January 25-29, 2016

6th grade

We are continuing learning about the atmosphere.  Quiz Tuesday on layers of atmosphere.  We will then go on to weather and weather forecasting.  See Ms. Tuttle’s blog for specific notes and handouts.

7th grade

Ms. Jacobson’s class- Monday we will review for Body Systems Test on Tuesday. Key to Body Systems questions   On Wednesday, we will learn about the Urinary System, and the rest of the week we will work on the Whole Body Project.

Ms. Sussman’s class-  Monday we will do labs on the Body Systems; HW- Digestive Webquest finished;  Tuesday we will learn about the circulatory system; Thursday we have a quiz on the Digestive and Circulatory systems. Fri we move on to the respiratory system.


Jan 19-22

6th grade-

Tuesday is the Ocean Test; We are starting the Atmosphere Unit after the test.  On Friday, Ms. Tuttle will have a cool can crushing demonstration.

7th grade

We are learning all the body systems.  On Friday, Ms. Jacobson’s class will learn about frog dissection.  Ms. Sussman’s class has a quiz on the Muscular System


The following is a letter from Dr. Brink.  Please read:community student behavior letter

6TH GRADE:  We are studying the Ocean.  The study guide is due Friday.  The test is Tuesday, Jan 19th.  Here is an extra study guide:  Oceans study guide_ key

7TH GRADE:  We are studying the Human Body.

Ms. Jacobson’s classes- Each student is a medical specialist in a clinic.  Each day, s specialist will explain his body system to his clinic group.  Monday, Mrs. Jacobson and Mrs. Ock modeled the Immune System presentation.  Tuesday the cardiologists explain the circulatory system.  Wednesday is the Respiratory System, Thursday- Muscular/Skeletal, Friday- Digestive, Tuesday 19th Nervous System.

Ms. Sussman’s classes- We have learned about the Skeletal System and the Muscular Systems.  Skeleton drawings are due Tuesday.  Quiz Thursday: Bones to Know for Quiz Thursday

Ask Mrs. Ock for a copy of flashcard sheets to make for all the systems 🙂

January 5-8

Welcome Back!!

7th grade– Ms. Jacobson’s classes are starting Body Systems. We wrote an outline of each system.

Major Organ Table key

Ms. Sussman’s class is finishing the Mitosis Project that is due Friday. The following is to be included:

Mitosis stages, mitosis notes, questions p. 101, crossword puzzle, acronym- (I Pay My Awesome Teachers Cash)

Back of crossword puzzle word bank:     word bank


6th Grade– We are studying the OCEAN.  Thursday we have an open-book quiz covering 13.1 and 13.2.