March 7-11, 2016

6th grade– We are learning about the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.  We have learned about tides and moon phases.  Monday we will graph tides and show Spring tides and Neap tides, as well as moon phases.  Tuesday we will start learning about the sun and we will make an Itty Bitty Sun Book.  DR 20.2 and 20.3 are due this week.  on Thursday we have a quiz over Moon Phases and Eclipses.  On Friday we will have a Tides Webquest in the computer lab.

7th grade

Ms. Jacobson’s class

Monday and Tuesday we will start Evolution and learn the following vocabulary: evolution, acquired traits, inherited traits, fossils, relative dating, species, adaptation, fossil record.  On Wednesday and Thursday  we will learn about co-evolution, variation, geographic speciation, gradualism vs. punctuated equilibrium.  Evolution questions 1-11 due Tuesday, March 13. On Friday we will learn about Charles Darwin p.174-75 in textbook, Natural Selection p. 178, and Peppered Moths of Manchester.

Mrs. Sussman’s class

Monday- DNA Directed Reading

Tuesday- Pedigree worksheet (together in small groups)

Wednesday- Evolution Notes

Thursday- Evolution Webquest  and QUIZ on DNA DR

Friday- Evolution Webquest