March 28- April 1, 2016

6th grade– We are studying the Solar System.  The study guide is due Thursday, and the test is Friday.  Monday we had a quiz on what we have learned so far.  Tuesday we will make a solar system map and learn about galaxies. Wednesday we will analyze the Big Bang Theory. Thursday we will review with Kahoot and Socrative and watch a Bill Nye Comet/Meteor video.  Friday is the test.  We will start a short review of what we have learned all year in preparation for the Milestone Test.

7th grade We are learning about Classification. We have learned about Dichotomous Keys, and we are going into more detail about bacteria, protists, fungi.

In Ms. Jacobson’s class we have questions on the chapter.  In Ms. Sussman’s class we will review evolution and have the test on Wednesday.  Wednesday morning, I will have a study session in my office at 8:20. Thursday and Friday we will continue with Classification.  All homework is due Wednesday– crossword puzzle and dichotomous keys.

10 Evolution Study Guide

Classification Vocabulary

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