March 28- April 1, 2016

6th grade– We are studying the Solar System.  The study guide is due Thursday, and the test is Friday.  Monday we had a quiz on what we have learned so far.  Tuesday we will make a solar system map and learn about galaxies. Wednesday we will analyze the Big Bang Theory. Thursday we will review with Kahoot and Socrative and watch a Bill Nye Comet/Meteor video.  Friday is the test.  We will start a short review of what we have learned all year in preparation for the Milestone Test.

7th grade We are learning about Classification. We have learned about Dichotomous Keys, and we are going into more detail about bacteria, protists, fungi.

In Ms. Jacobson’s class we have questions on the chapter.  In Ms. Sussman’s class we will review evolution and have the test on Wednesday.  Wednesday morning, I will have a study session in my office at 8:20. Thursday and Friday we will continue with Classification.  All homework is due Wednesday– crossword puzzle and dichotomous keys.

10 Evolution Study Guide

Classification Vocabulary

March 21-25, 2016

6th grade:

  1. Planet Quest – problem based learning exercise
    • Monday – Finish researching and collaborate with group members.
    • Tuesday – Choose 1 planet to build your habitat on.  Evaluate problems (food, breathing, water, shelter, effects of gravity, entertainment/other) and brainstorm solutions to include in habitat design.  Choose presentation platform.
    • Wednesday/Thursday – Work on habitat design addressing problems and solutions.
    • Friday – Share habitat with class, quiz, and self/group evaluations.


  1. DR packet 21.1-3_2016 – due on Friday.  Manage your time wisely!
  2. The Planet Quest is to be done in class (no stress for parents, please)


7th Grade

In Ms. Jacobson’s class, we are having a test on Wednesday.  On Monday, questions 17-23 are due.  On Tuesday, questions 24-28 are due. Thursday we are starting the Classification unit.

In Ms. Sussman’s class we are continuing Evolution. The test is Wednesday the 30th..  Wednesday the 23rd, students will get a study guide which is due the day of the test. We will have an open note quiz on Friday and start learning about Classification.

10 Evolution Study Guide

Evolution Notes

March 14-18, 2016

6th grade-

We are learning about the Sun, Moon, and Earth.  The study guide is due Tuesday, and the test is Wednesday.  Socrative will be open Monday and Tuesday night (Room 83269).  Thursday and Friday we start learning about the planets.  (DR’s this week- 21.5, 21.1-3)

Study guide answers:Key Earth_Sun_Moon_Study_Guide

7th grade

We are continuing with Evolution, learning about the peppered moths of Manchester, natural selection, DNA evidence p. 179, changes in population p. 180-83.  Chapter Questions 1-10 due Tuesday, 11-16 due Thursday, 18-23 due Monday. We will also make our own fossil molds.

March 7-11, 2016

6th grade– We are learning about the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.  We have learned about tides and moon phases.  Monday we will graph tides and show Spring tides and Neap tides, as well as moon phases.  Tuesday we will start learning about the sun and we will make an Itty Bitty Sun Book.  DR 20.2 and 20.3 are due this week.  on Thursday we have a quiz over Moon Phases and Eclipses.  On Friday we will have a Tides Webquest in the computer lab.

7th grade

Ms. Jacobson’s class

Monday and Tuesday we will start Evolution and learn the following vocabulary: evolution, acquired traits, inherited traits, fossils, relative dating, species, adaptation, fossil record.  On Wednesday and Thursday  we will learn about co-evolution, variation, geographic speciation, gradualism vs. punctuated equilibrium.  Evolution questions 1-11 due Tuesday, March 13. On Friday we will learn about Charles Darwin p.174-75 in textbook, Natural Selection p. 178, and Peppered Moths of Manchester.

Mrs. Sussman’s class

Monday- DNA Directed Reading

Tuesday- Pedigree worksheet (together in small groups)

Wednesday- Evolution Notes

Thursday- Evolution Webquest  and QUIZ on DNA DR

Friday- Evolution Webquest