will start photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  Then we will learn how cells divide. We will learn about the cell cycle.

Chapter 4 study guide Test–12-16-15

Chapter 4 Study Guide


NOV 30-DEC 4

Welcome Back!!

6th grade– We are studying Earthquakes and Volcanoes!!  Open Note/Book quiz on Wednesday.  Use your study guide!!

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Study Guide 2013_key

Thursday and Friday we are learning about the Water Cycle



7th Grade

We are learning about the processes Cells do.  This week we will learn about Diffusion and Osmosis. In Ms. Jacobson’s class we did a diffusion lab This is Chapter 4 in the book, pages 90-94.  In Ms. Sussman’s class we will work on three vocabulary words a day this week-  Monday was Osmosis, Diffusion, Passive Transport.

QUIZ Monday in Mrs. Sussman’s class.  Study session Monday morning in Mrs. Ock’s office  🙂